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Vague promise for wind auction in Spain

SPAIN: Spain's paralysed wind sector has reacted warily to the government's promise of three lifelines, including a 500MW wind power auction for the mainland to be issued July or September this year.

Mainstream looks to south for growth

WORLDWIDE: If you are a wind developer, there is one place should you be doing business at the moment, according to wind veteran and Mainstream Renewable Power CEO Eddie O'Connor.

Cross-border versus local -- Germany wants it both ways

GERMANY: Germany is fronting an energy policy initiative to increase cooperation across Europe, but some of its own states have other plans.

UK post-election onshore fears

UK: Amber Rudd has been named the new secretary of state for energy and climate change following the election victory for the Conservative Party. However, the result could set back to development of onshore wind in England.

Expanding blades bring new challenges

WORLDWIDE: Wind-turbine rotor blades are failing at a rate of around 3,800 a year, an annual casualty rate of 0.54% of the 700,000 blades in operation in 85 countries around the world.

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When free trade takes on democracy

WORLDWIDE: Two years ago Swedish utility Vattenfall filed a claim against the German government for a reported €4.7 billion in compensation for the loss of potential profits from its two nuclear facilities in the country.

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