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Suzlon shareholders approve Senvion sale

INDIA: Suzlon shareholders have approved the sale of German turbine manufacturer Senvion to Centerbridge Partners.

European offshore: Turbine models - The magnificent seven

Europe's offshore wind developers now have a increasingly wide range of supersize turbines to choose from as projects become larger and further from shore. Eize de Vries compares and contrasts the turbines of 5MW and over that are suitable for this market.

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Grasp the complexities of maintenance costs

WORLDWIDE: Burgeoning onshore turbine numbers around the world mean an ever-growing market for operations and maintenance work. While economies of scale are seeing some costs come down, multiple factors mean recognising the best service deal can be tricky.

WPD secures Canadian financing

CANADA: WPD has secured a financing deal with two German banks to construct two wind farms totalling 14.35MW in Ontario.

Structural shift starts to show

If all news is cyclical, the last few weeks saw the cycle of annual reports on the state of the industry, past and predicted. As any financial report writer will say, one bad year makes the next look a lot better -- and last year was bad.

Viewpoint: When it comes to data, bigger really is better

WORLDWIDE: Even at a time when buzzwords slosh around the business world like water across the deck of a pitching ship, it is hard to think of a term that has attracted more hype and hyperbole than "big data".

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