Vessels and Access forum 2017

Windpower Monthly Vessels And Access Forum

Day 1 - Wednesday, 10th May 2017 

Registration, Tea and Coffee


Chairman's Opening Remarks 

Captain Mike Vanstone, Marine Operations and Technical Manager, Maritime Operations Department,  Vattenfall


Keynote:  Market Overview On Vessels And Demand For Offshore Projects 

  • Analysis of current climate in offshore wind

  • What is the investment demand in offshore wind? 

  • Evolution of installation strategies

  • Looking at the metamorphosis of O&M strategies

Matthew Taylor, Renewable Energy Advisor, Green Giraffe 

TRANSITIONING FROM near shore TO far from shore PROJECTS


Utility’s Perspective: Vessel Providers In The Web Of Operational Expectations And Responsibilities

  • How to meet utilities' standards 
  • To what extent do you want owner operators to be involved? And, to what extent can you deal with that? 
  • Creating enough flexibility to deal with complications, delay claims etc
  • What are the constraints currently in place?  
  • Can SOVs be an option for R2 projects? Can you justify SOVs and daughter craft costs compared to CTVs?

Kristof Verlinden, O&M Manager, Parkwind 


Access Systems: State Of The Market And Beyond

  • Overview of existing and under-development access systems
  • What cost reductions can be realized through access systems in O&M until 2020?
  • Optimal O&M strategy and access system selection already from the design phase

Georgios Katsouris,  Offshore Wind Consultant,  ECN Wind 


Networking Break And Morning Refreshments 


PANEL DISCUSSION: Transition From Near To Far From Shore Projects: Adapting Existing Technology Or Investing In New Designs? How Can You Maximise Your Available Assets?

  • Increasing vessel efficiency and reduce downtimes whilst containing costs
  • Real examples on R2 available assets being used for R3 projects
  • Creating the perfect mix of SOVs, Heli, Jack-ups and CTVs for your projects
  • From CTVs to SOVs – what about a solution in between?
  • Main component exchange, general maintenance and sub-sea repair
  • What is the impact of R3 projects on R2 wind farms in terms of vessel availability, prioritisation, O&M costs and delays


Kristof Verlinden, O&M Manager, Parkwind

Keld Kristensen, Marine Project Manager, MHI Vestas

David Matthews, Renewable Marine Strategies And Business Development,  Clarkson Platou Offshore

Moderator: Captain Mike Vanstone,  Marine Operations And Technical Manager, Maritime Operations Department, Vattenfall


Networking Lunch 

Further Offshore: The Changing Role Of CTVs, SOVs, Jack Ups and Helicopters 


The Crown Estate’s Update On  The Offshore Renewables Aviation Guidance (ORAG) Document

  • Use the ORAG to open up the potential use of helicopters to service further offshore wind farms
  • Providing a framework for the industry to develop consistent and coherent aviation support strategies for deployment in the offshore energy industry
  • Encouraging the industry to use it in making more informed decisions on their wind farm with regard to vessel and access operators
  • Engagement with aviation stakeholders to address any broader policy, regulatory, safety and technical matters

Alistair Riches, Commercial Director,  British International Helicopters


L ooking At Vessel Performance And Support Of Innovative Concepts

Dan Kyle Spearman, Associate, The Carbon Trust 


Predicting The SOV Performance At A Specific Site Based On Local Met Ocean Conditions 

The performance of SOVs is most the time evaluated by the industry based on assessing the performance of individual systems such as gangway, DP, seakeeping, RAO’s without properly understanding the full dependency and relations between the individual systems. Damen has developed a Hardware In the Loop simulator (HIL simulator) which enables the industry to exactly predict the performance of the SOV at a specific site at any given day based on the local met ocean conditions. 

Peter Robert, Director Business Development And Market Intelligence, Damen Shipyards Group 


Cost-Effective Surface Effect Ship (SES) Solutions For Near And Far From Shore Wind Farms

  • Why a small SES offers same performances as a larger vessel
  • Reduced operating costs: Fuel savings with Surface Effect Ships
  • The ESNA Sea Puffin SES Daughter Craft
    • A Daughter Craft with the performance of a CTV
    • Launch And Recovery with commercially available single-hook davit systems

Nere Skomedal, Naval Architect and Co-Founder, ESNA

Trygve Halvorsen Espeland, Naval Architect and Co-Founder, ESNA 


Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments 


The Evolution Of SOVs/W2W Vessels In Adapting From Near To Far From Shore Wind Project Requirements  

  • An overview of how SOVs/W2W have been meeting different type of needs from R1 to R3 projects
  • How have they changed in terms of size and performance?
  • IMO Classification of “industrial personnel” – how will this influence SOV size?
  • Meeting client needs in terms of :
    • Capacity
    • Transfer of technicians:  
      • Gangway systems being used
      • Safe transferable system and capacity
      • Cooperating with CTVs
Tim Boerner, Offshore Shipbroker, Global Renewables Shipbrokers 

Unlocking Efficiencies And Optimisation Of Jack-up (WTIV) Operations Through Analysis

  • Overview of jackup operations for renewables
  • Requirements for warranty
  • Finding the right balance between desk-study and operations to gain time/cost savings on site:

a) Reduced analysis costs by undertaking generic and conservative assessments that cover many jacking locations in a single field

b) Reduced operational costs by undertaking bespoke assessments on a per-location basis to optimise parameters and reduce operational time

  • As existing WTIV’s move further offshore and reach their limits, the benefits of b) become more apparent

Ankor Raithatha, Team Lead, Jack-up, Geotech And Metocean, DNV GL 


Is Green The New Black? 

David Matthews,  Renewable Marine Strategies And Business Development,   Clarkson Platou Offshore


Chair's Closing Remarks And  End Of Day 1 


Drinks Reception Hosted By Tidal Transit