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Peru turns away from wind

PERU: The Peruvian government sees only a limited role for wind power over the next decade, according to a document published this month by the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

Grid is key to selling wind's benefits

The US and China may be the biggest generators of wind power, but they are also the two worst polluters. It is this fact that has enabled other countries resisting the drive towards renewables to argue that there is no point in reducing their carbon emissions.

Berkshire Hathaway Energy: Economies of scale

UNITED STATES: The US's biggest wind-owning utility, Berkshire Hathaway, has rapidly built up a portfolio of well over 2GW, all in Iowa, and is investing $1.9 billion to add another gigawatt next year.

Analysis: US manufacturing hit despite capacity increase

UNITED STATES: There is something strange happening in the US wind industry. Installations are on the increase, yet the domestic supply chain for wind components has contracted.

Belgium tests wind for grid balancing task

Belgium's transmission system operator Elia is carrying out a pilot project to see if wind project can provide secondary reserves in order to help balance the grid.

Grid delays cause further SA delays

SOUTH AFRICA: Ongoing grid extension delays will likely force postponement of South Africa's 1.1GW "Round 4" renewables contest, initially scheduled for 24 November.

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