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Turbines of the year: Size matters for industry awards

Turbines of the year: Size matters for industry awards

WORLDWIDE: Bigger doesn't always mean better, but the winners from our fifth annual review of the wind industry's best new turbines and major components tended towards the large size for the hardware that contended for the 2016 Windpower Monthly awards

Turbines of the year: Onshore Turbines up to 2.9MW

WORLDWIDE: The volume end of the wind-power market, where competition over price and specification is at its most intense

Turbines of the year: Onshore turbines 3MW-plus

WORLDWIDE: Rapidly growing sector in mature markets, especially in low- and medium-wind-speed areas

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Turbines of the year: Offshore turbines

WORLDWIDE: The super-sized new generation machinery that is driving down offshore wind costs

Turbines of the year: Drivetrains

WORLDWIDE: Greater power without weight penalties in drive development

Turbines of the year: Rotor blades

WORLDWIDE: Blade development reached new lengths in 2016 in both the onshore and offshore sectors

Turbines of the year: Innovations

WORLDWIDE: Best of the year's brightest ideas at the cutting edge of wind-energy design and development

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Industry's concern over absence of binding national targets

EUROPE: The publication of the European Commission's (EC) 'Winter Package' of energy measures has raised questions over a lack of clear governance towards meeting renewable energy targets to 2030.

E.on in $300 million dispute over terminated PPA

UNITED STATES: German utility E.on is fighting publicly over a lucrative power purchase agreement (PPA) for the output from its 200.1MW Papalote Creek II project in Texas.

Shell consortium wins Borssele III/IV at €54.50/MWh

NETHERLANDS: A consortium comprising oil and gas giant Shell, offshore construction specialist Van Oord, and developers Eneco and Mitsubishi/DGE will build the 700MW Borssele III and IV projects at €54.50/MWh.

Trump's wind power comments fact checked

UNITED STATES: On 22 November, Donald Trump was interviewed by senior journalists from the New York Times, in which he made his first comments on wind power since the election.



Smart thinking masterclass

Former Siemens chief technology officer Henrik Stiesdal delivered a fascinating "masterclass" on the future of wind energy at a pre-Christmas event in FTI Consulting's London offices. The "father of the modern wind turbine" more than lived up to his billing with a wide-ranging, informative and highly entertaining lecture.

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Viewpoint: Removing blockers and creating enablers

WORLDWIDE: "I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the public good." Many academics agree that this statement, made in 1775 by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations, is the underlying reason why free trade is more effective than protectionist measures in delivering prosperity to society.

Backpage: The last word in wind - January 2017

WORLDWIDE: Climate deniers tighten grip on power; Royal Dutch Shell goes to fly a kite; and strange figures and facts.

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