Day 2: Thursday 23 March 2017

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Chair’s Opening Remarks

Martin Sandgren , Partner, Ince & Co  

Streamlining The Design, Manufacture And Testing Of Cables


Why The Industry Should be Designing With Installation In Mind?

  • How has bad design and manufacturing seen a high failure rate?
  • The need for feedback loops from installation teams to designers and fabricators
  • Why increasing requirements and specifications on designs will save costs in the long run

Panel Participants:

Fredrik Olsson, Manager Installation Bid & Proposal, ABB High Voltage Cables


Technological Improvements In Design Of Cables

  • Can you make smaller, lighter cables to reduce installation costs?
  • The rise of dynamic cables for floating wind projects
  • Are pre-terminated cables too risky?
  • How can better designs increase efficiency in offshore wind?

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How Testing And Cable Standards Need To Be Improved?

  • How limited sharing of experiences may have caused a lack in appropriate testing standards
  • The need for new standards for factory and onsite testing
  • Using better quality surveillance and  cable validation during installation to drive down costs
  • What improved standards would mean for transition to 66kv

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High Voltage Cable Testing, Loading And How to Improve Lifetimes?

  • Why owners want more and more severe testing?
  • What does this mean for the industry
  • What is the appropriate level of testing and at which stages should cables be testing?
  • How can an improvement in guidelines push the industry forward?
  • Dealing with the issue of cable temperatures without terminating warranty

Advancements In Cable, 66kv And Connectors


Dynamic Cables For Offshore Floating Wind Projects 

  • What are the challenges involved
  • Project examples of where it has been done already
  • What are the cost implications of such a structure and ways to bring them down

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Inter Array Connection And Interconnections

  • Commercial availability and testing being done in this area
  • What is the acceptable failure rate?
  • The network of offshore transmission cables
  • Should transmission grid operator be sharing the costs?
  • The electricity network and distribution

Panel Session: The Move to 66kv And Supply Chain Issues That The Industry Faces

A panel of experts to discuss ideas and allow for the audience to submit questions/queries they have on the state of the offshore cabling industry

  • Thoughts on East Anglia 1 and its distance offshore using 66kv
  • Will 66kv affect resources negatively
  • Will testing contractual agreements be met with a lack of standards
  • Why manufacturers need to be more heavily involved and the limited skills workforce
  • Bottle neck scenario? In the limited number of cable manufacturers and installation companies
  • How to Improve slow moving development

Panel Participants;

Frank de Wild, Principal Consultant, DNV GL 


Chair's Closing remarks

Martin Sandgren , Partner, Ince & Co  


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