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Analysis: Siemens acts on turbine collapse with more checks

EUROPE: Questions remain over who pays for the additional inspections required following the failure of a Bonus turbine at the Danish Paludan Flaks offshore project in November.

EBRD adds €500m to Turkey renewables fund

TURKEY: The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development has added €500 million to its renewable energy fund in Turkey, increasing the total available to banks to €1.5billion.

Obama's Clean Power Plan faces delay

UNITED STATES: In a significant setback for President Barack Obama's climate change agenda, the US Supreme Court has temporarily blocked his plan to regulate emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Analysis: Poorly organised auction adds to Spanish sector's woes

SPAIN: Spain's first-ever wind-power auction, held on 14 January, allocated more than 95% of the 500MW power contracts on offer to just three companies that will not receive any subsidies.

Too competitive and stable to ignore

We don't yet have all the relevant installation and generation figures for last year, but everything we do have points to 2015 having been a good year for wind power.

Straight talking: Multilateralism has set the train rolling

WORLDWIDE: The question I posed at end of my last column was: "Will the renewables revolution happen fast enough to save the climate?" Although the COP21 UN climate summit in Paris did not definitively answer the question, the possibility of a positive answer seems much greater now than it did before the event, even after a few weeks of sober reflection.

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