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Analysis: Siemens acts on turbine collapse with more checks

EUROPE: Questions remain over who pays for the additional inspections required following the failure of a Bonus turbine at the Danish Paludan Flaks offshore project in November.

Gallery: MHI Vestas V164 prototypes at Maade

DENMARK: MHI Vestas has installed two prototypes of its V164 8MW turbine at a site in Maade, near Esjberg in west Denmark.

Suzlon investigating turbine fall in Brazil

BRAZIL: Suzlon has confirmed local reports of the collapse of a wind turbine in Brazil, but insists the remaining machines at the 25.2MW wind projects are safe to operate.

Green light for 120MW Moroccan project

MOROCCO: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has confirmed it will provide finance for the country's first wind project to be built without state funding.

Vestas acquires UpWind Solutions

UNITED STATES: Manufacturer Vestas has acquired project service provider UpWind Solutions in a $60 million deal.

Esvagt to supply MHI-Vestas with service vessel

BELGIUM: Vessel supplier Esvagt will build a service operation vessel for offshore project developer MHI-Vestas and be charted to two projects in Belgium.

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