Blade Inspection, Damage and repair forum 2016


“Blades usually do their work in a discreet manner without claiming a major role. So there is a great temptation not to pay attention to the care of the blades. Very frequently when a maintenance budget needs to be reduced, the blade is one of the first elements to be sacrificed. But that is a great error. To inspect and to repair small deteriorations of blades regularly is one of the most effective strategies to avoid major increments in future OPEX.”

Eduardo García Pérez , Head Of Central Maintenance Europe, EDP Renewables

Are you longing to know more on how to inspect your blades effectively? 

Do you want to learn how to keep costs to a minimum whilst effectively curing damages?

Are you curious about how to extend the lifetime of blades through retrofit and add-on solutions?

Then look no further. 

In response to the wind industry's huge appetite for more technical knowledge on blades, the Windpower Monthly Events team researched and produced Blade Inspection, Damage & Repair Forum,  taking place in Amsterdam from 10-13 October. 

What’s in store for 2016?

  • A new and exciting location! 
  • A networking dinner at the end of Day 1 to continue building contacts in a more relaxed environment
  • New case studies from key stakeholders 
  • A full-day workshop focusing on blade manufacturing and composites to cover the latest in cutting-edge materials technology, production processes and cost-effective design solutions for blades.

This is a must-attend for all those dedicated to wind blade inspection, damage and repair!  Last year's Forum brought together over 100 blade specialists from across the globe:


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what last year's attendees said: 

"It's the best place for owners, OEMs and stakeholders to meet and define a common strategy for blades"

Blades Manager, Vestas

"Excellent content and networking event – invaluable!"

Business Innovation Manager, TRAC AdvantEDGE

"A great focus on blades, highlighting the need and wants of the industry"

Director, Renewable Advice

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