Windpower Monthly: November 2014

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Windpower Top 30 - GE's McEntee tops list

Windpower Top 30 - GE's McEntee tops list

The fourth Windpower Monthly Top 30 places wind industry leaders according to their ability to influence, using categories such as global reach, financial clout and megawatt might. The resulting ratings reveal personnel changes and new industry trends.

Windpower Top 30 - what the future will bring

The big OEM chiefs are unlikely to relinquish their grip on the top rungs of the ladder of influence any time soon. The size of the companies they lead and their position at the industry's manufacturing and technological sharp end will keep them on top.

Turkey starts to remove obstacles to growth

TURKEY: Wind power continues to grow rapidly in Turkey despite a slow and cumbersome permitting process.

Wyoming wind on the long trail west

UNITED STATES: Two large-scale transmission projects are aiming to connect the power from the excellent wind resources of Wyoming, the US's least populous state, to the needs of California, the most populous, where there is a huge requirement for renewables-generated electricity.

Bringing people and power together

UNITED STATES: Shifting wind-generated power from far-flung projects to areas of high demand needs investment and agreement between different states and landowners. Clean Line Energy Partners president Michael Skelly talks about the challenges of moving electricity over long distances.

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Analysis: Offshore developers must work with foundation manufacturers to cut costs

FRANCE: A failure by offshore developers to include foundation manufacturers in the design process is causing delays and costly mistakes, as well as hampering the drive to reduce costs.

Analysis: Mixed messages on the Energiewende

GERMANY: Despite surges in wind business driven by low costs of onshore wind in China and the emerging markets, Germany's conviction in pursuing its Energiewende - the transition to ever stronger reliance on renewable energies - still appears to be playing a lighthouse role for the industry.

Analysis: Norway lags following Swedish pact

NORWAY: The 2012 pact between Norway and Sweden to jointly develop renewable energy projects was intended to spur the development of an estimated 6GW of wind capacity across both countries.

Analysis: Envison plans expansion into South America

CHILE: Chinese manufacturer Envision sees its range of turbines as key to exploiting the wind potential of Chile, where it has just set up a regional office to cater to the South American market.


Industrial influence outweighs policy

Many a great idea fails to become a reality because others cannot see its worth.

Viewpoint: Wind can be flexible - if given a reason

WORLDWIDE: Wind projects are often presented as a problem for the grid. They have different characteristics to conventional power stations: generation is variable and subject to a degree of uncertainty.

On reflection: Agree to inspect to stay out of court

WORLDWIDE: Negotiations between wind-turbine seller and buyer tend to focus on who takes the blame when something goes wrong. They should concentrate on avoiding anything going wrong in the first place by agreeing an escalating inspection regime.

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