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Analysis: What is Siemens doing about onshore wind?

GERMANY: Siemens has grown swiftly to become a dominant force in the offshore wind market but has remained silent about its onshore wind performance and ambitions.

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Siemens to launch low-wind turbine

GERMANY: Siemens is set to launch a new low-wind turbine based on its existing 3MW platform.

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Nordex wins first Lithuanian deal

LITHUANIA: Nordex has entered the Lithuanian market after securing a deal with local developer Eurakras to supply turbines to the 24MW Jurbarkas project.

Nordex awarded 44MW Turkey deal

TURKEY: Nordex will supply 17 turbines across three projects in Turkey with a total capacity of 44.4MW.

Question of the week: What are the next big emerging markets?

Last month, Senvion CEO Andreas Nauen said the "exotic" markets of America, India and Korea will drive growth in the offshore industry, but what will be the new emerging markets of the onshore industry?

Gallery: Hamburg port super-tall Nordex N117

GERMANY: Eurogate, a container operator at Hamburg port, has installed a Nordex N117/2.4MW on a super-tall 141-metre hybrid concrete and steel tower making it able to operate at wind speeds of 3m/s.

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