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Latest articles about Mainstream Renewable Power

Mainstream raising €100m for emerging markets

IRELAND: Developer Mainstream Renewable Power is looking to raise €100 million to help fund projects in emerging markets on the back of financial turnaround.

Analysis: Enercon braced for uncertain future

GERMANY: Turbine manufacturer Enercon could be harder hit than other market players by the German federal government's plans for renewables.

NextEra triples US target

UNITED STATES: A confident NextEra Energy said it will build between 2.4GW and 3.8GW of new wind in the US in 2017-2018, plus 300MW in Canada.

Designed with wind in mind

EUROPE: The industry asked for a farshore service operation vessel that improved accessibility and reduced seasickness. Damen's solution was to build it from scratch.

Service industry adapts to bigger turbines

UNITED STATES: The face of America's wind farms changed radically 15 years ago as a new generation of multi-megawatt turbines from a smaller pool of manufacturers came online. Keeping these machines in top condition is the main focus of the US's growing O&M sector.

Vattenfall earnings increase in 'stable' Q1

SWEDEN: Vattenfall has reported a 7% year-on-year increase in pre-tax earnings in its first quarter of 2016, with its wind business increasing by 12.7%.

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