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Latest articles about Mainstream Renewable Power

Vestas stays number one in BTM Navigant survey

WORLDWIDE: Vestas has held onto its position as the world's number one wind turbine supplier in the latest annual OEM research by BTM Navigant.

GE acquires a 16MW project in UK

UK: SSE has sold GE its Langhope Rig project in southern Scotland for an undisclosed amount.

Wind boosts Longyuan performance

CHINA: Longyuan Power group has posted strong results for 2014, with the wind business propping up the ailing coal division.

GE to include onshore wind in Paris-based group

FRANCE: GE will include its onshore wind activities in a global Renewable Energy business group headquartered in Paris, assuming the merger with Alstom goes ahead.

DoE funds development of larger blades

UNITED STATES: The US government has pledged $1.8 billion to help develop turbine blades longer than 60 metres.

Siemens to build blade factory in Egypt

EGYPT: Siemens has signed firm agreements with the Egyptian government to develop 2GW of wind projects and build a blade factory in the country.

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