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Suzlon to build nacelles in Brazil

Indian turbine manufacturer Suzlon has revealed plans to build a 400MW turbine facility in Brazil, with start up expected for turn of year 2015-2016.

Suzlon agrees bond restructuring

INDIA: Suzlon has said that it has agreed the terms of a restructuring of its bond debt, which will see the Indian manufacturer issue $547 million in new bonds.

Windicator: Best quarter for turbine manufacturers in years

Worldwide: The first quarter of 2014 was the most upbeat in recent memory for wind-turbine manufacturers as all five companies that are followed by the Windicator posted impressive results.

Analysis - Ming Yang steps into Indian market

INDIA: Wind turbine manufacturers in India tend to fall into one of three categories: domestic OEMs such as Suzlon, foreign turbine companies such as Gamesa and GE, and lastly the Indian manufacturers that buy licenses from European designers.


Suzlon wins 65MW Uruguay order

URUGUAY: Suzlon has been handed a 65MW deal by developer Rouar for a project in Colonia, southern Uruguay.

Manufacturers receive stock market boost

WORLDWIDE: Some of the world's biggest turbine manufacturers are limping back to health with a vote of confidence from the stock markets, according Windpower Monthly's Windicator.

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