Windpower Monthly: JUly 2015

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Ten of the biggest and the best manufacturers

Ten of the biggest and the best manufacturers

WORLDWIDE: Together, these wind-turbine manufacturers account for nearly three-quarters of global installed capacity, and much of the industry's recent technological progress. Windpower Monthly looks at the balance sheets and product ranges to see what makes them stand out.

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Working harder to run turbines for longer

UNITED STATES: As an increasing number of US turbines move out of warranty,we look at the developments to maximise turbine efficiency, minimise unscheduled maintenance and extend turbine lives.

Exclusive: Many small pieces, one very large blade

UNITED STATES: Blade Dynamics is reaching the final stages of preparing the first prototype of its modular-design 78-metre rotor blade for testing in the UK.

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Windicator: Results continue positive trend

WORLDWIDE: This year began in the same way that 2014 ended as wind turbine manufacturers posted another set of very strong quarterly results.

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Cross-border versus local -- Germany wants it both ways

GERMANY: Germany is fronting an energy policy initiative to increase cooperation across Europe, but some of its own states have other plans.

Mainstream looks to south for growth

WORLDWIDE: If you are a wind developer, there is one place should you be doing business at the moment, according to wind veteran and Mainstream Renewable Power CEO Eddie O'Connor.

Canada: Allegation of cover-up filed

Offshore wind developer Trillium Wind Power is claiming the Ontario government knowingly destroyed documents relating to a C$500 million (US$406 million) lawsuit against the province. The suit stems from Ontario's 2011 moratorium on offshore wind development in the Great Lakes.

Technology: Gamesa to offer 3.3MW unit

Gamesa has announced plans to launch a 3.3MW turbine targeting Europe, Mexico, Canada, Australia and South Africa.


Some things just don't change

If you found a time machine and sent our Top 10 turbine manufacturers feature back five years, it is doubtful anyone would believe they were looking into the future.

Viewpoint: Auctions -- The myth of market forces

WORLDWIDE: The renewable-energy industry's attitude towards auctions has gradually shifted from outright resistance to grudging acceptance.

On Reflection: The unseen ticking bomb and how to defuse it

WORLDWIDE: The wind industry lives dangerously when it builds factories in markets supposedly protected by trade barriers. The propensity of such markets to explode is well known. We must campaign to eliminate all environmental tariffs and local content requirements.

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