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Latest articles about REpower

Vestas wins 76MW repowering order

GERMANY: Vestas has won a 76MW order to repower the Norderwöhrden wind project in Schleswig-Holstein.

PacifiCorp targets Wyoming for wind development

UNITED STATES: PacifiCorp has revealed that it will seek to build, or buy power from, 1.1GW of new wind power by 2020, mostly in Wyoming.

Viewpoint: Time for hunger and creativity

Any discussion with those involved in the management of operational onshore wind assets soon makes clear that the market continues to evolve apace.

Ten of the biggest turbines

WORLDWIDE: We have omitted some of the large turbines where progress has stalled, such as the 7MW Samsung and MHI Sea Angel machines, but the ten turbines described here are either in production or scheduled to start soon.

Nordex to repower Altenbruch I

GERMANY: Nordex will repower the 20.8MW Altenbruch I project in north Germany with nine 3MW turbines, boosting capacity to 27MW, with almost half the turbines.

Windtech: Concepts to eliminate or reduce PMG use

GERMANY/UK: Eize de Vries meets the men behind two new companies each developing novel direct-drive generators.


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