Windpower Monthly: May 2015

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Mergers and acquisitions -- Low risk, high returns

Mergers and acquisitions -- Low risk, high returns

WORLDWIDE: With wind projects around the world changing hands at an uprecedented rate as cash-strapped utilities look for a quick return on their long-term assets, we investigate the various drivers behind this recent flurry of mergers and acquisitions.

Texas finds wind security in hedges

UNITED STATES: Financing a wind project through financial hedges is not for the faint of heart, but developers are being forced to turn in this direction as the supply of power purchase agreements dries up, and their prices fall. The wind market in Texas is leading the way.

Pattern Energy profile: Our plan is to be the most profitable

UNITED STATES: Mike Garland, who becomes chairman of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) this month, heads an unusually innovative Californian wind company -- Pattern Energy.

Developing lean and agile rotor blades

WORLDWIDE: The wind turbine rotors of the future will take advantage of new modelling tools that will allow individual blades independence of movement, greatly improving their performance and extending their working lives.

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Analysis: Dong enters US offshore

UNITED STATES: Dong Energy announced it is taking over development rights from RES Americas to a 1GW-plus offshore wind lease area located about 90 kilometres from shore.

European offshore growth too slow for economies of scale

EUROPE: The future of offshore wind may be endangered by caps on capacity expansion.

Analysis: China takes measures to halt curtailment

CHINA: Statistics released by the National Energy Administration (NEA) show the wind curtailment average for the whole country dropped to 8% in 2014, down four percentage points on the preceding year.

Developers eye major Chile tenders

CHILE: Wind developers are eyeing opportunities in two large-scale tenders the Chilean government is set to launch.


Growth will come through productivity

In the last 30 years, the rate and cost of turbine installations have been key yardsticks for the wind industry. In that time, growth has been considerable and costs have fallen steadily. Based on these criteria it has been successful.

Viewpoint: Bargain wind pulls in corporate America

UNITED STATES: The US wind market is perpetually at a crossroads. With the persistent cycle of production tax credit (PTC) expiration and uncertain extension, it is challenging to be optimistic for wind in the current US political and legislative climate.

On Reflection: New generation for France

FRANCE: Legislation currently before the French parliament signals a shift away from a long-standing dependence on nuclear power towards renewable electricity, and a flexible market structure that will stabilise finance and encourage renewables investment.

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