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News & in-depth analysis of Longyuan's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

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Windpower Top 30 - utilities and developers

WORLDWIDE: Next month, Windpower Monthly brings out its top 30 list of the most influential people in the wind industry; this week we look at the developers and utilities.

Curtailment solutions boost confidence in China

CHINA: As China continues to outstrip the rest of the world in the growth rate of its wind capacity, high investment in infrastructure to address curtailment problems is supporting wind developers' ambitious growth plans. Offshore, things are looking less rosy.

Strong wind showing for Longyuan

CHINA: Longyuan Power saw its profits shrink in the first half of the year despite a strong showing from its wind business.

Analysis - China unable to achieve 5GW offshore wind goal by 2015

CHINA: China is unlikely to achieve its goal of 5GW offshore wind installations by 2015, according to an engineer charged with overseeing the development of the country's offshore capacity.

Vestas and GE market leaders with 11.8%, says new study

WORLDWIDE: Vestas and GE have been have ranked equal first in Bloomberg New Energy Finance's (BNEF) list of the top 10 wind OEMs.

Analysis - How debt is weighing down China's wind sector

CHINA: The Chinese wind industry is being severely restricted by debt chains in which the government owes subsidies to wind farm developers, the developers owe payment to turbine manufacturers, and turbine makers owe payment to component suppliers.

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