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Analysis: Mega-projects, the big hope of US wind

Analysis: Mega-projects, the big hope of US wind

UNITED STATES: Mega-projects of 1GW may be the ultimate goal for America's wind sector, given that sizeable offshore developments are moving further into the future due to high cost of energy and lack of local experience.

Texas finds wind security in hedges

Texas finds wind security in hedges

UNITED STATES: Financing a wind project through financial hedges is not for the faint of heart, but developers are being forced to turn in this direction as the supply of power purchase agreements dries up, and their prices fall. The wind market in Texas is leading the way.

King coal still reigns in the US

King coal still reigns in the US

UNITED STATES: Renewables in general and wind power in particular are taking a growing share of America's electricity generation, but over two-thirds is still provided by fossil fuels. Coal's share is dropping, but it remains the biggest source by a comfortable margin.

Pattern Energy profile: Our plan is to be the most profitable

Pattern Energy profile: Our plan is to be the most profitable

UNITED STATES: Mike Garland, who becomes chairman of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) this month, heads an unusually innovative Californian wind company -- Pattern Energy.

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United States - Bumper 2012 expected to precede mass downturn

UNITED STATES: Fasten your seat belts -- it will be a bumpy ride. The domestic US wind market has entered a period of unprecedented boom as turbine makers and developers scramble to beat market uncertainty due to the possible expiration in December of the country's most significant financial incentive.

Canada - Construction surge may lead to finance bottleneck

CANADA: Canada is on the cusp of a surge in project construction that will not only more than double its total installed capacity over the next few years, but also significantly increase its profile in the broader wind-energy marketplace.

Latin America - Legislative delays stall nascent markets

LATIN AMERICA, EXCLUDING BRAZIL: Wind activity outside of Brazil is poised to grow. Mexico should see installed capacity increase this year, but elsewhere, legislative issues are holding up projects.