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Analysis: Reopening of iconic Altamont Pass project in doubt

UNITED STATES: Following the annual turbine shut-down to protect birds, owners of Altamond Wind's 83MW of 100kW turbines remain tight lipped over the future of the project and if it will ever reopen.

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Analysis: As construction boom ends, manufacturers look elsewhere

CANADA: Turbine manufacturers lured to Canada by multi-gigawatt procurement programmes and local content requirements are recalibrating as the market feeding their manufacturing facilities starts to wane.

Yieldco slump raises questions over future profits

ANALYSIS: A precipitous drop in share prices over the past three months is raising questions over the long-term viability of yieldcos as a way to raise capital for renewable energy infrastructure.

United States - Emerging from bust cycle once more

UNITED STATES: The US's prospects for 2014 look good. The wind market is back in the growth phase of its rollercoaster response to decades of federal policy uncertainty.

Soaring copper prices drive wind farm crime

WORLDWIDE: Crime associated with wind projects is perhaps not the first thing a potential developer considers when looking to establish a wind farm, but it is becoming of increasing concern to some.

Windicator: Emerging markets and Asia Pacific stand out in slow quarter for many

WORLDWIDE:The global wind sector was less active in the third quarter of 2013 compared with the same period last year.

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