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News & in-depth analysis of wind power and renewable energy policy, legislation & regulation, pricing, tariffs & incentives, permitting and environmental issues.

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Wind-Economics: Gas prices up, nuclear down

Wind-Economics: Gas prices up, nuclear down

WORLDWIDE: Movements in the price of gas and nuclear power affect the competitive position of wind and need to be monitored.

Windicator: Promising start to 2014 in some regions

Windicator: Promising start to 2014 in some regions

WORLDWIDE: Earnings at major wind-turbine manufacturers have improved markedly, but global installed wind capacity increased by a modest 4% during the period covered by our analysis.

Can solar PV beat wind on price?

Can solar PV beat wind on price?

WORLDWIDE: The wind industry used to benchmark its costs against fossil-fuel generation and hydropower, but falling prices for solar panels and a growth in large-scale deployment of the technology is closing the gap between solar and wind electricity costs, especially in the US.

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Local sourcing - handle with care

One would think the industry would be happy about a country with a 20GW pipeline. However, it's nearly impossible to cover the Brazilian market without mentioning its restrictive local-content requirements.

Shifting the focus to the long term

"We are the leading solution to climate change, and we save consumers money." This message CEO Tom Kiernan delivered at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) annual conference in May was unambiguously positive, backed up by a rising tide of public endorsement of wind power.

Straight talking: The terrible cost tomorrow of not doing enough today

If we assume that the course of human civilisation will continue for at least another 1,000 years, then we will eventually arrive at a 100% renewable-energy future.

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Structural shift starts to show

If all news is cyclical, the last few weeks saw the cycle of annual reports on the state of the industry, past and predicted. As any financial report writer will say, one bad year makes the next look a lot better -- and last year was bad.

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