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Day 2 - Wednesday 15 March 2017

Registration And Refreshments


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Benjamin Rice, Operations Engineering Manager, Pattern Energy

The Moving Target Of Compliance, Security And Data Standardisation  


How Security Impacts Analytics: A Guide From A-Z

  • How to get quick and secure data through co-operation

  • Logistical issues of transferable data

  • Dealing with multiple securities for different customers data

  • Merging the needs of security and data teams

  • How latest security measures will change the vendor/operator relationship

Jeff Wehner, Vice President – Operations, Duke Energy 


Panel session: The Changing Supply Chain: A Need To Rethink The Owner/Operator And OEM Relationship

Discussion on how security measures and have adjusted the supply chain

-How have security requirements affected the Owner/OEM relationship?

-Can technology and cloud storage make permissions and access easier

-What will the landscape look like in the future?

Participants include: 

Ashok Naik, Operations, Siemens

Dushyant Tank, Reliability Engineer, Pattern Energy


Morning Refreshments And Networking Opportunity 


Live Interview: Strengthening The Relationship Between Data And Cyber Security

  • How to make the network secure

  • Choosing and designing the right infrastructure and security architecture

  • Security solutions for problem solving

  • Reliability and data recovery


Feedback On GADS Reporting And Integration Solutions (Generating Availability Data Systems) 

  • Grid Integration Solutions and the active power support
  • The future of electrical systems for wind
  • Facility services available to owner operations 

To join this session please contact Dominic Coyne:


Data Standardisation For Better Communication And Monitoring

  • Making the case for a global standard IEC6400-25

  • Where it is being utilised already and by who

  • What problems will this measure solve

  • Building the standardisation model without decreasing competition

To join this session please contact Dominic Coyne:


Lunch And Networking Opportunities 

Best Practices Of Sharing, Accessing Data And Storing Data    


‘Spotlight On’ Panel Session With Audience Participation: In The Hot Seat With OEM’s On NERC Compliance

This session will involve an open audience forum from which the audience can submit/ask questions (via slido) to be put to a panel of OEMs. An independent chair will mediate each discussion for the best results

To join this session please contact Raihan Chowdhury:


Panel Session: Accessing Data With Changing Ownership And Security Levels?

  • Building a new relationship customer or supplier for smooth maintenance

  • Business to business integration: understanding each others’ requirements and needs

  • How much data does each side need to perform their tasks properly

  • Making data available to meet various needs of different customers

Participants include: 

Jeff Wehner, Vice President – Operations, Duke Energy

Afternoon Refreshments And Networking Opportunities 

Merging The Needs Of Security Data And The Supply Chain Shift


Why Haven’t You Moved To The Cloud Yet?

  • Why it is better for storage and retrieval

  • How to meet security requirements with the cloud

  • How the cloud could alleviate customer concerns and OEMs from getting locked out of the network

  • Operating examples of cloud use in action

To join this session please contact Raihan Chowdhury:


Chair's Closing Remarks

Benjamin Rice , Operations Engineering Manager, Pattern Energy


End Of Forum