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Gamesa reveals high wind turbine

UK: Gamesa has announced plans to launch a new high wind version of its 2.5MW turbine for the UK market.

Interview: Stiesdal on new records, old turbines, and growth

DENMARK: In late-2002 Bonus Energy installed four of its new 2.3MW turbines at the Rønland near-shore project in Denmark. Earlier this month, Siemens said the turbines had each become the first to reach the 100GWh mark.

​Windpower Monthly TV investigates

Windpower Monthly TV, programme 1: A visit to a repowered wind farm demonstrates just how far the industry has progressed in the last 20 years, and offshore data reveals the changes expected in another decade of offshore wind development.

Italy - Repowering projects provide main hope

ITALY: Italy is likely to install about 400MW of new capacity this year, broadly in line with 2013 but well below the roughly 1GW annual growth in 2010-2012.

Austria - Country set for third year of growth

AUSTRIA: Record wind-power installations are due in Austria this year with about 380MW likely to be commissioned from an investment of EUR 630 million.

Netherlands & Belgium - Low countries look to offshore for future

NETHERLANDS/BELGIUM: The Netherlands added 283MW of new capacity, all of it onshore, during 2013, to bring its total wind capacity to 2,693MW, of which 228MW is offshore.

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