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Cheap power, brutal competition

Cheap power, brutal competition

UNITED STATES: With low gas prices pushing down wholesale prices, developers are finding utilities are keener to buy wind farms than the power they generate.

Pioneering state takes on Trump over climate

UNITED STATES: California has introduced a bill requiring 100% of electricity to be sourced from renewables by 2045, putting the state at loggerheads with the pro-fossil-fuel federal government.

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Freak storms trigger summer of discontent

AUSTRALIA: A violent storm last September brought the entire electricity grid in South Australia to its knees. In its wake, an equally savage political storm blew up, with renewables in general, and wind power in particular, blamed for the outages.

On the road in a wind-powered car

UK: Is this the greenest car yet? Sara Verbruggen gets behind the wheel of a Toyota Mirai, fuelled by hydrogen generated totally from wind power.

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Dong and EnBW break records with subsidy-free German bids

GERMANY: The first auction for offshore wind in Germany also produced the first €0/MWh bids, enabled by long lead times developers hope will bring the bigger turbines they need to deliver.

Industry slams study that says strike prices are too high

BELGIUM: Belgian consumers could pay up to twice as much as they should for power generated from the forthcoming Norther and Rentel offshore facilities. The industry begs to differ.

Low price in national tender prompts states to review tariffs

INDIA: In February, India awarded 1GW of wind-power capacity through its first-ever reverse auction. The lowest final bid price of INR 3.46/kWh ($0.053/kWh) returned by the auctions defied all expectations and rattled the industry, which was used to feed-in-tariffs (FITs) in the INR 4-6/kWh range.

More intraday and cross-border trading helps wind

GERMANY: Electricity trading for same-day delivery has made big progress in recent years, benefiting not only the trading of wind energy, but also the whole electricity system.


Wind enters the subsidy-free zone

The argument that wind power can only compete with conventional forms of electricity generation by being heavily subsidised looks more threadbare every month.

Viewpoint: Wind should learn from solar PV on storage

WORLDWIDE: Battery-storage technology has very high public visibility at present for several reasons.

The last word in wind -- May 2017

WORLDWIDE: Will UK vote prompt wind rethink?; US energy figures and facts; and Australian health investigation fizzles out.

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