Day 1 - Tuesday 14 March 2017

Registrations And Refreshments 


Chair’s Welcome And Opening Remarks

Benjamin Rice, Operations Engineering Manager, Pattern Energy

How To Handle Big Data And Use It Effectively To Achieve Greater Efficiency For AEP (Annual Energy Production)


Panel Session: How Have We Used Big Data So Far And What Else Can We Do To Improve Efficiency?

  • Examples of breakthrough moments with data sets

  • Why data modelling will continue to exponentially increase efficiency

  • What role is data likely to play in future construction of wind farms

Benjamin Rice, Operations Engineering Manager Pattern Energy

Jaimeet Gulati, Associate Director – Global Operations Performance Management, EDPR 

Gerry Lindauer, Manager of Performance Assurance,  Siemens


Presentation: Making The Most Of Your Big Data To Ensure Maximum Use 

  • Ensuring you get reliable data and knowing what the limitations are

  • How to get more data out of OEMs and increase the number of tags

  • Getting data that is representative of your site for scalable figures

  • Integrating external data and extracting its value for added analysis in fleet efficiency

David Korim, Software Product Manager – Asset Performance,  GE Renewables


Morning Refreshments And  Networking Opportunities


Case Study: How To Be Smart With Your Data To Reduce Downtime

  • Improving site and maintenance workflow with O&M data

  • How to reduce downtime and plan operations for least impact

  • Weather forecasting to avoid bad conditions and aborted maintenance operations

  • Predictive maintenance to reduce visits and choosing the least disruptive times

  • Using historical data and feedback loops to save on time and cost

Gerry Lindauer , Manager of Performance Assurance,  Siemens


Data Networks: Blending And Integrating Data From Multiple Sources

  • Getting Data from turbines to provide full transparency for reporting purposes

  • Exploring data enabled remaining useful life predictions

  • Validating human data to eradicate errors

  • Supervisory controls being used today

Shawn Sheng, Senior Engineer, NREL

Prof. Dr Jan Helsen, Coordinator Big Data Analytics,  OWI-lab

Big Analytics Made Easier: The Increasing Trend Of Automation Predictive Maintenance


Case Study: Digitalization Of The Wind Energy Industry

  • What do we understand by ‘digitalization of wind? and why it is important?

  • What are the key ingredients for the movement towards digitalization in the wind industry?

  • Case study: Application of the cognitive technology in other industries

  • What are the key learning points from applying cognitive technologies in other industries?

Biren Gandhi,  Global Renewable Energy Solutions Leader,  IBM Global Energy & Utilities Industry


Lunch And Networking Opportunities 



The Automation Arms Race, Creating Solutions For Asset Managers

With the increasing numbers of solutions and analytical firms, asset managers are faced with big choices:

  • What software and platforms are available?

  • What is the right information to bring to a performance engineers dashboard?

  • What data should be standardized or automated and how does this vary with each task?

  • How do firms offering automation/analytics propose to help?

Benjamin Rice,  Operations Engineering Manager,  Pattern Energy

Josh Fausset Director of Customer Success,  Sentient Science

Jaimeet Gulati,  Associate Director – Global Operations Performance Management, EDPR 

Biren Gandhi,  Global Renewable Energy Solutions Leader,  IBM Global Energy & Utilities Industry

Finding The Business Case For Investment From Pre-Construction Site Data


Using Preconstruction And Wind Resource Assessment Data To Reduce Risk In Projects and Create Further Investment 

  • Why it is important to properly understand/reconcile differences from prediction and actual operating site data

  • How do you validate models and lower accuracy uncertainty?

  • Creating scalable data for forecasting performance output once wind farm is built

  • Positively correlated relationship of preconstruction data and level of investment

Chad Ringley, Director – Energy Analytics, Pattern Energy


Data Analytics Method For Understanding Turbine Underperformance

  • Why site specific turbine performance differs from the warranted power curve
  • The power deviation matrix approach and a few others in discussion
  • What can a machine learning/data analytics method offer?
  • Kernel PLUS method for understanding and predicting site-specific turbine performance

Yu Ding, Professor, Texas A&M University

Hoon Hwangbo,  Ph.D. Student,  Texas A&M University


Afternoon Refreshments And  Networking Opportunities

Round Tables


Delegates will select one of the following peer-to-peer discussions from the strategic or technical streams listed below. You will move into small break-out groups where discussions will be off the record and led by an expert on the given topic. Delegates are encouraged to bring along their considered ideas and questions in order to facilitate a meaningful and in-depth discussion:

Stream 1 - Strategic

A. How operators tend to take unnecessary risk from limited data campaigns 

Host:   Josh Fausset, Director of Customer Success, Sentient Science

B. How to manage data teams and monitoring systems for best results 

Host:  Dushyant Tank, Reliability Engineer, Pattern Energy

Stream 2 - Technical

C. Utilizing your analytics team to create your own reference data

Host: TBC

D. Where can data improvements and further analysis be made?

Host: TBC


Roundtable Feedback

Delegates return to the main plenary room to hear the discussion leaders sharing the main outcomes of their discussions.


Speed Networking

Realising the importance of connecting with your peers, we organised a moderated networking session where delegates are prompted to meet others in brief 3-minute rounds. The moderator will be keeping track of time and announcing participants when to switch partners.

Make sure you bring lots of business cards along with you! 


Chair’s Closing Remarks

Benjamin Rice , Operations Engineering Manager, Pattern Energy


Close Of Forum Day 1