Windpower Monthly: January 2016

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Global costs analysis -- the year offshore wind costs fell

Global costs analysis -- the year offshore wind costs fell

WORLDWIDE: Windpower Monthly's annual review of wind energy costs show offshore wind installation costs falling for the first time, bringing down generation costs

In depth: Opening out storage for the whole network

WORLDWIDE: As predictions for storage aimed at renewable-energy integration grow to over 60 times the current market, investigations reveal that an efficient solution may be to make it available to all energies.

A day on... Huangang wind farm

CHINA: One of the oldest large-scale wind farms in China, the team at Huangang wind farm in eastern China has technology from parent company and leading developer Longyuan Power to help monitor the 105 turbines, and new ways to help increase production.

Drones: gimmick or game-changer?

WORLDWIDE: Predicted to become a $1 billion industry in wind inspections, drones provide clear benefits in blade monitoring, but it is early days for their widespread adoption.


Analysis: PTC phase-out could herald lower cost of energy

UNITED STATES: The US wind industry's hard-won five-year extension of federal support creates a stable platform for strong growth and investment in research investment to cut costs.

Analysis: Industry optimistic regardless of CPP future

UNITED STATES: Wind energy development expected to remain good, despite doubts over the future of Obama's Clean Power Plan.

RWE cuts losses in England

UK: Permitting restrictions and uncertain policy plans have prompted RWE Innogy to cut jobs and halt investment in England onshore, and freeze some Welsh and Scottish plans.

China reduces FITs over two-year period

CHINA: China's National Energy Administration (NEA) has cut its onshore wind feed-In tariff (FIT) rates to regulate development.


Too competitive and stable to ignore

We don't yet have all the relevant installation and generation figures for last year, but everything we do have points to 2015 having been a good year for wind power.

Straight talking: Multilateralism has set the train rolling

WORLDWIDE: The question I posed at end of my last column was: "Will the renewables revolution happen fast enough to save the climate?" Although the COP21 UN climate summit in Paris did not definitively answer the question, the possibility of a positive answer seems much greater now than it did before the event, even after a few weeks of sober reflection.

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WORLDWIDE: US shows how to make wind work; Obama berates climate sceptics; and doing the sums in toasties and trees

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