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News & in-depth analysis of wind energy technology, including wind turbines, turbine blades, drive trains, electricity transmission, smart grids and energy storage.

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Order changes under new criteria

Order changes under new criteria

WORLDWIDE: International reach and staying power are among the new criteria by which Navigant Research has rated the wind industry's leading original equipment manufacturers.

WindTech: Industrialising blade production cuts cost

WindTech: Industrialising blade production cuts cost

GERMANY: A publicly funded research project looks at automation, materials and design to make blade manufacture cheaper, quicker and less labour intensive.

Viewpoint: Floating technology taking shape to be next big thing

Although the first offshore wind turbine was installed more than 25 years ago, the onshore industry has continued to grow and dominate. In Europe last year, onshore wind still accounted for 75% of new wind-power capacity installed.

Viewpoint: Turbines may look alike but progress continues

When I started in the wind industry in the late 1980s, wind turbines came in many forms -- vertical and horizontal axis, one-, two- and three-bladers, stall regulated, partial- or full-span pitch control...

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Flywheel developer targets wind

GERMANY: Stornetic, which is commercialising a flywheel energy storage system, is targeting opportunities in the German wind market where operators of older projects are considering alternative revenues once feed-in-tariff (FIT) contracts end.

'Self-installing' turbine unveiled by Estyco

SPAIN: A European Commission-backed research programme has unveiled a 'self-installing' offshore wind turbine in a bid to cut costs.

Agency looking at standards for 'second-life' batteries

WORLDWIDE: Safety and certification agency Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is developing a set of standards for electric car batteries to be deployed in renewable energy storage applications.

Industrial-scale hydrogen storage on trial

EUROPE: Hydrogen systems supplier Hydrogenics is taking part in pilots across Europe to demonstrate the potential for hydrogen electrolysers for grid balancing and renewables integration.

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EXCLUSIVE: Vestas tests four-rotor concept turbine

EXCLUSIVE: Vestas tests four-rotor concept turbine

DENMARK: Future technologies will be given a jolt of fresh thinking as Vestas prepares for a year of testing and validating a 900kW multi-rotor concept turbine, which is being installed near Roskilde, Denmark, this week.


Technology 3MW model: Vestas reveals low-wind V136-3.45MW turbine

Vestas revealed its new 3.45MW low-wind V136 onshore turbine exclusively to Windpower Monthly before its launch at the Husum Wind 2015 trade fair in September.

WindTech: Wooden tower design challenges convention

WindTech: Wooden tower design challenges convention

GERMANY: Prototype octagonal-shaped 100-metre tower offers benefits over steel and concrete, finds Eize de Vries on a visit to German tower developer TimberTower.

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