Windpower Monthly: December 2014

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Concentration on consolidation

Concentration on consolidation

WORLDWIDE: Only China has contributed much to the wind power pipeline in 2014, with other countries putting effort into existing assets. But the future plans of seven of the world's leading wind developers show a clear trend towards partnerships and diversification.

Asia Pacific hot on the heels of Europe for pipeline projects

WORLDWIDE: European development plans are higher than other regions, but with nearly half of its pipeline projects being offshore, it remains to be seen how much will be realised.

Wind and radar can learn to co-exist

WORLDWIDE: France's military aviation authorities are calling for restrictions on wind turbine installation that would close off most of the country to new wind deployment. But the technology to mitigate turbines' effect on radar signals already exists.

Why looking after blades will pay for itself

WORLDWIDE: Turbine blades are exposed to harsh conditions, yet their maintenance is often a low priority. But using new technology to inspect regularly and look after their surfaces can help optimise turbine performance and increase return on investment.

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Analysis: MHI-Vestas £200m UK plan short on detail

UK: Earlier this month, MHI-Vestas announced plans to lease Vestas' production facilities at its Isle of Wight plant to produce blades for the V164 8MW turbine, the first part of a wider £200 million (EUR 250 million) UK production strategy.

Analysis: Boom and bust fear over China tariff change

CHINA: The launch of China's first onshore feed-in tariff (FIT) in 2009 gave the country's wind sector a welcome boost. But now a cut to the scheme is causing upheaval throughout the industry.

Good news for manufacturers

WORLDWIDE: The quarterly results for the leading turbine manufacturers were largely positive, with Vestas, Nordex and Gamesa among those posting strong results.

Analysis: Italian FIT process hits wind

ITALY: Italy's wind energy sector was always expected to slow down with the switch to an auction system for feed-in-tariffs (FIT), but the extent of the decline has topped even the most pessimistic forecasts.


Grid is key to selling wind's benefits

The US and China may be the biggest generators of wind power, but they are also the two worst polluters. It is this fact that has enabled other countries resisting the drive towards renewables to argue that there is no point in reducing their carbon emissions.

Straight Talking: Climate change is back on public and political agenda

WORLDWIDE: After the collapse of the last big climate summit of world leaders in Copenhagen in 2009, for many if not most people the climate issue was over, or at least the hope of serious action by governments was over.

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Interview: Stiesdal on new records, old turbines, and growth

DENMARK: In late-2002 Bonus Energy installed four of its new 2.3MW turbines at the Rønland near-shore project in Denmark. Earlier this month, Siemens said the turbines had each become the first to reach the 100GWh mark.

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