Vessels and Access forum 2017

Windpower Monthly Vessels And Access Forum

Far From Shore Health & Safety And The “Human Factors” 

Thursday, 26 May 2016 

Start: 08:30

End: 12:30 

This half-day focus group will aim to address the challenges associated with health and safety when moving further offshore from the coast as well as what delve into what it really means for the personnel to perform their duties when offshore. This is the perfect occasion to pose questions to industry experts in a relaxed and practical environment.

Key topics of discussion include: 

  • Interpreting the grey areas of safety regulations and address additional challenges for projects being built 30+ km from the coast
  • Bridging the gap between safety regulations and practical issues
  • Offshore personnel health and safety risk factors including: 

- Noise levels
- Comfort levels
- Accessibility
- Bodily vibration
- Seasickness
- Performance 

  • Are new vessel designs able to meet safety criteria for far from shore sites?
  • Suitability of different CTVs for journey lengths and weather at far from shore projects

Jelte Bos, Researcher, TNO