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Grid Support And Ancillary Services: Opportunities, Risks And Technologies for the Wind Industry


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Riverside Automation Limited is a Systems Integrator who designs, builds, commissions and supports SCADA/PLC automation and control systems to meet customers’ specific requirements. We specialise in solutions for a wide variety of industrial environments with a particular strength in Renewable Energy Systems.

Wind Farm Grid Control

Our typical Wind Farm Grid Control (WFGC) applications involve both Active Power Control and Reactive Power Control functions. The WFGC system is an interface between the network operator’s Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) and the wind turbine control system. The WFGC uses control signals from the RTU and interprets them to provide Active and Reactive Power Setpoints to the wind farm control system.

Active Power control takes curtailment demands from the network operator, and also acts to correct variations in measured frequency by changing the amount of power demanded from the wind farm. Configurable settings such as Droop values and Ramp Rates can be accepted as analogue inputs or operator inputs from an HMI.

The Reactive Power Setpoint can be controlled to maintain either a Voltage Setpoint or a Power Factor Setpoint, as selected by the network operator.

We can customise our software to meet the specific control requirements of the client and network operator.


We write interface software to external equipment such as Socomec Diris, GE Power Quality meters and Schneider ION meters, using protocols such as Modbus serial and Modbus/TCP, DNP3 serial and DNP3/Ethernet, Mitsubishi CC:link, IEC 60870-5, IEC 61850 and IEC101.

This gives us visibility of information from a wide variety of substation HV supply equipment and Protection and Electrical Control equipment into our SCADA system. We collect, scale and present this information to Operators HMI and to SCADA displays, including Time of Event reporting.

In addition we are skilled in using OPC Server and Client technologies allow us to transfer subsets of this data to a variety of different users with different requirements. For example: Operator, Generator, and Distributor. We are experienced with various OPC implementations: OPC XML DA, OPC DA, OPC UA and can customise interfaces to provide tunnels between equipment.

Typically, an operator / maintenance interface is provided to the system which will provide the capability to modify system settings within the allowable limits. Logging of events, trends, alarms and faults are standard features. Web based displays can also be provided.


A particular Riverside speciality is the integration of dissimilar and legacy platforms with new equipment. This is important when a range of different manufacturer’s equipment might be in use at a Wind Farm and there is a need to maximise use of existing assets.


Other capabilities include the provision of ongoing support packages and assisting with grid code compliance testing and report preparation.


We design, build and manufacture our own SCADA and PLC control panels, Operator Desks and Telemetry / Met Mast Panels to match client requirements. We also supply systems to other industries where reliability and robust design are essential including Steel, Rail, Water, Food and Beverage.


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