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Sweden sets 100% renewable energy production target

SWEDEN: A roadmap to help Sweden achieve "100% renewable energy production by 2040" has been laid out by the country's parliamentary energy commission.

UK proposes National Grid roles split

UK: Electricity grid systems are to be managed separately from the transmission functions of National Grid to avoid conflicts of interest as the smart grid and more flexible electricity supply and demand solutions develop, the government has announced.

Lower investment costs cannot deliver renewables alone

EUROPE: Although it has become cheaper to invest in solar and wind power over the last two years, this has not automatically translated into greater deployment, an analysis of renewables investments in southeast Europe has found.

Climate denier appointed to lead US environment agency

UNITED STATES: A known climate sceptic with close ties to the fossil fuel industry has been appointed by President-elect Donald Trump to lead the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Statoil invests in US energy storage developer

UNITED STATES: Convergent Energy and Power, a US-based energy storage asset developer, has received a strategic investment from Statoil Energy Ventures, a corporate fund set up by Norwegian energy firm Statoil.

Iran eyes renewables expansion

IRAN: In July 2015, when the nuclear deal was agreed with Iran and trade sanctions were lifted, there was a sudden increase in interest in development of renewables.

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