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Analysis: Iran plans for wind powered future

IRAN: While Western media focus on Iran's nuclear intentions, the country has big plans for wind power, with at least 450MW expected online in the foreseeable future, in addition to the 117MW already online.

Pattern Energy revenue up 32%

UNITED STATES: Pattern Energy has posted revenue of $265.5 million in its 2014 financial results, an increase of 32% on 2013.

Monday Comment: Scaling down ambition in offshore

Will this be a tricky time for offshore? A quick glance at Windpower Offshore news over the last couple of weeks show the sector is progressing well.

European offshore: Belgium tackles grid delays

A long-awaited grid upgrade will enable 1.4GW of stalled projects to proceed, reports Jan Dodd.

Time to adopt advanced wind assessment tools

WORLDWIDE: Project developers have historically had to rely on simplified data measurement when planning all aspects of a wind farm, leading to major uncertainty over production and costs. Newer, more effective tools are now available but there is some reluctance to adopt them.

WindTech: Full wind field data from blade sensors

GERMANY: German pitch-systems manufacturer SSB Wind Systems has developed a turbine-performance optimising tool that is integrated into the rotor blade. BladeVision monitors blade deflections and reproduces blade loads and the full wind field over the complete rotor-swept area in real time.

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