Blade Inspection, Damage and repair forum 2015


2015 Speakers

Venancio Garcia

Business Unit Manager - Europe


Romaric  Thiebaut 

Lead In Technology Of Field Support 


Christian Bak

Senior Scientist


Roman Sobottka

Head of Blade Services


Andrew Kay

Renewable Technology Engineer

ORE Catapult

Alastair Gadney 

Projects Director

GEV Wind Power 

Birgit Junker

Fleet Engineer


Morgan Troedsson


MacTeen Consulting Ltd

Benn Faulkner


Renewable Advice

Rui Meneses

O&M Area Manager


Ville Karkkolainen

Managing Director


Esa Peltola

Principal Scientist


Rune Yding Brogaard

System Developer

FORCE Technology

Ryan Hagelskjær Lauridsen



Eric Putnam

Project Engineer

Fraunhofer IWES

Christian Jourdain

Head Of Marketing & Communication


Kim Bertelsen

Chief Operating Officer 

Global Lightning Protection Services 

Andre Moura



Eberhard Moser Dantec Dynamics

International Sales Manager 

Dantec Dynamics GmbH

Francisco Javier Martin Fernández

Blades Engineering Specialist


Henrik Gam-Pedersen

Market Development Engineer 


Konstantin Behnisch

Operations Manager - Blade Repair

WKA Blade Service 


This year we have formed the Blades Steering Committee and are working with some of the industries' leading minds to help shape the agenda and deliver the most cutting-edge and relevant content.

Christian Claus

Head of Renewable Energy, 3M

Christian, Head of 3M’s Renewable Energy Division, is leading 3M’s efforts in the wind and solar industries in Europe, Middle East and Africa and has over ten years experience in marketing and business development, especially in the field of adhesives, films and coatings. He has been involved in wind applications for more than eight years and has successfully captured the spark of new ideas and transformed them into dozens of ingenious products enabling more efficient and more reliable wind turbines. He holds a Masters degree from the University of Düsseldorf.

Andrew Bellamy

Director, Aarufield

Andrew has a background of over 12 years establishing and managing industrial capacity for wind, especially major components such as rotorblades. Having graduated as a Naval Architect and tried his hand in the marine world for a while, a chance meeting with a rotorblade designer led him into the wind market and he hasn’t found a reason to leave yet! Andrew has lived and worked extensively overseas leading development and installation of new manufacturing capacity in North and South America, Asia and Europe to meet demands for emerging renewables markets. Andrew moved back to the UK from Germany in 2011 to join AREVA and develop the UK industrial operations and supply chain for offshore wind.

Eduardo García Pérez

Head of Central Maintenance Europe, EDP Renewables

Eduardo García Pérez  is an Industrial Engineer. He began his professional career in 1997, as designer of mechanical systems and structures for a 300 kW wind turbine. In 2005 he joined EDP Renewables, the world’s third largest wind energy company. There, Eduardo worked during for some years as Coordinator of Mechanical and Civil Area. Later he changed his activity to the Operations and Maintenance department as Head of Central Maintenance for Europe. His functions include managing the major correctives, repairs of major components, keeping the supply chain of spare parts operative as well as servicing and standardising the procedures for O&M in Europe. Eduardo is a frequent speaker at wind sector conferences.

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