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News & in-depth analysis of Suzlon's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

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Suzlon warns of 'transition' year

INDIA: Suzlon has achieved profitable growth in a "year of transition" amid uncertainty in India's wind market, its quarterly results show.

Envision plays the waiting game and looks for partners in India

INDIA: India's wind-power market is thriving, thanks to prime minister Narendra Modi's aggressive targets and most of the major turbine makers have established a presence in the country.

WindTech: 'Made in India, made for India'

INDIA: India has become a significant manufacturing base for turbines and their components. Eize de Vries visited Siemens Gamesa's nacelle assembly facility and Winergy's gearbox manufacturing plant in the expanding wind hub of Chennai.

Senvion establishes Indian subsidiary

INDIA: German turbine manufacturer Senvion will open a subsidiary in India from 22 February, going head to head with former owner Suzlon.

Towers to reach 170 metres, report predicts

WORLDWIDE: The height of turbine towers could reach 170 metres within years, according to a report by advisory firm K2 Management.

Analysis: Siemens adds checks after nacelle drop

EUROPE: Questions remain over who pays for the additional inspections required following the failure of a Bonus turbine at the Danish Paludan Flaks offshore project in November.

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