Day 1 - Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Registration, Tea and Coffee


Chairman's Introduction
The Challenges Of R3, O&M Activities And The Role Of Innovation In Bringing Down The Cost Of Energy

Mike Vanstone, Marine Operations Manager , Vattenfall


Test Of Advanced CTVs

This presentation will be going into detail about the testing of advanced CTVs for far-shore projects.

Niels A. Jensen, Lead Maritime Project Manager, Naval Architect, DONG Energy
Troels Møller, Maritime Project Manager, DONG Energy


The Future Of Vessels For Offshore Wind

Ketil Arvesen, Vice President , First Olsen Ltd.
Even Larsen, Concept Development Manager, Fred. Olsen


A Developer’s Views On Further Offshore Sites And Vessel Shortage Risk Concerns That Could Impact Availability

  • Vessel shortage risk for R3 and is wind going to be competing with Oil and Gas for installation time?
  • Requirements and availability targets for developing R3 projects
  • O&M strategies for near shore versus far shore projects

Hernan Vargas,  O&M,  Vattenfall


Morning Networking Break


New Vessels And Access Solutions For O&M Logistics

The new Walk to Work vessel:

  • Seakeeping and comfort levels: how the hull form allows for up to 30% reduction of accelerations
  • How the design enables accessibility of no less than 80%
  • Standard cabin design features including functional and recreational facilities, interior design with optimal use of natural light
  • The Damen Twin Axe R&D project: transfer vessels for optimising access – what are the results of testing and what are the timeframes for commercial release?

Peter Robert, Business Development Manager Offshore Wind,
Damen Shipyards Group


Panel Discussion: Accommodation Vessels And Offshore Personnel Plans For Far From Shore Projects

  • Where will developers/operators locate personnel offshore, how many and for how long?
  • Working patterns from offshore accommodation
  • Floatels and mini mother ships: how popular will they be and how will it affect future demand for workboats?
  • Resources for transfer: walk to work or daughter craft? Should we move the accommodation daily?
  • Can the mother ship be considered a ‘safe haven’ in current safety standards?

Panellists include:

Mike Vanstone, Marine Operations Manager, Vattenfall

Peter Robert, Business Development Manager Offshore Wind , Damen Shipyards Group

Stephen Ward, Head of Project Management UK , AREVA Wind




Study On Advanced Composite Passenger Carrying Vessels For The Offshore Wind Industry

The benefits of building a passenger carrying vessel in advanced composite (carbon fibre and epoxy infusion)

  • Life cycle costs and advantages of carbon fibre construction
  • Exploration of the safety and comfort aspects of advanced composite vessels
  • The capabilities of Danish Yachts’ SWATH vessels

Hans Nadolny, Commercial Sales Director , Danish Yachts


Selecting The Best Fit Vessel: How To Tailor Vessel Choice To Operational Needs

The presentation shall be from a hydrodynamic and cost-effective position and will consider:

  • Various service vessel designs and general performance
    • Classic CTV (mostly), mother vessels, supply vessels, combination
    • Speed, seakeeping, stability, cost, payload, range, class
  • Various operational needs
    • Distance from harbor, environmental conditions, payload
  • Best match between vessel and operational need
    • When to use which vessel/setup

Trygve Halvorsen Espeland, Section Manager, Umoe Mandal AS


Round Table Discussions:
Choose Your Topic Of Interest

Facilitated discussion tables focused on new technologies, future requirements and innovations.

  • Controlling Installation Vessel Costs On Far From Shore Projects
  • Designing New Vessels With Onboard Worker Safety Features
  • Cable Barges And Installation Vessels: Designing For Manoeuvrability And Carrying Capacities
    Senior Representative, Windpower Intelligence
  • Helicopter Versus Vessel Transfer: Advantages And Disadvantages For Far From Shore Wind Farms
  • Crew Competency, Qualifications And Retention
    Philip Woodcock, Operations  Director, Workships 
  • Latest Vessels Available For Technician Transfer To Multiple Locations - Hernan Vargas, O&M , Vattenfall
  • New Specialist Vessels For Offshore Wind - Mark Costa Ros, Manager, Offshore Wind – Innovations , Carbon Trust
  • How To Determine The Optimal Fleet - Matthias Mross, Managing Partner,  German Renewables Shipbrokers
  • Motherships, Launch And Recovery Systems - Mark Willbourn, Independent Consultant
  • Contract Risk In The Face Of Limited Vessel Availability And Compressed Weather Windows - Anders Hørlyck Jensen, Head of Legal , SE Blue Renewable K/S
  • WINDTIME, the new standard charter party for wind farm crew transport vessels
    Grant Hunter, Chief Officer Legal and Contractual Affairs, BIMCO

15:45 Afternoon Networking Break

Financier’s Perspective On Project Finance For R3 Construction And O&M

  • Concerns around the Wind Industry’s approach to Round 3 technologies and conditions
  • What is a financier looking for in a finance application for a Round 3 Wind Power project?

Matt Taylor, Project Manager, Green Giraffe Energy Bankers


Risks And Liabilities In Offshore Construction/Installation Contracts Between The Developers And The Contractors

  • Priority clauses – a left-over from Oil and Gas – can have a major impact on the construction of wind farms and imposes a huge risk on the developers – what to do?
  • Limited suspension rights – a contractor's right to leave the site – imposes a major risk for the developer – how can we mitigate such risk?
  • Liability for installation items carried by the contractor – knock-4-knock-based, negligence based or a mix? Advantages/disadvantages and what does the market accept?

Anders Hørlyck Jensen, Head of Legal, SE Blue Renewable K/S
Peter Østergaard Nielsen, Partner , Moalem Weitemyer Bendtsen


Chair’s Closing Remarks

Mike Vanstone, Marine Operations Manager , Vattenfall


Networking Drinks Reception

Hosted by Tidal Transit


Vessels And Access Forum Dinner

Join your fellow delegates for a relaxed sociable evening with fine food and wine on the HMS President (1918) which is permanently moored on the Thames in Central London. It is one of the last three surviving warships of the Royal Navy built during the First World War. 

Please note that delegates must pre-book their places at the dinner (please see the registration form ).

Vessels and Access Forum Dinner venue

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13 May 2014, One Drummond Gate, London

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