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Day 2 - Thursday 19 October 2017

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Chair’s Opening Remarks

Getting Access To Quality Data And Optimising Your SCADA


Panel: Access To Data, Data Sharing And Creating Better Relationships With OEM’s

  • Bringing all data together in one central location for collective analysis
  • Putting a monetary value on data to understand whether it is worth sharing
  • Creating more trust and collaborative agreements with data sharing
  • Limitations of not having access to all of the data
  • Inability to tell whether further investment is required
  • How better access to data can make for easier analysis and better production results
  • Using better contracts to ensure data is more easily accessible for the owners/operators whilst maintaining warranty -the need for stricter contracts to advance technology being used

Panel Participants: Alexios Koltsidopoulos, Offshore Research Engineer. EDF


CATCH THE BOX SESSION: How To Validate Your Incoming Data To Create Optimal Results

This session has been designed for audience participation and knowledge sharing with no excuses! Instead of slowly passing around a stick microphone, simply throw the soft Catchbox to the first person in the room who’s meeting your eyes! Delegates are encouraged to come along with ideas, comments and provocative questions for their peers. This is a self-moderated session so there won’t be such thing as hiding in corners!

  • Getting good structured data to use in models, algorithms and machine learning
  • Creating an ‘across the field’ standard on data handling collection and entry
  • The importance of data cleaning and how good data could allow much easier on site root cause analysis
  • The advantages of one second data and dealing with the huge level of volume
  • Collating data all in one place and aligning automatic and manual data to get a full picture

Entire Audience Participation Required


Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments


Making The Most Of Your SCADA Data

  • What tailor made solutions are out there that fit your wind farm specifically?
  • Data mining maintenance logs within SCADA data to understand the development of faults
  • The challenges of linking SCADA data and maintenance data
  • OEM scada vs. asset management scada
  • How historical SCADA data can predict future trends and potential failures?
  • Key differences and gaps between manufacturers data and owner data, what can be learnt from this?

Alexios Koltsidopoulos, Offshore Research Engineer. EDF

Data And Information Sharing Initiatives, Cloud Storage and Cyber Security


Configuring More Data In Less Time: The Benefits Of Using Standardised Engineering Processes And IEC Information Models

  • Efficiently engineering the information exchange to lower overall operation and ownership costs of wind assets
  • IEC 61400-25 standard and the focus of IEC technical committee 88 working group 25
  • Standardising meanings and establishing structured hierarchical signals within turbines and wind parks
  • Decreasing the time it takes to integrate data from weeks to hours
  • Demonstrations of all the above from both SCADA supplier and operator perspectives

Dr. Nicholas Etherden, Convenor Of IEC Technical committee 88, Working Group 25 & Senior R&D Engineer, Vattenfall


Case Study: The SPARTA Project

  • Providing true performance benchmarking for the offshore wind industry
  • How anonymity has created a pathway for data sharing and industry benchmarking
  • Key KPI trends and insights from the SPARTA database
  • The criticality of security and understanding sensitivities
  • Focusing on a lean volume and very high quality of data
  • Driving improvements in standardisation of the way data is used and managed

Dr. Conaill Soraghan, O&M Data Systems Project Engineer - SPARTA Technical Lead, ORE Catapult


Networking Lunch


Data Security And Cyber Security

  • The risks of hacking in connecting turbines to the internet; Is the move to the cloud a cause for concern?
  • What is the european nerc cip standard likely to look like in the future?
  • Why is security a bigger concern now in europe and what measures are the utilities taking?
  • The use of machine learning in security of data
  • What insurance is available out there for data security
  • Why a concentration of control and integration creates a concentration of risk
  • How serious could attacks like ‘wannacry’ be for the renewables industry
  • The internet of things and how it has made attacks more possible and systems more vulnerable

Hybrid Cloud Computing And Private Clouds

Benjamin Rice , Operations Engineering Manager, Pattern Energy

Decentralised Power Generation And The Internet Of Things


Panel: The Internet Of Things And Micro Generation Assets

  • Smart and micro grid strategies and narrowband IoT
  • What narrow band IOT protocols are being worked on, why are phone companies investing so heavily?
  • Why is security a bigger concern now in europe and what measures are the utilities taking?
  • How strategies on data from phone companies will affect the wind industry???
  • What will the industrial scale internet of things look like for the wind industry
  • How to secure things and integrate them as effectively as possible with our grid whilst monitoring performance
  • How serious could attacks like ‘wannacry’ be for the renewables industry
  • Micro generation assets:
  • Electric cars and battery storage
  • Maintenance of these micro grid assets
  • The ability to automatically exchange services of power

Decentralised Power Generation Management And Virtual Power Plants

  • Reactive and reserve power that can be activated extremely quickly when needed, How are Vattenfall currently delivering reserve power?
  • Industry changes in approach to transmission and distribution of power
  • Security and supply of interconnectors:
  • The possibility of transferring excess production to areas lacking energy supply relative to their demand
  • Auxiliary offerings from utilities and being able to generate active power on demand
  • Why grid stability is more of a concern with the rise of renewables
  • The need for virtual power plants to balance supply and demand
  • How to put a wind park on a virtual power plant and increase the monetary value
  • Bringing together different renewables to be able to reduce the balancing energy cost
  • What will our data production and consumption look like in the future?

The Future Of Smart Automation And Digitisation In The Wind Industry

  • How can smart automation and smarter power distribution be applied to the benefit of the wind industry
  • How this will result in ongoing better performance of the machines by getting more out of them
  • How will maintenance strategies develop in the future considering?
  • Reporting analytics, the methods and what direction will this take the O&M process
  • How ‘hands off’ could portfolio monitoring become? Is Vestas’ clear sight model for portfolio monitoring just the beginning?

Chair's Closing Remarks


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