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Last updated 12 September 2014

ProjectCountryMWDeveloperTurbineOnline yearDate reported
Ingenio Mexico 49.5MW Acciona Acciona AW77-1.5MW 2015 12/09/2014
Jurbarkas Lithuania 24MW Eurakras Nordex N117/3000 2015 09/09/2014
Kujawsko-Pomorskie Poland 42MW ERG Renew Vestas V90 2MW 2015 05/09/2014
Bagarasi Turkey 48MW Erdem Holding Nordex N117/2400 2015 04/09/2014
Beethoven (B&H Community Wind) USA 41MW Baywa GE 1.85MW 2015 04/09/2014
Rzepin Poland 58MW EDF Energies Nouvelles Vestas V100 2MW 2015 02/09/2014
Ylivieska Pajukoski Finland 30MW Reconcept GmbH Vestas V126 3.3MW 2015 01/09/2014
Santa Vitoria do Palmar Brazil 54MW Atlantic Energias Renovaveis Acciona AW125/3000 2017 28/08/2014
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On Reflection: Monitor many, but analyse as one

On Reflection: Monitor many, but analyse as one

WORLDWIDE: The technology exists for wind-farm operators to make substantial cuts to O&M bills, yet too many firms are not making best use of it.

Marginal gains will get us everywhere

When Sir David Brailsford was running the British cycling team, he developed the philosophy of marginal gains. It was easily explained in cycling terms -- if you break down everything that goes into the rider and bike and improve it by just 1%, the increase is significant when you put it all back together.

Viewpoint: The high cost of the lowest energy prices

WORLDWIDE: We are living in straitened times. The financial crisis and ensuing austerity programmes have raised the status of cost-saving above that of a means to an end: often it has become a virtuous end in itself.

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