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News & in-depth analysis of wind energy technology, including wind turbines, turbine blades, drive trains, electricity transmission, smart grids and energy storage.

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Ramping up intelligence and interconnectivity

Ramping up intelligence and interconnectivity

WORLDWIDE: The industrial internet of things is the natural next step as the wind industry establishes itself on the electricity market. And while using big data to optimise wind-farm planning and operation remains important, the focus is shifting to maximising profits for generation.

Windtech: Tower technology reaches new heights

Windtech: Tower technology reaches new heights

WORLDWIDE: New materials and tower designs, coupled with the latest long-bladed low-wind turbines, continue to push hub and tip heights to new levels.

Viewpoint: Bigger turbines on land as offshore grows in reach

I remember talking to people 15 years ago about how wind-industry technology was really starting to converge - on three-bladed, upwind rotors driving high-speed, doubly-fed or full variable-speed generators via three-stage gearboxes, with the occasional outlier in direct-drive or with two-bladed rotors.

Weathering the storms

Weathering the storms

WORLDWIDE: They call them "nat cats" in the trade, shorthand for natural catastrophes, the extreme weather events that can bring energy generation and transmission to its knees.

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Hybrid and storage could be a 'blueprint' for emerging markets

AUSTRALIA: A hybrid wind, solar and storage plant could be a blueprint for clean, reliable power in emerging markets, according to the CEO of developer WindLab.

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Energy storage developer targets mining operations

AUSTRALIA: Energy storage developer VSUN is seeking to roll out its battery technology in mining operations and other off-grid sites from 2017.

Stornetic wins EDF flywheel storage supply deal

FRANCE: German firm Stornetic has been awarded the contract to supply a flywheel energy storage system to renewables developer and utility EDF.

Hybrid storage system looks to Ireland's services market

IRELAND: The pilot of a 576kW grid storage system using flywheels and batteries by Dublin-based Schwungrad Energie is looking to pave the way for the technology's deployment in Ireland's ancillary grid services market.

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Influential ... and interesting

Influential ... and interesting

WORLDWIDE: It has been another tumultuous year for the wind industry, one marked by massive mergers and acquisitions, rapid technological progress and steeply falling costs. Windpower Monthly's staff and contributors pick out some of the people behind the headlines

EXCLUSIVE: Vestas tests four-rotor concept turbine

EXCLUSIVE: Vestas tests four-rotor concept turbine

DENMARK: Future technologies will be given a jolt of fresh thinking as Vestas prepares for a year of testing and validating a 900kW multi-rotor concept turbine, which is being installed near Roskilde, Denmark, this week.


Technology 3MW model: Vestas reveals low-wind V136-3.45MW turbine

Vestas revealed its new 3.45MW low-wind V136 onshore turbine exclusively to Windpower Monthly before its launch at the Husum Wind 2015 trade fair in September.

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