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Wind costs heading in the right direction

Wind costs heading in the right direction

WORLDWIDE: Wind power's competitive position continues to improve despite historically low fossil-fuel prices.

Additive manufacturing will be a 'gamechanger'

WORLDWIDE: 3D printing is being hailed as the way to eliminate labour-intensive manufacturing and assembly processes while avoiding structural weaknesses. Little wonder that the wind industry is looking into the best ways to use the technology to reduce the cost of energy.

Don't look down

SWEDEN: A head for heights, nerves of steel, together with heavy-duty clothes and equipment are the minimum requirements for the highly trained technicians that operate at extreme heights and in freezing weather on wind turbine inspection and repair during the winter months.

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Massive conventional power overcapacity distorts German market

GERMANY: Despite Germany's much-touted switch to renewables, the country still uses fossil-fuel generation to cover peak demand while wind are solar are discounted.

Wind-hydro project looks to export power to New England

CANADA: Energy company Emera has launched a solicitation for wind and hydro supply to be delivered south to Massachusetts, a plan that will finally test the feasibility of what Canadian wind energy producers have long imagined could be an important new market opportunity.

Over-forecasting prompts call for changes in Miso system

UNITED STATES: Wind operators in the US Midwest may have been deliberately over-forecasting their production to increase the compensation they receive from the regional grid operator.

GIB passes investment target as sell-off looms

UK: Government-backed offshore wind investor, the Green Investment Bank (GIB) has acquired a 75% share in the 270MW Lincs offshore wind project from Centrica and Siemens Project Ventures for £731m (€841m).


Don't mourn the death of old king coal

The omission of coal from our annual review of the costs of different forms of electricity generation was no oversight. While it will continue to play a role in many parts of the world for years to come, the case for creating new coal-fired capacity has fallen apart, on economic and environment grounds.

Viewpoint: Broader language needed to explore social costs

Last year ended with new low prices in offshore wind auctions regularly being posted. It means offshore wind has joined onshore wind right at the heart of the electricity mix debate.

Backpage: The last word in wind -- February 2017

WORLDWIDE: Opposition to dirty fuel dismissed as 'ideological'; global figures and facts, plus a wind-themed cartoon

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