Day 1 - Wednesday 22 March 2017

Registrations And Refreshments 


Chair’s Welcome And Opening Remarks

Martin Sandgren, Partner, Ince & Co 

Sharing Industry Knowlege And Project Experiences To Bring Down The Cost Of Cable Installation


Panel Discussion: Sharing Experiences And Ideas For Industry Progression

A panel of experts to discuss ideas and allow for the audience to submit questions/queries they have on the state of the offshore cabling industry

  • What are the ways of reducing cost, without forgoing health and safety in cable operations?

  • How can the industry deal with resource availability issues?

  • Why the lack of sharing project experiences has stagnated growth in offshore cables and how clear documentation of industry issues can help

  • How to reduce cost during installation and new installation methods available 
  • What will the future market look like for the UK and other European countries?

Martin Sandgren, Partner, Ince & Co 

Truels Kjer,  Vice President - Senior Risk Engineer, Swiss Re

Martin Wikmar,  CEO, Clinton Marine Survey


An Insurance Viewpoint To Shed Light On Industry Challenges

  • Cable failure rates and an overview of typical areas in which claims are being made

  • Has lower loss ratios and risk mitigation had an impact on insurance for cables?

  • What are the potential reasons for greater problems with export cables rather than array cables?

  • Ensuring you have a steadfast loss production insurance in the event of a fault

  • How to be certain that cable failure does not affect future investment

Sam Millard, International Manager For Offshore Wind Energy, Codan Fosikring


Morning Refreshments And Networking Opportunities


Case Study: Installation Project Experience - A Project Managers' Perspective

  • How lack of proper planning can cause many issues
  • Contract management and typical supply chain issues
  • Why effective timing for package interfaces is important
  • Installation methodologies, ploughing, tools used and allowing for weather difficulties
  • Ensuring correct vessel choices and availability
  • Examples where installation can go wrong

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Case Study: Installation Project Experience, An Operational Perspective From Array Cable Installation

  • Marginal gains: how small changes during design can have a big influence on construction
  • A snapshot of the array cable supply chain and some of its limitations
  • Lessons learned from 20 years of submarine cable installation
  • Video: the Siem Duo at work, a practical insight to one array cable installation method

Alex Gaunt, Business Development Manager, Siem Offshore Contractors


Weather Risk-Assessment Based Planning Of Offshore Cable Installation

  • Assessment of the key weather factors and challenges that affect cable installation
  • Introduction of the WaTSS – Weather Time Series Scheduling approach
  • Case study of a cable installation process with weather risk assessment

Marcel Maximilian Wiggert, Group Manager,  Fraunhofer IWES


Lunch And Networking Opportunities

Planning For Cable Burial, Tracking, Monitoring And Reliability Issues


Taking Into Account Seabed Sediment Conditions During The Burial Process

  • How to overcome hard soil conditions

  • Why should burial methodologies differ based on soil composition?
  • Do tools currently used for burial compromise the cable structure?
  • Taking into account the geology and current of the seabed for cable lengths
  • With vast distances to plough and trench, how can knowledge of the seabed increase efficiency?

Creating Cost Effective Solutions For Cable Tracking With Enhanced Technology

  • Methods utilised to track subsea cables
  • What is the expected resolution whilst tracking subseas cables?
  • Results from recent cable projects
  • Looking into the future at cable tracking and technology

Martin Wikmar, CEO, Clinton Marine Survey


Reducing The Costs Of Cable Layout Using Optimisation Tools

  • Finding layouts with minimum costs of cables, installation and power loss
  • Streamlining the process of designing large cable layouts
  • Analysing the impact of decisions and see how they affect the cable layout and cost of energy
  • Create a layout in minutes that would otherwise take days

Michael Lindahl, PhD Student, DTU 


Afternoon Refreshments And Networking Opportunities


The Failure Modes Mechanism And Effect Analysis Of Subsea Power Cables

  • Interfacing with industry and introducing the world of prognostics
  • Creating a novel Fusion Prognostics Model to  predict the remaining useful life of subsea cables 
  • Integrating multiple data sources to create an accurate picture of subsea cable lifecycles. 
  • Using advanced Low Frequency Sonar Technology to create real-time imaging of subsea cables for improved analysis


Speed Networking

Realising the importance of connecting with your peers, we organised a moderated networking session where delegates are prompted to meet others in brief 3-minute rounds. The moderator will be keeping track of time and announcing participants when to switch partners.

Make sure you bring lots of business cards along with you! 


Chair's Closing Remarks

Martin Sandgren , Partner,  Ince & Co 


End Of Day 1