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GEV Wind Power is the largest European provider of field-based turbine maintenance both on and offshore. From blade maintenance and upgrade to turbine and BOP fabric maintenance, we have a diverse and skilled workforce. Our fixed price maintenance plans include access to our patented blade Habitat as well as our tablet based ERP helping you drive down the cost of ownership.

3M products are being used to build and maintain wind turbines around the world. From design and manufacturing through day-to-day operations - 3M offers a wide array of innovative technology solutions, designed to enhance reliability, increase performance, provide protection against harsh environments and improve blade aerodynamics.

Wind Access Engineering is dedicated to providing the best-suspended access solutions for the wind energy industry.
As a full-service access solutions provider, Wind Access Engineering provides sales, training, rental programs, engineering and service for suspended access products of all kinds.

WindCom focuses on high levels of technical competence, innovation, and flexibility to rapidly attend the most demanding needs in the wind market with safety, integrity and respect. Working with WindCom ensures quality results the first time. You can depend on WindCom for the life of your blade.

Rope Partner is the premier provider of wind turbine maintenance, inspection and performance enhancement services that require specialized access approaches. In the last fifteen years, our rapid-response WindCorps™ technicians have completed several thousand projects for every major manufacturer and the majority of wind farm owners.  By partnering with these clients applying safe, cost effective, and environmentally appropriate solutions, we reduce turbine downtime, increase production based availability and ultimately the life-span of our client’s turbines.

GLPS is a consulting engineering firm specialized in lightning protection design and associated verification testing. GLPS operates a large-scale testing facility for direct and indirect lightning effect testing, utilizing full treat artificial lightning in accordance with various industrial, military and aerospace standards.
GLPS supports manufacturers, sub-suppliers and plant operators with our consultancy services in developing the most feasible lightning protection solutions for future and existing applications in power, aerospace, and petrochemical industries.

MRG Labs is the developer of the Grease Thief®, a patented device that allows for routine sampling and analysis in wind turbine main, pitch, yaw and generator bearings. MRG Labs has helped develop several industry standards including ASTM D7718, ASTM D7918 and AWEA RP 812-815 for in-service grease sampling and analysis. Through advanced testing capabilities, MRG Labs provides grease analysis and high-value reporting that supports predictive maintenance programs around the world. Additionally, the laboratory also performs oil analysis, root-cause failure investigations, reliability technology training classes and machinery reliability audits.

Bladefence offers the most sophisticated methods to maximise the performance and endurance of wind turbine blades.
The company was founded in 2010, and since then, our focus has been on offering high-quality blade service and changing the common practice of reactive and expensive wind turbine blade repairs towards shared risks, preventive maintenance, and fixed fees.
In 2012, Bladefence received Germanischer Lloyd certification for wind turbine blade repairs, based on the high level of quality of personnel, work methods, materials, and documentation, as well as compliance for the GL certificate guidelines.
Bladefence utilises advanced skylift equipment and UV-curing blade repair method in its operations. In combination, these enable operations in harsh weather conditions, cutting-edge efficiency and minimise turbine downtime. The services are offered throughout Europe.
Our technologies may be the most developed, but we constantly seek ways to improve ourselves. We collaborate and do research with educational institutes and specialists. The wind can always carry further.

Bladena are experts in root cause analysis of blades and have specialized knowledge on structural blade failure and knows how to avoid failures on blades.
We provide structural enhancement technologies, which provide for lighter and stronger blades with higher durability. Bladena's technologies are available as a toolbox that address the root causes of individual problem areas in the blade design and manufacturing. They are flexible in their design and each manufacturer may develop their preferred way of implementation to accommodate individual requirements.  

Meeting challenges and finding the answer is what really makes PolyTech succeed. We always make sure we get the full understanding of the goal; the customer wants to achieve – not just the problem blocking the way. Sometimes the solution isn’t removing the obstacle but passing it or finding a smarter, newer or simpler answer.

Getting you there and making it possible is what we do.

PolyTech covers the entire value chain. With us, you get the full scope; the detailed insight and the pro-active approach from a wide range of relevant specialists.

We see every aspect and ask a lot of questions. We are more interested in what you want to do - rather than what you can’t do. That’s how we make sure you end up with the right solution.

As part of Skagen Sandblæseri & Skibsservice, Skagen Blade Technology has more than 30 years’ experience in surface treatment of steel and fiber glass constructions. The company specialises in maintenance and repairs of wind turbines, bridges, tank installations and pipe lines.

Skagen Blade Technology was founded in 2014 with the purpose of providing services to owners of wind turbines and has in the past two years performed rope access inspections and repairs of blades and towers in Europe and Asia.

To accommodate the increasing demand for flexibility and low costs, Skagen Blade Technology has developed a mobile solution for repairing and painting blades full-scale close to the turbine or harbour site.
In 2015, Skagen Blade Technology and Blade Repair Solutions joined forces to develop and introduce a leading edge protection that offers a unique protection of blades. The BRS soft shell is custom-made to fit the specific blade type and is manufactured in one piece under climate controlled conditions, ensuring a stable process and high-quality product.

The BRS soft shell was mounted successfully on an onshore test turbine in Sweden in September this year.

For more information and to view the BRS soft shell, visit our stand at the conference.

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Choosing the right blade maintenance regime

Managing large fleets of wind turbines across North America, Jon Salmon of EDF Renewable Services - who spoke at last year's Blade Operations and Maintenance Forum - has some advice on how to set up a diverse blade maintenance programme. Much will depend on individual characteristics of a project’s fleet and site, so working these out is key.

What do attendees say? 

Senior Vice President

“It was a great get together of both technical and operational experts, a good blend of hands-on engineering and real world folks out there. For this event in particular, there was great open dialogue on the trends in repair, maintenance and inspection of blades.”

Eastern Regional Manager

"I’ve been actually encouraging our asset managers and people who don’t understand the wind business to go to your conferences because in 15 years that’s the most I’ve learned about blades, in 15 years of the wind industry."