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Day 2 - Wednesday 15 March 2017

Registration And Refreshments


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Benjamin Rice, Operations Engineering Manager, Pattern Energy

Merging The Needs Of Security And Data Teams Compliance And The Supply Chain Shift 


How Security Impacts Analytics: A Guide From A-Z

  • How to get quick and secure data through co-operation

  • Logistical issues of transferable data

  • Dealing with multiple securities for different customers data

  • Merging the needs of security and data teams

  • How latest security measures will change the vendor/operator relationship

Jeff Wehner, Vice President – Operations, Duke Energy 


Panel session: The Changing Supply Chain: A Need To Rethink The Owner/Operator And OEM Relationship

Discussion on how security measures and have adjusted the supply chain

  • How have security requirements affected the Owner/OEM relationship?
  • Can technology and cloud storage make permissions and access easier
  • What will the landscape look like in the future?

Participants include:

Ashok Naik, Operations, Siemens

Dushyant Tank, Reliability Engineer, Pattern Energy

Alan C. Farmer , Senior Technical Project Manager,   Burns McDonnell


Morning Refreshments And Networking Opportunity 


Live Interview: Strengthening The Relationship Between Data And Cyber Security

  • How to make the network secure

  • Choosing and designing the right infrastructure and security architecture

  • Security solutions for problem-solving

  • Reliability and data recovery

Implications Of The Latest NERC Supply Chain Management Standard 
  • The aims of this latest standard and what it intends to achieve
  • How will this change the landscape as we know it?
  • What this will mean for OEMs, Contractors, Developers and Owner/operators

Alan C. Farmer , Senior Technical Project Manager,  Burns McDonnell


‘Spotlight On’ Panel Session With Audience Participation: In The Hot Seat With OEMs On NERC Compliance

This session will involve an open audience forum from which the audience can submit/ask questions (via slido) to be put to a panel of OEMs. An independent chair will mediate each discussion for the best results

To join this session please contact Raihan Chowdhury :


Lunch And Networking Opportunities 

Best Practices Of Sharing, Accessing Data And Storing Data    


Panel Session:  Accessing Data Given Ownership And Security Level Constraints

  • Why there is need for building a new relationship between suppliers and operators for smooth maintenance

  • How heightened security levels and issues over data security and ownership created a need for further integration
  • Working together in new and more secure ways to ensure each party gets what they need to perform their tasks
  • The challenge for OEM's in servicing their products in line with warranty agreements whilst dealing with their different customers and their varying levels of security.

Participants include: 

Jeff Wehner,  Vice President – Operations,  Duke Energy

David Korim,  Software Product Manager – Asset Performance, GE Renewables


Why Haven’t You Moved To The Cloud Yet?

  • Why it is better for storage and retrieval

  • How to meet security requirements with the cloud

  • How the cloud could alleviate customer concerns and OEMs from getting locked out of the network

  • Operating examples of cloud use in action

To join this session please contact  Raihan Chowdhury

Lessons Learnt From Brazilian Wind Resource Data Collection Methods 
  • Developing an anemometric database, the AMA System 
  • Using the procedures of IEC 61400 and MEASNET to measure air pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction to cube height
  • The experience gained in how to build and maintain a nationwide wind resource database that has to deal with real-world problems
  • Installation and maintenance measurement issues and managing more than 50 companies responsible for data and their quality

Fl ávio Rosa, Wind Specialist, EPE - Department of Electrical Energy Studies


Chair's Closing Remarks

Benjamin Rice , Operations Engineering Manager, Pattern Energy


Afternoon Refreshments And Extended Networking Opportunities 


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