Blade Operations And Maintenance Forum


  • Advancements in blade inspection methods to reduce overall downtime, with a Panel from E.ON, Vestas and Sandia on what a good blade inspection program should entail and how to reduce costs
  • Assessing various types of damages, their affect on performance and best practice for repair with a special case study from Bladena on their D-Stiffener solution
  • Find out about how icing can affect the aerodynamic performance of your blades with the Anti-Icing Materials Laboratory - University of Quebec
  • Get involved at our roundtables with the likes of Capital Power on discussions such as ' Opportunities For OPEX Reduction Post Warranty: How Will Consolidation Of Supply Chains Affect Asset Management for Blades?'
  • Getting good data from your operations, standardization issues and categorization of damages. Enel Green Power to cover getting good quality data for actionable operations
  • Specialized panel on developing a blade team in house vs. outsourcing with Rope Partner, EDPR and Algonquin Power
  • Optimizing O&M activities: using predictive maintenance and better understanding of your turbines to reduce costs with an asset management case study from EDPR

  • Pre forum half day workshop on quality assurance and testing of blade structure, manufacture and design with a focus on ''How design requirements are shaping blade manufacture and design and why certain materials are used?'' - presentation by Nordex

who attends?

This Forum attracts a diverse range of blade enthusiasts from all over the world, making it a fantastic opportunity to network with your industry peers, share experiences and build long-lasting business connections!

Last year's Forum played host to:

Building on more than 30 years of experience and independent market research Windpower Monthly is proud to bring back the Blade O&M Forum, our flagship event in North America attended by 70+ key blade specialists all under one roof!

Do you want to know about the latest inspection strategies? 

Are you keen to learn how to eliminate downtime and increase blade reliability?

Would you like to unlock the secret behind prolonging a blade’s lifetime and learn from the best in the field?

Are you longing to know how to set up a diverse blade maintenance program to meet the individual characteristics of your project’s fleet and site?

Then look no further.


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What do attendees say? 

Senior Vice President

“It was a great get together of both technical and operational experts, a good blend of hands-on engineering and real world folks out there. For this event in particular, there was great open dialogue on the trends in repair, maintenance and inspection of blades.”

Eastern Regional Manager

"I’ve been actually encouraging our asset managers and people who don’t understand the wind business to go to your conferences because in 15 years that’s the most I’ve learned about blades, in 15 years of the wind industry."