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News and in-depth analysis of wind power, wind farms and wind industry companies and policy in South America.

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Brazil Logistics… Shipping components to projects is expensive

Brazil - Lack of road and skills limit major growth

BRAZIL: At the close of 2013, elbia Melo, executive president of Brazilian wind-power association Abeeolica, was celebrating a historic year with 4.7GW of new wind power projects awarded in three auctions, all of which is scheduled to be built by 2018.

Realities on the ground hamper progress in Latin America

LATIN AMERICA: Latin America remains a growing market, if maybe not as fast-growing as some had hoped.

Brazil Pretty tough Building wind farms on sand dunes increases the need for monitoring (pic: Iberdrola)

Avoiding excess erosion in a sandy environment

Operations and maintenance: Brazil has built much of its growing wind-power capacity in scenic coastal locations, creating specific operations and maintenance challenges.

Analysis: Brazil's manufacturers look to deal with local sourcing

BRAZIL: Brazil's largest blade manufacturer, Tecsis, has seen its portfolio change drastically throughout 2013. It supplies blades to turbine makers such as GE and Alstom and accounts for 90% blade production in the country.

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Latin America - Special Report

Windpower Monthly has created a special report looking at the growth of wind power in Latin America and the challenges that need to be overcome if this is to continue.

Global Developer Guide 2012 - Special Report

Windpower Monthly examines over 400GW of future wind energy projects across the globe in its latest special report.

Onshore Operations and Maintenance - Special Report

Windpower Monthly has produced a report examining how a good O&M strategy can keep onshore turbines running and cutting the cost of energy.

Market Status Reports

Brazil - Project and production activity set to spiral

BRAZIL: Brazil added more than 40% of new capacity in 2011 and investors have the appetite for more in 2012.

Latin America - Legislative delays stall nascent markets

LATIN AMERICA, EXCLUDING BRAZIL: Wind activity outside of Brazil is poised to grow. Mexico should see installed capacity increase this year, but elsewhere, legislative issues are holding up projects.

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