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News & in-depth analysis of NextEra's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

"It's going to be an exciting five years"

UNITED STATES: Unprecedented certainty from the five-year PTC extension and the prospects of the Clean Power Plan have given a boost to the US wind sector, but there are technology and transmission hurdles to overcome to support the sector beyond the next five years.

Diverse businesses join US trend buying into wind

UNITED STATES: Three quarters of US purchase agreements signed in the final quarter of 2015 were with non-utility buyers, no longer confined to large businesses with power-hungry data centres.

US Treasury cleared to challenge Alta Wind grant

UNITED STATES: Investors in 720MW of the giant Alta Wind project in southern California are embroiled in multi-million-dollar lawsuits with the federal government over grants they received.

Windpower Top 30 - utilities and developers

WORLDWIDE: Next month, Windpower Monthly brings out its top 30 list of the most influential people in the wind industry; this week we look at the developers and utilities.

NRG completes Alta Wind purchase

UNITED STATES: NRG Yield has completed its $870 million acquisition of 947MW of the Alta Wind facility in California from Terra Gen Power.

A lifetime service regime for your wind assets

WORLDWIDE: How to maximise output, efficiency and lifespan of wind projects is high on any operator's list of priorities. Whether you use in-house maintenance staff or look to the fiercely competitive market for service contracts depends on a number of factors.

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