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China Wind Power 2014: Curtailment issues 'hopefully resolved' by end 2015

The government is working to end grid connection problems for wind projects, said Zhu Ming, the new -- and second -- deputy director of the New and Renewable Energy department of China's National Energy Association.

Analysis: Russia fails to restart Crimean projects

RUSSIA: The reconnection of 100MW of Crimean wind projects has been delayed by issues including uncertainty over their legal status, according to the the Crimean government.

Analysis: Norway lags following Swedish pact

NORWAY: The 2012 pact between Norway and Sweden to jointly develop renewable energy projects was intended to spur the development of an estimated 6GW of wind capacity across both countries.

Policy and market setup stall growth potential in Alberta

CANADA: With its growing electricity demand, good resources and ageing coal-plant fleet, Alberta is ideally placed to become Canada's next big wind market. But a lack of long-term contracts and political support means developers and investors are holding off

China reveals wind industry shakeup

CHINA: China's National Energy Administration (NEA) has announced plans to introduce new regulations for the wind industry.

Question of the Week: Is there an alternative to the PTC?

UNITED STATES: Developer RES Americas, IP consultancy Totaro and Associates and AWEA give their views on the alternatives to the on-off, currently expired US support mechanism, the Production Tax Credit (PTC).

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