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Windicator: Feelgood factor

Windicator: Feelgood factor

WORLDWIDE: Not quite as fast as last quarter, but wind capacity additions to early September continue at a pace, with German offshore and some emerging markets the star performers.

Windicator: Global total hits 400GW as China continues to push ahead

Windicator: Global total hits 400GW as China continues to push ahead

WORDLWIDE: Global wind power capacity has increased by 34.5GW since the beginning of the year and is on track to increase by 50GW in total this year.

Wind Economics: US turbine and project prices are falling

Wind Economics: US turbine and project prices are falling

WORDLWIDE: US wind turbine prices have been falling steadily since around 2009, according to the 2014 Wind Technologies market Report, published by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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Straight talking: What we can all learn from the German Energiewende

While every aspect of Germany's Energiewende -- the transition to increasing dependence on renewables in energy supply -- has been the subject of much debate both domestically and internationally, we should keep in mind that Germany is the first major industrialised country to undertake such an energy "transformation".

Moving forward in US, back in Germany

As the COP21 UN climate summit in December gets ever closer, one more step has been taken towards a renewables-heavy future, with the announcement of President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan for the US.

Straight talking: Wind offers much to a world that is short of water

WORLDWIDE: My enduring image from the deadly European heatwave in the summer of 2003 was the picture of bedraggled French firefighters spraying what looked like a pathetically thin stream of water on top of the containment dome of a nuclear power plant in an attempt to keep the reactor cool.


A ray of light amid support cuts

Precisely what constitutes an emerging market is a moot point, but by selecting the markets with an installed capacity under 1GW, a good rate of growth and the promise of more to come, we found the top ten worthy of the title.

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