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Latest articles about Mainstream Renewable Power

European wind energy production on the rise

Denmark, the UK, Austria and Germany have each posted new records for wind's contribution to the national electricity production.

Windtech - Gamesa and Iberdrola launch new monitoring system

Gamesa and Iberdrola have created a remote management system allowing them to potentially control any turbine around the world.

Analysis: Israel's plans to tap into wind power take shape

ISRAEL: Following years with its capacity stalled at 6MW, wind power in Israel looks set to grow rapidly, with 22MW under construction and a potential 3GW under development.

Chinese wind output falls in 2014

CHINA: The amount of electricity generated by Chinese wind projects fell by 5.92% in 2014, according to the National Energy Administration (NEA).

Siemens wind orders fall 42%

GERMANY: Siemens Wind and Renewables had a mixed quarter, with a rise in revenue and profit, but a significant decline in orders.

Nordex wins 30MW US deal

UNITED STATES: Nordex has been handed a 30MW deal by Fair Wind Power Partners to supply turbines to a project in Maryland, northeast US.

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