5th Annual Offshore O&M Forum

Workshop: Tuesday 14 October 2014

Data Analysis: Real Opportunities In Reducing O&M Costs


Registration And Morning Refreshments


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Claus Kurt Christensen,  Reliability Engineer,  Vattenfall


Learning By Doing: How To Improve Gearbox Quality And Prevent Future Bearing Failures

  • Gearbox quality since 2000 – who is afraid of Micropitting?
  • Testing methods vs. calculation methods – gears and bearings
  • Bearing failures in wind turbine gearboxes – the most unresolved issue in the wind industry cannot be solved by advanced calculations

Claus Kurt Christensen,  Reliability Engineer,  Vattenfall


Getting Technical: Exploiting Strategies For Addressing Bearing Failures

  • Skidding – is it possible to balance minimum loads without affecting power curves?
  • False brinelling– a theory for prematurely fatigued bearings
  • Fixed innering (IR) loads – should fixed IR loads be considered equally with fixed outer ring (OR) loads in bearing life calculations?

Claus Kurt Christensen,  Reliability Engineer,  Vattenfall


Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments


Using Big Data To Reduce Logistic Costs In Maintenance

  • How can site-specific weather data collection help reduce logistics costs?
  • Accessibility of offshore wind turbines
  • Impacts on the O&M strategy

Dr Marcel Wiggert,  Group Project Manager and Risk Management,  Fraunhofer IWES


Shaping Strategies And Day-To-Day Decisions Through Data Acquisition

You will learn:

  • What you are doing wrong
  • What you are doing that is unnecessary
  • What you are already doing right but that could be done better

Khalid Rafik , Research Engineer,  Fraunhofer IWES


Chair’s Closing Remarks


Close Of Workshop