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News & in-depth analysis of NextEra's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

AWEA Windpower 2015 - Day Two

UNITED STATES: Day two of the annual wind industry gathering featured discussions on the future worth of the PTC, trends in finance and maintenance, and plans from Vestas and Acciona in the US.

Grasp the complexities of maintenance costs

WORLDWIDE: Burgeoning onshore turbine numbers around the world mean an ever-growing market for operations and maintenance work. While economies of scale are seeing some costs come down, multiple factors mean recognising the best service deal can be tricky.

Google signs Mountain View PPA with NextEra

UNITED STATES: Google has agreed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with NextEra Energy Resources to offset power used at its offices in Mountain View, central California.

Leadership passes to a new generation

WORLDWIDE: The third Windpower Monthly Top 30 -- our annual review of key influencers -- reflects the rapid turnover in chief executives of some of the leading turbine manufacturers with Vestas, GE and Siemens all now headed by new and unfamiliar faces.

Case study - Dominion Virginia Power prepares to launch green tariff

Customer demand prompted Dominion Virginia Power (DVP) to set up a trial green energy tariff for large energy customers. Just one of several utilities working on these new tariffs, DVP proposed its voluntary renewables tariff to regulators last December, and a final decision by Virginia State Corporation Commission is expected in September.

NextEra sues Ontario anti-wind campaigner

CANADA: NextEra Energy Canada is suing Ontario anti-wind activist over a YouTube video and anti-wind website postings featuring company logos altered to read "Nexterror" and "Nexterror Bullies Canada Inc."

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