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Analysis: Boom and bust fear over China tariff change

CHINA: The launch of China's first onshore feed-in tariff (FIT) in 2009 gave the country's wind sector a welcome boost. But now a cut to the scheme is causing upheaval throughout the industry.

Google buys power from 63MW Dutch project

NETHERLANDS: Google has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Eneco to buy electricity from a 63MW wind project in the Netherlands.

Question of the Week: Do we need energy storage?

WORLDWIDE: Following the news that Siemens is developing a system to store thermal energy in rocks, Windpower Monthly asked experts whether there is a need for large-scale energy storage.


Wyoming wind on the long trail west

UNITED STATES: Two large-scale transmission projects are aiming to connect the power from the excellent wind resources of Wyoming, the US's least populous state, to the needs of California, the most populous, where there is a huge requirement for renewables-generated electricity.

Industrial influence outweighs policy

Many a great idea fails to become a reality because others cannot see its worth.

Turkey starts to remove obstacles to growth

TURKEY: Wind power continues to grow rapidly in Turkey despite a slow and cumbersome permitting process.

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