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France shows signs of recovery

FRANCE: The French government has announced a rise in installation figures for the first time in three years.

Question of the Week: The challenge for wind recruitment

This week, Windpower Monthly has spoken to US turbine manufacturer GE, and recruitment consultants Allen and Yorke, and EarthStream to discuss the biggest challenges in recruitment facing the wind industry.

Sinovel falls short of profit despite revenue rise

CHINA: Sinovel has announced revenues of CNY 2.05 billion ($333 million) for the first half year, a 47.7% increase on the same period in 2013, but still failed to make a profit.

Where will technology reduce costs next?

WORLDWIDE: Which technological improvements will make the biggest near-term contribution to cutting wind energy costs? The answers from the industry range from open-source tools and shared condition-monitoring data to better weather forecasting.

Sharing real-time data will benefit all

WORLDWIDE: Data analytics are helping wind-farm owners identify underperforming turbines and increase productivity, But more could be achieved with shared data and greater industry standardisation.

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Marginal gains will get us everywhere

When Sir David Brailsford was running the British cycling team, he developed the philosophy of marginal gains. It was easily explained in cycling terms -- if you break down everything that goes into the rider and bike and improve it by just 1%, the increase is significant when you put it all back together.

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