Blade Inspection, Damage and repair forum 2015


Forum Day 1: Wednesday 29 September 2015

Registration And Morning Refreshments


Chair’s Welcome And Opening Remarks

Eduardo García Pérez, Head Of Central Maintenance Europe,  EDP Renewables

Access And Inspection Methods To Reduce Blade Downtime And Enhance AEP


Keynote: Exploring The Most Effective Strategies In Performing Inspections At Lower Costs 

  • What are the costs involved when inspecting blades and how are such costs mitigated internally?
  • Determining how often the blade should be inspected
  • Inspection methods for the location of fatigue load damages
  • Promptly locating where the damage occurred, in order to reduce turbine downtime
Eduardo García Pérez, Head Of Central Maintenance Europe, EDP Renewables

Visual Vs. Non-Visual Inspections: What Is Really Happening Under The Blade Surface?

  • Benefits and limits of visual surface inspections in comparison to nonvisual methods
  • How effective are non-visual inspections in identifying structural damages?
  • What are the limitations when performing non-visual inspections?
  • The latest solutions in performing non-visual inspections on XL rotor blades

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Networking Break And Morning Refreshments 


Stepping Into The Future: Drone-Based Ultrasonic Inspection

  • Detect structural flaws, damages and failures of the blades

  • Quick access to the blades with minimal required personnel

  • No need for baskets, cranes, rope-access or similar

  • Advanced structural inspection with a selected combination of inspection tools, performed directly on the blade shell surface

Rune Yding Brogaard, System Developer, FORCE Technology

Boosting Blade Aerodynamic Performance By Effectively Curing Damages


Leading Edge Erosion: Advantages Of Applying Integrated Solutions For Enhanced AEP

  • How can integrated solutions avoid repairing the blade for structural damage?
  • To what extent can such solutions save power output?
  • Strategies to mitigate leading edge imperfections in order to avoid additional power loss when the erosion occurs
  • How can integrated solutions in the blade improve O&M activities?
Francesco Grasso, Aerodynamics Lead Engineer, Vestas

Networking Lunch


Reducing The Sensitivity To Leading Edge Roughness And Enhancing AEP And Long-Term Performance By Applying Aerodynamic Devices

  • Assessing the impact of leading edge roughness on the aerodynamic performance
  • Counteracting degradation of aerodynamic performance in order to enhance AEP
  • Results of wind tunnel tests of vortex generators on a thin airfoil to be mounted at the outer part of blades
  • Impact of aerodynamic devices on AEP and loads for blades with degraded aerodynamic performance
Christian Bak, Senior Scientist, DTU

Minimising OPEX By Improving Blade Maintenance Strategies

  • BLEEP (Blade Leading Edge Erosion Programme): a collaborative initiative to reduce the cost impact of leading edge erosion
  • Maximising turbine productivity by assessing the impact of leading edge erosion on AEP
  • Developing optimised maintenance strategies to minimise OPEX and maximise revenue generation
Andrew Kay, Renewable Technology Engineer, ORE Catapult

Anticipating And Avoiding Damages During The Design And Production Phase In Order To Maximise Blade Performance

  • What are blade manufacturers doing in order to anticipate and avoid defects in the blade?
  • Design solutions for each category of damage to implement in the production phase
  • Developing a pre-production method to determine when and on which part of the damaged blade to intervene
Martin Leong, Team Lead - Blade Integrity, Blade Structural Design, Siemens

Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments


Panel Discussion: Dealing With Damages In And Out Of Warranty

  • How to successfully finalise the warranty process
  • Assessing the blade conditions and determining blade repairs at the end of the warranty period
  • Risks and benefits of using third party companies when the turbines are out of warranty
  • OEM’s involvement and assistance after the end of the warranty

Participants include:
Domenico Cannatà, Director Blades Operations, Vestas
Birgit Junker, Fleet Engineer, E.ON 

Rui Meneses, Blade Specialist, Iberwind


Live Demonstration: You Do Have To Be MAD To Work Here! Making A Difference In Blade Repair And Cost Cutting

Hear about GEV Wind Power’s bespoke blade ERP package which integrates
with a tablet to enable blade technicians to record inspection and repair
progress as they work. This includes capturing the high resolution images
of damage that are required to consider suitable repair techniques. The
cloud based application gives near-realtime recording of data and integrates
with a robust back-end database. In turn, the database facilitates swift and
accurate invoicing alongside in-house operational metrics for performance
In support of the ERP package, GEV Wind Power will provide an update on
the Blade Habitat. This innovation provides a temporary shelter from which
technicians can carry out repairs that would otherwise be hindered by suboptimal
environmental conditions.

Alastair Gadney, Projects Director, GEV Wind Power

Chair’s Closing Remarks


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