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Last updated 27 November 2014

ProjectCountryMWDeveloperTurbineOnline yearDate reported
Melfi I Italy 29MW WSB Group Nordex N117/3000, N117/2400 2015 27/11/2014
Larimar Dominican Republic 49.5MW Grupo Cobra V112-3.3MW 2015 26/11/2014
Pisco Portugal 50MW Exus Management Partners Gamsa G97-2MW, G114-2MW 2016 26/11/2014
Brotorp Sweden 46.2MW BlackRock Investment Management Vestas V126-3.3MW 2015 25/11/2014
Ogorje Croatia 42MW Akuo Energy Vestas V112-3MW 2015 23/11/2014
Rudine Croatia 34MW RP Global GE 2.85-103 2016 23/11/2014
Yangma China 48.3MW China Guangdong Nuclear Power Envision EN110-2.1 2015 18/11/2014
Odell United States 200MW Algonquin Power Vestas V110-2MW 2015 14/11/2014
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Straight Talking: Climate change is back on public and political agenda

WORLDWIDE: After the collapse of the last big climate summit of world leaders in Copenhagen in 2009, for many if not most people the climate issue was over, or at least the hope of serious action by governments was over.

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Grid is key to selling wind's benefits

The US and China may be the biggest generators of wind power, but they are also the two worst polluters. It is this fact that has enabled other countries resisting the drive towards renewables to argue that there is no point in reducing their carbon emissions.

Viewpoint: Wind can be flexible - if given a reason

WORLDWIDE: Wind projects are often presented as a problem for the grid. They have different characteristics to conventional power stations: generation is variable and subject to a degree of uncertainty.

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