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Last updated 16 January 2015

ProjectCountryMWDeveloperTurbineOnline yearDate reported
Tiangua Brazil 123.2MW Casa dos Ventos GE 1.6MW 2016 15/01/2015
Sao Clemente Brazil 214.2MW Casa dos Ventos GE 1.7-103 2017 15/01/2015
Nobelwind (Belwind 2) Belgium 165MW Nobelwind NV MHI Vestas V164-8MW 2018 08/01/2015
Isle Madame Canada 2MW Scotian WindFields Vestas V100-2MW 2015 08/01/2015
Agios Georgios Greece 73MW Terna Energy V90-3MW, V112-3.3MW 2016 02/01/2015
Lacedonia Italy 42MW Alisea Srl Vestas V110-2MW, V126-3.3MW 2016 31/12/2014
Burbo Bank Extension UK 256MW Dong Energy MHI Vestas V164-8MW 2017 23/12/2014
Wikinger Germany 350MW Iberdrola Areva M5000-135 2017 22/12/2014
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On Reflection: Whom should we thank for wind energy's success?

On Reflection: Whom should we thank for wind energy's success?

WORLDWIDE: Through careful international collaboration between engineers, researchers and technicians, a set of industry standards has been formulated that will take turbine design and the wind industry into the next generation.

Political indecision is one safe prediction

This time last year, I wondered whether 2014 would lift the industry out of the doldrums that 2013 inflicted upon it. On the surface, it would appear that it has. Installations are up, the job cuts and factory closures have stopped, Europe is holding firm and the emerging markets are ticking along nicely.

Viewpoint: Wind's new EU future must play to its strengths

EUROPE: If wind energy has a spiritual home, it is in Europe. From Scottish engineer James Blyth's experiments with converting wind into electrical energy in the 1880s to the first steps towards electricity markets that are sustainable in the long term, Europe has led the way.

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