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Grid problems cause South African delay

SOUTH AFRICA: The South African government has confirmed that a lack of grid capacity and state utility Eskom's inability to fund the necessary upgrades has been the primary reason behind the postponement of financial close on 878MW of projects.

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Analysis: Colombian wind potential held up by hydro

COLOMBIA: Colombia's potential for hydroelectric capacity could delay the development of wind energy in the country for several years, despite new legislation supporting wind and solar, the head of the country's largest energy group told Windpower Monthly.

First Wind-Emera JV given official go ahead

UNITED STATES: Regulators in Maine have given the official go ahead to the joint venture (JV) set up by First Wind and Emera to develop wind projects, after it was previously held up by a court order.

GE turbines selected for Vietnam

VIETNAM: GE and Vietnamese real estate group HBRE have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop the Tay Nguyen wind project.

WindEnergy 2014: Forecasting can cut costs, says Statkraft

GERMANY: The cost of integrating wind energy can be reduced by more effective forecasting and power balancing, Stefan-Jorg Gobel of Statkraft told Windpower TV.

Struggling Impsa to sell projects in Brazil and Uruguay

BRAZIL: In a bid to raise much needed cash to protect its operations in Argentina, Impsa has agreed to put its wind farms in Brazil and Uruguay up for sale, the company's CEO Luis Pescarmona said in a letter to employees reprinted in local media.

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