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Tough times as Senvion moves out of Germany and into India

GERMANY: Manufacturer Senvion has been going through some tough times as it reshapes the business following the change in ownership in spring 2015. Its India strategy is not going to plan, and uncertainty in its German home market continues.

Top ten turbine makers of 2017

WORLDWIDE: Vestas cements its number one status, with Siemens Gamesa moving to number two following its merger earlier this year.

OEMs remain upbeat on rest of the year after mixed results

WORLDWIDE: Vestas reported a drop in revenues, profits and earnings in its second-quarter financial results, on the back of a "better-than-expected" period in 2016.

Dismantling under way at Altamont Pass

UNITED STATES: One of America's oldest wind projects is being dismantled, according to county officials.

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Putting an image into perspective

A wind turbine that has suffered a catastrophic failure unfortunately makes for an arresting image. A tangled heap of twisted metal and glass-fibre shards surrounded by its own debris on a lonely plain is meat and drink to any picture editor.


Buying in expertise for rapid growth

WORLDWIDE: Merger and acquisition activity in the wind industry continues to rise, with the major turbine makers showing a growing appetite for swallowing up the services and technology independents.

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