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News & in-depth analysis of wind farm and turbine operations & maintenance, including turbine & blade failure, access, monitoring & control systems, health & safety, refitting, repowering, wind monitoring and site security.

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Latest Operations & Maintenance

Spain Spain's early adoption of wind power means a number of projects are nearing the end of their lifespan

Analysis: Spanish wind industry looks beyond cuts

SPAIN: As Spain's wind sector struggles to deal with the government's decision to slash support for wind power, many companies are shifting focus towards repowering and servicing.

Soaring copper prices drive wind farm crime

WORLDWIDE: Crime associated with wind projects is perhaps not the first thing a potential developer considers when looking to establish a wind farm, but it is becoming of increasing concern to some.

Brazil Pretty tough Building wind farms on sand dunes increases the need for monitoring (pic: Iberdrola)

Avoiding excess erosion in a sandy environment

Operations and maintenance: Brazil has built much of its growing wind-power capacity in scenic coastal locations, creating specific operations and maintenance challenges.

United States The lab will work on a number of GE turbine models

GE to open drive train repair innovation lab

UNITED STATES: GE is to open a laboratory aimed at improving its processes for the repair of turbine drivetrains.

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