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Day 1 - Tuesday 15 March 2016

Registrations And Refreshments 


Chair’s Welcome And Opening Remarks

Richard Springer, Senior Director - Head Of SCADA Operations, Vestas



Maximising Turbine Efficiency And Enhance Wind Farm Power Production

  • Learning how to manage your assets by looking at turbine trends and spotting limitations Taking into account failures and error messages to usefully harmonize data and plan practical action points

  • Hands-on examples on how to analyze big data sets and apply results to improve efficiency

  • How can we identify relevant chunks of data and turn them into useful information to optimize AEP?

Benjamin Rice, Operations Engineering Manager, Pattern Energy


Using Data Analytic Tools To Reduce Component Failures And The Associated Costs

  • Analyzing the importance of preparing and maintaining inventories 
  • How to efficiently plan maintenance and repair work through an efficient use of data 
  • Counteracting issues such as mobilizing cranes by using analytic principles

Jaimeet Gulati, Operations Performance Analysis Manager, EDPR 


Wake Effect Quantification In A Multi-Turbine Wind Farm

  • Understanding complex inter-dependencies among wind turbines
  • Taking into account heterogeneous wake effects, depending on wind conditions
  • How to couple external effects due to wind and internal effects due to interactions together?
  • New statistical approach to quantify the power deficits at downstream turbines

Dr. Eunshin Byon, Assistant Professor, University Of Michigan


Networking Break And Morning Refreshments


Getting The Most Out Of Forecasting And Real Data Site Performance

  • State-of-the-art forecasts and economic value on site long-term potential
  • Integrating wind forecasts into grid management for effective site performance
  • Customising forecasts to the real needs of the grid operators in order to enhance fleet potential
  • Using real time data to prevent failures and improve reliability of components

Karla Martinez Lozano, Electric Engineer, Energia Eolica De Honduras


Progress On SCADA Data Based Wake Analysis 

  • Identification and quantification of wakes and their impact on performance
  • Looking at additional linkages between faults, vibrations and other reliability issues linked to the analysis 
  • How to enhance the ongoing analysis of SCADA data, but also influence the way we quantify and plan wind farm layouts 

Carsten Westergaard, Senior advisor, Sandia National Laboratories, Wind and Water program


A Case Study In Wind Farm Performance Optimization Through Data Analytics And Control System Engineering

  • Benefits of high-resolution data sets in wind farm optimization
  • Example analytics based on 10-minute average data
  • Control system modifications based on analytics and example field trial results at a 50 MW wind farm
Dr. Feng Zhang, Director of R&D, Envision Energy

Networking Lunch 



How Can The Value Of Operational Data Be Maximized To Prevent Faults And Extend Wind Farm Lifetime? 

  • Performance analysis to keep turbines at the highest possible production level
  • How can we successfully integrate data systems to troubleshoot faults and failures across fleets?
  • Making informed O&M decisions including but not limited to:

- parts availability
- scheduled maintenance
- adding extra capacity
- monitoring faults

Participants include:

Carsten Westergaard, Senior advisor, Sandia National Laboratories, Wind and Water program
Bruno Boucher, Operations And Maintenance Manager, TechnoCentre éolien
Amir Zohar, Monitoring Center Director, Suzlon  
Ken Siddall, G2 Platform Owner, Siemens Wind Service
Aaron Culver,  Senior Renewable Energy Consultant,  SgurrEnergy 



Bring Down Costs Through An Effective Approach To Condition Monitoring And Data Analysis

  • Using faults diagnosis to detect problems and prevent future failures
  • Determining when it is essential to repair the fault
  • How to ascertain if a fault is a priority and avoid unnecessary money loss

Tracy Duncan, Wind Operations Specialist, Transalta


Vibration Diagnostics 2.0 – How To Successfully Predict Drivetrain Component Life

Bo Roemer-Odgaard, Head Of Vibration Diagnostic,   Siemens Wind Service


Networking Break 


Optimizing Maintenance Activities By Combining Condition Monitoring And SCADA Data 

  • Importance of high-speed data in maintenance operations
  • Creating meaningful condition metrics
  • Benefits of combining operational data with condition data
  • Developing a predictive maintenance mindset using data

Gavin Boggs , Performance Optimization Manager, Gamesa 



Data Accessibility, Availability And Sharing

Each delegate will be given the chance to express their thoughts, concerns, ideas and solutions anonymously and in written form (5 minutes). The moderator will then read out loud the audience’s suggestions on how to make the industry progress on these issues. The debate will then be opened up to the rest of the room making this the perfect occasion to overcome the barriers to data accessibility, availability and discuss standards supporting data sharing whilst taking a real step forward



Delegates will choose from one of the following sessions:

1. Reducing Unscheduled Maintenance Activities By Identifying Reasons Behind Turbine Underperformance 

Karla Martinez Lozano,  Electric Engineer,  Energia Eolica De Honduras  

2. Drones And Inspections: Selecting And Prioritizing Picture Data 

Rick Harrop,  Manager Wind Technology,  Algonquin Power Co.

3. Consolidating Existing Data: How To Improve Quality And Enhance Application  

Gavin Boggs  , Performance Optimization Manager,  Gamesa 

4. Going Beyond Simulations And Conducting Field Trials For Validation And Certification Testing

Destiny Vasquez , Director Of Project Development, Group NIRE

5. Underperformance: Resource Or Wind Turbine? 

Aaron Culver,  Senior Renewable Energy Consultant, SgurrEnergy 


Roundtable Feedback

Delegates return to the main plenary room to hear the discussion leaders sharing the main outcomes of their discussions.


Chair’s Closing Remark


Close Of Forum Day 1 And Wine Tasting Reception Co-Hosted With The Sheraton Hotel