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Vestas ends 2016 with orders surge

WORLDWIDE: A late-year surge, due largely to a US rush and a new market deal, leads Vestas to almost 1.3GW of orders in three days.

Italy awards €66/MWh tariff to 800MW of onshore wind

ITALY: A total of 800MW in commercial-scale onshore wind projects has been assigned a 20-year fixed price tariff through a competitive auction.

'Clean energy for all' pledge from EC

EUROPE: The European Commission (EC) has put forward a package of measures, including plans to support renewable energy investments, as it continues its clean energy transition.

Putting an image into perspective

A wind turbine that has suffered a catastrophic failure unfortunately makes for an arresting image. A tangled heap of twisted metal and glass-fibre shards surrounded by its own debris on a lonely plain is meat and drink to any picture editor.


At work on... three diverse Irish projects

IRELAND: Overseeing a large, megawatt-scale wind project alongside two much smaller projects in Ireland gives Brian Maloney, asset manager for developer and operator RES, a unique perspective on the advances the industry has made and the benefits of blustery and calm wind sites.

Windtech: Senvion model set for new German market

GERMANY: High performance and low noise are key features of Senvion's 3.4M140 onshore turbine.

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