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Valorem and WKN Windkraft to build in Ukraine

UKRAINE: Despite the ongoing political instability in Ukraine, Natalya Chegodar, first deputy governor of the Odessa region, said developers Valorem and WKN Windkraft Nord plan to build projects in the region.

QotW: Can wind manufacturers continue as pure players?

WORLDWIDE: After a spate of recent joint ventures such as MHI Vestas and the merger of Alstom and GE, Windpower Monthly asked Senvion vice president for offshore Norbert Giese, and Piers Guy, Vattenfall UK country manager and head of UK development, whether companies can operate as pure players in the industry.

Suzlon to build nacelles in Brazil

Indian turbine manufacturer Suzlon has revealed plans to build a 400MW turbine facility in Brazil, with start up expected for turn of year 2015-2016.

MHI Vestas to build second 8MW prototype

DENMARK: MHI Vestas has announced it is building a second prototype of the 8MW V164 turbine for testing purposes.

Gallery: In the sky, high-altitude wind projects

WORLDWIDE: Following Goldwind's announcement last month of its decision to install two high-altitude wind projects in Ecuador, Windpower Monthly takes a look at some of the world's current highest projects.

Analysis: NRG buys into world's biggest project

UNITED STATES: NRG Yield's purchase of 947MW of the vast Alta wind project in California may have kicked off a significant new trend. It is the first major third-party acquisition in the US by a renewable-energy "yieldco", a financing concept that is relatively new to wind energy.

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