5th annual future offshore foundations forum

Future Offshore Foundations Forum


Cathie Associates


Cathie Associates provides geotechnical engineering consultancy services to the oil, gas and energy industries.  We bring a unique brand of technical engineering expertise and practical construction support capability to our clients. We aim to provide a high quality, best practice service with an eye for practicality and constructability of all our solutions. Where appropriate, we aim to bring the latest knowledge and state of the art software to achieve cost-effective solutions without undue conservatism.  Our services are characterised by our company values and objectives, and our firm determination to keep our commitment to our clients

Sea Tower


Seatower delivers innovative foundations for offshore wind.Our foundations are designed to be installed by buoyancy and low-cost towing vessels, eliminating the need for expensive and weather sensitive installation vessels.

The foundations are optimized for the entire logistics of offshore wind construction – from efficient production to easy decommissioning. In particular, the Cranefree® foundations avoid the expensive and weather-sensitive crane, dredging and piling vessels that do installation today, and of which that are too few to meet the expected needs.

Sif Group Sif Group 


Sif Group bv is an independent company located in Roermond in the South of the Netherlands. We provide employment for 150 highly skilled, qualified and motivated employees.Over the last decades Sif Group bv has specialised in the manufacture of tubular structures for the following markets:Offshore Oil and Gas industry, Offshore Wind farm Foundations, Harbour and Jetty Facilities, Pressure vessel Shells and Cones, Civil and Mechanical Engineering.




Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems is a major supplier of solutions to the wind power industry. As an EPCI contractor its experience in offshore projects dates back to early 2000. In this time, Bilfinger has installed over 630 foundations for wind turbines, met masts and substations. The foundations of four of the eight largest offshore wind farms – e.g. London Array, UK - were installed by Bilfinger.
Bilfinger Mars Offshore is a new joint venture between Bilfinger and Mars, one of Poland‘s leading state-owned investment funds. Bilfinger Mars Offshore we will produce jackets with anchor piles, transition pieces and offshore towers in the new serial fabrication plant in Poland from Q3.2015 on. Together with its partner, the industrial service provider WP Group, NL, Bilfinger Offshore also offers inspection, repair and maintenance services for offshore wind farms.

Universal Foundations


Universal Foundation


Universal Foundation is, in the industry, recognised as one of the next generation foundation solutions, which will significantly contribute to reducing the cost of offshore wind energy. Universal Foundation continuously strive to be cost effective, more environmentally aware than traditional solutions, and deliver the best package solution possible while working alongside other professional expertise. A decade of high-end R&D along with testing and experiences within the offshore business by committed professionals has led Universal Foundation to value commitment, responsibility and customer awareness


In the next decades sizeable offshore wind farms will be created. IHC IQIP has been involved in this market from the early start and is presently market leader for pile driving, noise reduction and pile handling & guiding for the installation of monopiles, jackets and tripods for complete wind farms and substations. With our big hammers, sleeves and handling equipment we are able to install the biggest monopiles in the market. Our Noise Mitigation System (NMS) is unique and the only proven technology for reducing noise during foundation installation. Besides installing turbine foundations, our equipment is also used for installation and maintenance of turbines.




With the protection of over 600 foundations (and counting), we are definitely worldwide number 1 in ICCP for offshore wind farms. Contact us when your steel needs protection!

Blue Piling Technology



BLUE Piling Technology (patent pending) is a revolutionary new technology for driving large piles offshore. The technology breaks with the tradition of using larger and larger impact hammers to drive piles offshore but instead utilizes what is abundantly available offshore... water! The technology creates the pile driving energy with a combustion, thereby accelerating a large column of water. The pile driving cycle is shown schematically in the movie underneath.

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what attendees say....

"As expected, perfectly organised, relevant presentations" - Head Of Tendering, Offshore Wind Foundations
"Once again it was excellent: my technical recharge" - Lead Structural Engineer
"Technically stimulating, broadened my knowledge in foundation-related fields and renewed my optimism in meeting the cost reduction challenge." - Senior Structural Engineer

Commercial Opportunities

The 5th Annual Future Offshore Foundations forum offers an excellent opportunity for you to promote your organisation and its capabilities to senior delegates from the offshore wind industry.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can work together to move your ideas forward, please contact Heather Smith on  +44 (0) 20 8267 4785  or email  hs@windpowermonthly.com