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Windpower Monthly Vessels And Access Forum

Day 2 - Thursday, 15 May 2014

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Chairman's Introduction
Health And Safety In The Offshore Wind Industry: Where Are We Now?

Peter Owen Lloyd, Head of the Global Centre of Competence EHS Offshore, Siemens Energy


Case Study: Detailed Models For Round 3 Vessels And Access Requirements

  • Timeframes and status of Statkraft's Round 3 projects
  • Thought process and models around offshore vessel types and requirements 
  • A system perspective on Harbours, infrastructure, vessel types, and logistics requirements
  • Plans for saving on costs in Round 3 projects: determining optimal vessel types and characteristics based on a cost-benefit decision support system

Bjørn Mo Østgren, Asset Manager, Offshore Wind , Statkraft
Dr Lars Magne Nonås, Senior Research Scientist, MARINTEK and Area Manager, SINTEF Bergen


How Will The New DNV Gangway Classifications Impact Wind Farms In The Future And What Will The Economic Consequences Be?  



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New G9 Guidance On Marine Operations/Management Of Service Vessels

Dr Roland Gutbrod, Senior Manager HSE & S, Wind Energy Offshore , RWE Innogy GmbH


MCGA’s New Codes Of Practice: How Will They Affect Offshore Wind Operations?

  • An overview of the new Codes of Practice: what are the major changes affecting wind farm O&M and installation vessels? 
  • New LY2 Large Commercial Yacht Code: could an accommodation vessel be considered a ‘safe haven’? 
  • What are the new qualification requirements for skippers and crews? 

Philip Naylor, Director of Maritime Safety & Standards, Maritime Coastguard Agency


Offshore Technician Safety: Do We Need A Fatality Before Change Will Happen?

  • Operational problems on the coalface of personnel transfers: what issues do offshore technicians face?

  • How are we mitigating offshore worker health and safety risks as an industry? 

  • Safe transfer weather limits: the theory versus the reality onboard the vessel 

  • Safe methods of access: what gangway solutions can the Wind Industry afford?

  • Maintenance vessel selection: are we taking sufficient account of the lost productivity associated with small vessel usage and its impact on OPEX? 

  • Is it possible to manage the balance between costs and safety? 

Panellists include:
Peter Owen Lloyd, Head of the Global Centre of Competence EHS Offshore,  Siemens Energy
Gijs Hulscher, Technical Director, BMO Measurement Solutions BV
Mike Vanstone, Marine Operations Manager, Vattenfall




Innovations In Environmental Monitoring Technology And Weather Windows Predictions Wave And Motion Measurements:

Wave and motion measurements:

  • Available technology and experiences from wind farm applications

  • Technology transfer from Offshore Oil & Gas and development of new OVA specific technology 

  • Future development in this area

Weather windows predictions:

  • Weather forecasting with live corrections for higher precision

  • Wave height forecasting with live corrections

  • Is vessel motion forecasting possible in the foreseeable future?

Jon Arne Silgjerd, Managing Director, Automasjon & Data AS


Developments Of Ampelmann Access And Cargo Transfer

  • Setting the standard in safe offshore access
  • Going further and longer offshore
  • Supporting long term OEM strategies    
  • Taking the next step with cargo transfer

Jan van der Tempel, CEO , Ampelmann


Q&A Panel Discussion
New Access Methods: Are They Going To Deliver On The Industry’s Needs?

  • Gangways which allow you to operate in higher wave heights
  • R&D going into the new designs
  • Access to the turbine for people and materials
  • Access methods: updates on methods and processes
  • Suitability of access systems for smaller vessels

Panellists include:

Hernan Vargas, O&M Engineer , Vattenfall

Colin Pearce,  Renewables Business Development Manager ,
Houlder Ltd.

Steven Myers, Centre of Competence EHS Offshore – Strategy, Siemens Energy


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Performance Monitoring And Vessel Strategy

For what purposes is it important to measure vessel performance and which performance parameters are important?

This presentation will explain the use of daily progress reports and vessel performance monitoring which can be used in contract management, vessel performance verification and selection of vessel strategy.

Kristoffer Lundbak Eriksen, Team Lead, O&M Offshore Logistics, DONG Energy


Panel Discussion: Pooled Maintenance Within Regional Clusters: Would It Work For Offshore Wind?

  • Would companies agree to subcontract on a geographic basis even if some turbines were not theirs
  • Would suppliers cooperate if they didn’t have the skills to maintain all the wind farms in an area?
  • How would this work in practice considering the warranty, pass over and post-warranty periods?
  • How do clusters of vessel fleets for different geographic regions work in the Oil and Gas Industry? Can we adapt that model?

Panellists include:

Matthias Mross, Managing Partner,  German Renewables Shipbrokers
Dr Lars Magne Nonås,  Senior Research Scientist,  MARINTEK 
and  Area Manager, SINTEF Bergen
Peter Huddie, Project Manager, SSE Offshore Wind Generation


Chairman's Closing Remarks

Peter Owen Lloyd, Head of the Global Centre of Competence EHS Offshore, Siemens Energy

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