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Sgurr Energy


SgurrEnergy is a leading renewable energy consultancy, providing engineering and technical advisory services in onshore and offshore wind, solar, wave and tidal and hydro projects. Our global team of over 300 engineers and consultants has extensive international experience, having worked on over 160GW of renewable energy developments worldwide.




Envision Energy is a leading digital energy service provider and help customers exploit advances in cloud computing, big data and machine learning to enable more intelligent asset and operations management.  
The sorts of pioneering technologies Envision is bringing to the European market includes our Smart WindfarmTM  as a product, the EnSightTM prescriptive analytics platform, GreenwichTM project lifecycle management software, and Energy OSTM for secure, cloud-based asset and operations management – all of which are focussed on helping Wind Farm Investors, Power Producers and Service Providers increase transparency, control, automation and risk-adjusted returns or to put it another way, ‘smart energy, made simple’. Envision software manages more than 50GW of renewable assets globally.




A leader in technology solutions and services, we currently partner with 200+ global corporations. Our Business IT solution offerings help clients run their businesses more efficiently and smartly while our Product Engineering solutions enable customers to build products that are energy efficient, cleaner, safer and yield more comfort for their end-customers. Leveraging our technology and domain prowess, we partner with clients to co-create transformational value that provides sustainable competitive advantage to their businesses.
Our highly focused approach has helped us pioneer innovative solutions and file more than 60 patents in various domains such as Automotive, Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), High Performance Computing, Manufacturing, Energy, Model Based Design (MBD), among others. Our strong team of 10,800+ professionals works at the forefront of technologies and processes to help global corporations become more productive, integrated and innovative enterprises.




Our ambition is to make renewable electricity cheaper for the consumer and more profitable for the owner by converting more wind into electricity.
We are confident that continuously pushing to lower investment / MWh will make wind and solar energy abundant worldwide within the next 10-15 years and thereby off setting dirty, less profitable sources of electricity.
We use our expertise in renewable energy, computer science and interface design to create products that generate valuable and actionable insights for increased power output.
Our customers range from wind farm developers to owners and operators with assets such as wind turbines, solar PV sites, met mast and remote sensing devices. Their common need is to understand and make sense of large sets of data.
We look forward to everything that will happen in renewable energy in the next 10-15 years and have a strong commitment to staying at the forefront of the technology curve and to always bring the most useful software technologies to the industry.


Romax Technology


We are a global leader in software and services for gearbox, bearings and driveline systems.

We have more than 220 customers worldwide in automotive, wind, bearings, aerospace, marine, off highway and rail, including:

  • 100+ automotive customers, including 14 of the world's top 15 auto manufacturers
  • The world's top six bearing manufacturers
  • 60 offshore and onshore wind farm operators who rely on InSight software and services to optimise operations and reduce the cost of energy

As a business founded on inspiration, innovation and improvement, we have been working since 1989 to provide:

  • Consulting - trusted advice and practical problem-solving that enable you to achieve measurable and sustainable process improvements
  • Software - targeted design and analysis tools for designers, analysts and engineers that support management goals
  • Services - proven engineering and support services, from concept and detailed designs through analysis to validation, testing, manufacture and end-to-end process improvements


Baze Technology


Established in 2007, Baze Technology is a software product development company which (over the years) has developed several real time IT-systems for global production enterprises. Our solutions are used in industries like energy, pulp and paper, laboratory, health care and hospitality. Best know probably, apart from our IPTV products, is the Wind Farm Management System BazeField, aquired by Envision Energy in 2016.

Today Baze Technology is all about IPTV, our BazePort Infotainment has become the market leader for IPTV in professional environments.




"Energy can be seen as the cause of all changes in the world". These words, uttered by the physicist Werner Heisenberg, were never more relevant than they are today.

As a modern energy producer, we are moved by events, politics and reason to instigate momentous changes. And STEAG is committed to the cause.
We are investing in renewable energies, such as wind (onshore), geothermal and biomass. At the same time, we are securing the supply of energy through our flexible, existing thermal power plants.
We develop local generating facilities and combine these into virtual power plants. This is the modern face of the energy industry - something we know quite a bit about. We offer services for every stage of the energy production value chain.




Vestas is the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy - improving business case certainty and reducing the cost of energy for our customers.

Vestas works in close partnership with customers to offer the most effective solutions towards energy independence. Our core business is the development, manufacturing, sale and maintenance of wind power plants – with competencies that cover every aspect of the value chain from site studies to service and maintenance.

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The Wind Farm Data Management and Analysis Forum offers an excellent opportunity for you to promote your organisation and its capabilities to senior delegates from the offshore wind industry.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can work together to move your ideas forward, please contact  Heather Lynn  on  +44 (0) 20 8267 4785  or email  hs@windpowermonthly.com or  Raihan Chowdhury  on  +44 (0) 20 8267 4337  or email  rmc@windpowermonthly.com .

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