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Renewable producers face repaying €140m

PORTUGAL: Renewables producers will have to repay any financial support received in addition to the feed-in tariff to the national electricity system, according to a decree published by the industry ministry.

Tender process begins in Saudi Arabia

SAUDI ARABIA: The government has started proceedings and given further details on a tender for a project of up to 400MW, as announced earlier this month.

US governors set out renewables bid to Trump

UNITED STATES: A bi-partisan group of US governors has written to the new US president, setting out the case for renewable energy, calling for modernisation of the grid and supporting further offshore development.

UK proposes National Grid roles split

UK: Electricity grid systems are to be managed separately from the transmission functions of National Grid to avoid conflicts of interest as the smart grid and more flexible electricity supply and demand solutions develop, the government has announced.

Lower investment costs cannot deliver renewables alone

EUROPE: Although it has become cheaper to invest in solar and wind power over the last two years, this has not automatically translated into greater deployment, an analysis of renewables investments in southeast Europe has found.

Offshore wind hits new investment high

WORLDWIDE: Total investments in offshore wind reached an all-time high but could not help buoy the total spent on clean energy in 2016, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

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