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News & in-depth analysis of NextEra's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

Analysis: Repowering of iconic California cluster in doubt

UNITED STATES: Most of the repowering in the iconic Altamont Pass in northern California will screech to a halt if the production tax credit (PTC) is not reinstated, said Rick Koebbe, president of PowerWorks. The Idaho-based company is repowering about 54MW in the area, the cradle of the utility-scale global wind industry.

Canada - This could be the best year yet for wind

CANADA: Canada could have its best year ever in 2014 as projects contracted under Ontario's now-defunct feed-in tariff (FIT) programme finally hit their stride.

United States - Emerging from bust cycle once more

UNITED STATES: The US's prospects for 2014 look good. The wind market is back in the growth phase of its rollercoaster response to decades of federal policy uncertainty.

NextEra acquires 165MW project from CPV

UNITED STATES: NextEra has acquired a 165MW wind farm in Kansas from developer CPV Renewable Energy for an undisclosed fee.

Google takes renewables investment to just under $1 billion

UNITED STATES: Google yesterday announced it was making a $75 million equity investment in the 50MW Rippey wind farm, currently under construction in Greene County, Iowa.

Building boom draws in global players

CANADA: Strong growth and proactive provincial policies are raising Canada's profile in the North American wind-energy market, but the country presents unique challenges to companies looking to gain a foothold.

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