Windpower Monthly: November 2015

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Low-profile leaders let business do the talking

Low-profile leaders let business do the talking

WORLDWIDE: Following some industry-changing acquisitions and mergers, Windpower Monthly's latest Top 30 of the most influential people in the wind industry is a mix of new and familiar faces. Manufacturers dominate as consolidation continues.

Expectations high in build up to COP21

WORLDWIDE: With the US and China making the right noises and a reformed approach, there are signs that the climate change summit in Paris could yield better results than previous efforts. The renewables sector is well-placed to benefit, but much still has to be clarified.

America's offshore champion

UNITED STATES: It has been a long time coming, but the US's first offshore wind project is now under construction. Deepwater Wind CEO Jeff Grybowski talks about the development of the 30MW Block Island and the company's plans for further growth in the sector.

Choosing the right blade maintenance regime

WORLDWIDE: Working out the individual characteristics of a project's fleet and site, will help tailor a diverse blade maintenance programme to best meet the operator's needs.


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Analysis: California wind power could increase by 21GW by 2030 - updated

UNITED STATES: California approved an aggressive new 50% renewable portfolio standard (RPS) on 7 October, which is expected to boost the state's wind power by a surprisingly large range of 11GW to 21GW by 2030.

Government eases path for 3.5GW Dutch offshore bids

NETHERLANDS: With around 1GW of offshore wind power now operating or under construction off the Dutch coast, including the 600MW Gemini project due online in 2017, companies are gearing up to submit bids for the next round of offshore projects planned by the Dutch government.

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Lack of component factories holds back Russian wind industry

RUSSIA: A lack of domestic wind-turbine manufacturers is holding back wind energy development in Russia, according to a report by Russian market research firm RBC.

Siemens consolidates far-from-shore transmission platforms

GERMANY: Siemens has unveiled a new way of transmitting offshore power to shore by combining the transmission and converter stations and saving 30% in costs.


Sector has come far, over to the politicians

Four years ago, we put together our first list of leaders in wind. It was 2011 and, having reached over 200GW installed capacity, the market was no longer a niche industry.

Viewpoint: Wind offers optimism to the climate topic

WORLDWIDE: You don't need to be one of the 40,000 people heading to December's climate jamboree in Paris to know that the 21st Conference of the Parties to the UN's climate framework (COP21) is a big deal.

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