Blade Inspection, Damage and repair forum 2014


Blade Inspection Damage And Repair Forum: Day 1 - Wednesday 10 September 2014

Registration And Morning Refreshments


Chair’s Welcome And Opening Remarks

Andrew Bellamy, Program Manager, 8MW Rotor Blade Development And Production, AREVA

Blade Inspection


OEM Case Study: Vestas' Blade Maintenance Strategy 

  • Implementing a preventative maintenance strategy through effective inspection methods
  • How often should blades be inspected?
  • Results of a five-year inspection campaign: decreasing damage categories and rates of serious incident 

Domenico Cannata, Director Blades Operation, Vestas Mediterranean 


Structural Blade Inspection For Fatigue Load Damages

  • Sandwich structure defects
    - Cracks, lightning damages, LE erosion
  • Structural inspection on Spar/Shear Web integrity
    -Adhesive bonding, fatigue de-bonding
    -Spar Cap fatigue damages: UD fibre waviness (wrinkles)
    -Root integrity
  • Secondary girders along the trailing edge
    -UD fibre orientation and waviness (wrinkles)
  • Total mapping of blade damage extent

Morgan Troedsson, Product Manager, FORCE Technology

Joan Humble Reffs, Project Manager, FORCE Technology


Networking Break And Morning Refreshments 


Securing Structural Integrity: New Approaches In Internal And External Testing

  • Experiences and lessons learned from more than hundred ultrasonic tested rotor blades

  • Enabling of full-scale external and internal inspection using rope access   

  • New possibilities in blade failure classification and evaluation

Thomas Korzeniewski,  Head of Business Unit Wind Energy,  GMA-Engineering GmbH part of Mistras Group

Blade Protection Methods And Technologies To Reduce Repair Costs And Turbine Downtime


Conducting Structural Repairs On Larger Blades

  • Examples of defects on larger blades
    - Sandwich defects
    - Main laminate defects
    - Bonding defects
    - Tip defects
    - Root defects
  • What are the main aspects to be considered?
  • Strategies for avoiding defects on larger blades
  • Methods for reducing the cost of repairs

Carlos Bermúdez, Technical Manager, SálvoraVento


Networking Lunch


Structural Enhancers For Rotor Blades And Their Impact On O&M Costs

  • Improving the reliability of bonded joints with the D-string
  • Technical data and various test result outcomes
  • Impact of structural enhancers on the overall cost of energy

 Find Mølholt Jensen, Chief Technology Officer, PhD, Bladena


Removing Weather Risk From Blade Maintenance - Is This A Possibility For The Future?

  • Assessing the level of lost productivity due to weather downtime
  • Looking to different techniques to drive innovation in this area?
  • How can we reduce the cost of blade maintenance?
  • Where do we see blade maintenance in 5 years time?

 David Fletcher, Managing Director, GEV Offshore Limited


Case Study: Rotor Blade Repairs Using Advanced UV Curing Resin System

  • Experiences working with an advanced UV composite repairs system for a pre-emptive blade maintenance strategy
  • What effect will UV curing resin systems have on: repair windows and AEP

Ville Karkkolainen, Managing Director, Bladefence


Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments


Preventative Rotor Wear Maintenance For A Proactive Blade Maintenance Strategy

  • Implementing a condition –based blade maintenance strategy
  • Establishing a global spare parts strategy
  • Best practice sharing across all fleets

Guillermo Lozano, Fleet Engineer,  E.ON


Comparing Lightning Protection Systems: LPS Verus Standard And Vestas' Improvement 

  • LPS in Vestas blades following standard 
  • Protecting blades in sites with very high lightning density
  • Investigating the effect of lightning on new materials such as Carbon Fibre
  • Methods for monitoring the level of lightning striking the blade: why is this important?
  • Long-term improvements in lightning protection: installation and results 

Domenico Cannata, Director Blade Operation, Vestas Mediterranean 


The Latest Protection Methods For Leading Edge Erosion For Increased Tip Speeds

  • Examining the latest surface protection methods currently on the market: paint and foil protection options 
  • Design solutions for the prevention of leading edge erosion
  • Monitoring solutions 
  • Material choice
  • Developing a standard for leading edge erosion protection systems 

Christian Claus , Head of Renewable Energy, 3M


Chair’s Closing Remarks


Drinks Reception