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EWE launches brine-for-power

GERMANY: Regional energy company EWE plans what could be the world's biggest battery using redox flow technology in underground salt caverns usually used for natural gas storage.

MEP would end priority dispatch for green power

EUROPE: The European Parliament's lead negotiator on reforms to the EU electricity market rules has backed the idea of abolishing the first call on grid access currently enjoyed by renewable power generators.

Indian state regulator bars additional wind power purchases

INDIA: The windy state of Karnataka, which was considered a safe haven for wind power, is the latest state in India to stop wind power procurement and signalled a shift to auctions.

EnBW awards framework deal to Senvion

GERMANY: Senvion has agreed a "several hundred megawatt" framework deal with EnBW to supply onshore projects in Germany.

UAE desalination cheaper with wind

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: A recent study led by the Masdar Institute indicated using wind energy rather than fossil fuel to power a desalination plant could cut the cost of producing fresh water in the country.

Oil and gas majors cannot ignore renewables' success, report says

WORLDWIDE: The oil and gas industry should be taking note of renewables' success and investing in wind and solar, according to a report by Wood Mackenzie.

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