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Analysis: US manufacturing hit despite capacity increase

UNITED STATES: There is something strange happening in the US wind industry. Installations are on the increase, yet the domestic supply chain for wind components has contracted.

Windpower Top 30 - GE's McEntee tops list

The fourth Windpower Monthly Top 30 places wind industry leaders according to their ability to influence, using categories such as global reach, financial clout and megawatt might. The resulting ratings reveal personnel changes and new industry trends.

Top 30 People: 2. Anders Runevad CEO, Vestas

One thing is clear after 14 months of Runevad's tenure as Vestas CEO. He has a very different style of leadership to that of predecessor Ditlev Engel - so much so that one wonders if that was the former Ericsson executive's primary qualification for the job.

GE settles five-year legal struggle with MHI

UNITED STATES: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and GE have settled their long-standing wind turbine patent dispute in an agreement that will see the companies cross license their products.

Ecopower plans 100MW Chile project

CHILE: Ecopower is planning to go ahead with the construction of a 100.8MW wind farm in southern Chile after it had its original plans blocked by the supreme court due to concerns from indigenous people.

GE to use new 7.5MW test centre

UNITED STATES: GE has signed up as the first customer of Clemson University's new 7.5MW drive-train testing facility.

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