Thursday 13 October 2016


Chair's Opening Remarks

Jonas Beseler  , Asset Manager,  Global Tech I Offshore Wind 

Advancements In Power Performance and Optimisation Techniques 


Case Study 

The Vattenfall Approach Towards Automated Asset Monitoring

Find out how Vattenfall is using big data and automation to improve the performance of its wind fleet, and what they have learned about their assets through the process.

Masoud Asgarpour, Team Lead Data Analysis, Vattenfall Wind


Evaluating Different Strategies For Extending Turbine Life - Presentation On Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

  • The need for methods to predict failures in order to reduce long downtimes and reactive maintenance
  • How Breeze's ANN software models are trained on data that represent a healthy condition in the wind turbines
  • Using models to detect deviations from the healthy state
  • How early detection can lead to valuable insights and potential cost savings in predictive maintenance  

Jonas Corne , CEO,  Breeze


Case Study 

Digitalisation Of The Wind Energy Industry

  • What do we understand by ‘Digitalisation of wind’? and why it is important?
  • What are key ingredients of digitalisation in the wind industry ?
  • Case study: Application of the cognitive technology in other industries
  • What are key learnings from applying cognitive technologies in other industries ?

Biren Gandhi,  Global Renewable Energy Solutions Leader,  IBM Global Energy & Utilities Industry


Case Study

Improving Energy Yield Through Co-Ordinated Wind Farm Control 

  • How the historic SCADA data from the Reliawind project was used to validate and verify the wind deficit model 
  • Set up and results of field test on operational turbines: what was the effect on yield over the testing period? 
  • Future opportunities for full automation of the concept over a whole wind farm 

Dr Peter Matthews,  Lecturer In The School Of Engineering And Computing Sciences,  Durham University


Morning Refreshments & Networking Opportunity 


Case Study

Utilisation Of Wind Turbine Field Data For Failure Root-Cause Analysis 

  • Utilisation Of Wind Turbine Field Data For Failure Root-Cause Analysis 
  • Utilising failure and operating data from the field, turning it into usable information for root-cause analysis 
  • Methods suitable in cases with and without component-age information at failure
  • Real world examples from failure analysis of power converters

Dr Katharina Fischer  , Senior Scientist, Reliability and Validation,  Fraunhofer IWES


Case Study

Improving The Power Performance Of A Wind Farm Sited In Complex Terrain 

  • How to understand and deal with the complex terrain? What data did we already have? What did we measure and how?

  • Which data proved useful in developing a predictive model for the site?

  • Making energy estimates based on the data, augmented with sophisticated CFD modelling

Dr Peter Clive, Senior Scientist, Sgurr Energy co-presenting with a client


What To Consider When Implementing An Operation Management System For Your Fleet

  • Why implement an operation management? User case examples of increased efficiency of assets and profitability improvement utilizing a modern operation management system

  • What to consider, and what is required when implementing an operation management system for your fleet?

  • How to overcome challenges in data integrity and lack of standardizations when harmonizing and utilizing data from different OEM’s across you fleet?

Sigurd J. Juvik,  CEO, Bazefield


Lunch and Networking Opportunities


How To Improve Monitoring, Inspections And Servicing Using Connected Devices And Low Cost Electronics

  •  Understand how low-cost electronics can replace expensive hardware for CMS.

  • See mobile computing solutions as an alternative to outdated pen-and-paper checklists for inspections and maintenance.
  • Connect together your data with cloud-based software tools for predictive maintenance.

Fraser Morris,  European Sales Manager - Fleet Engineering Services, Romax Technology

Weather Forecasting: Improving The Accuracy For Reducing OPEX And Risk  


WIPAFF Project 

Examination Of Offshore Wind Farm Clusters Using New Weather Measurement Tools 

The results of WIPAFF will have a major impact on our knowledge of how big clusters of offshore wind farms will interact under real conditions (e.g. energy yield, loads and lifetime) and the necessary data exchange in between clusters. You will hear about the initial results of the three year project begun in 2015, including:

  • Detailed measurement of the wind field, weather conditions and waves on the sea surface before and behind wind farms
  • Modelling of the wind field 10 – 100 km behind large wind farms with numerical models using new approaches for modelling wind farms and taking into account the sea state
  • Improvement of the models to increase planning reliability by a valuation of the modelling results and comparison with measurement data

Tom Neumann, Head of Research & Studies, DEWI


New Tools For Weather Forecasting:  How To Integrate And Interpret The Data

  • How can we optimise the process to avoid unnecessary equipment hire, staff time, safety risks to on-site staff and downtime of turbines? 
  • What predictive models are being worked on in industry? 
  • Integrating the meteorological data with other conditional data to improve the forecasting model
  • •What can we do with forecast data, considering the practicalities of vessel and maintenance contracts? 

Meinte Blaas , Senior Adviser & Researcher,  Deltares


Afternoon Refreshments and Networking Opportunities

Lifetime Extension Strategies: Do We Have The Data We Need To Make Informed Decisions?


Case Study

Making The Case For Digital Rejuvenation Of An Ageing Fleet

  • Priority areas of operational performance improvement across a heterogeneous fleet
  • Improving the data access, interfacing, automation and digital security of legacy equipment
  • The financial impact of modern SCADA and wind farm management systems in terms of production, OPEX and CAPEX

Tim Naylor , Director – Europe, Envision Energy


Chair's Closing Remarks

Jonas Beseler,  Asset Manager,  Global Tech I Offshore Wind

And Official Close Of The Forum