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WindEconomics: New nuclear station contract finalised

WindEconomics: New nuclear station contract finalised

UK: After a long gestation period, during which time the expected cost of the project escalated, the UK government has now signed contracts for a new nuclear-power station.

Back on the road again

Back on the road again

AUSTRALIA: Impatient with the sluggish pace of the federal government, Australia's states are setting their own targets for renewable energy and initiating tenders. After a long lull, the heavy trucks are on the move again.

WindEconomics: Onshore costs to fall 24% by 2030

WindEconomics: Onshore costs to fall 24% by 2030

WORLDWIDE: The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) in the US has published the results of a global survey of 163 wind energy experts, who were invited to predict how the cost of energy from wind might decline between now and 2050.

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Sweden sets 100% renewable energy production target

SWEDEN: A roadmap to help Sweden achieve "100% renewable energy production by 2040" has been laid out by the country's parliamentary energy commission.

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Danish wind share falls in 2016

DENMARK: Lower wind speeds have caused wind's share in total electricity consumption to fall for the first time in eight years.

New York governor backs 2.4GW of offshore wind

UNITED STATES: New York governor Andrew Cuomo has called for the 90MW South Fork project to proceed and committed to develop 2.4GW of offshore wind by 2030.

Lower investment costs cannot deliver renewables alone

EUROPE: Although it has become cheaper to invest in solar and wind power over the last two years, this has not automatically translated into greater deployment, an analysis of renewables investments in southeast Europe has found.

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Viewpoint: Bigger turbines on land as offshore grows in reach

I remember talking to people 15 years ago about how wind-industry technology was really starting to converge - on three-bladed, upwind rotors driving high-speed, doubly-fed or full variable-speed generators via three-stage gearboxes, with the occasional outlier in direct-drive or with two-bladed rotors.

Wind faces up to post-truth age

The US wind industry has reacted with commendable calm to the forthcoming presidency of Donald Trump.

Wind speeds nuclear fall-out

The tables were laid, the champagne was on ice, the VIPs had their invitations. But the 28 July contract-signing ceremony and press conference to confirm the go-ahead for the UK's Hinkley Point C nuclear-power plant was cancelled at the last moment.

Wind's newest, biggest player

To the list of Vestas and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, GE and Alstom, Nordex and Acciona, we can now add Siemens and Gamesa (p10).

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