Windpower Monthly: August 2014

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Latin America surges from potential to power

Latin America surges from potential to power

LATIN AMERICA: Favourable wind resources and government policy have driven exponential expansion in the Latin American wind market. Predictions that by 2020 capacity will have grown fivefold are making the region a safe haven for beleaguered US and European manufacturers.

Sourcing a supply chain for US offshore wind

UNITED STATES: A new study for the US government Department of Energy took a snapshot of current component supply in Europe, China and the US, to find potential for the US to develop its own supply chain for its nascent offshore wind sector.

Spain at a standstill

SPAIN: New legislation has left one of wind power's biggest and most successful markets in a state of complete paralysis, with some Spanish developers seriously considering dismantling their projects and selling the turbines on the second-hand market.

Wind prepares to conquer new heights

LATIN AMERICA: South America is widely regarded as the most promising of emerging wind-power markets, but for the countries on the continent's western flank there remains a formidable obstacle: the Andes, the longest mountain range in the world.

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Intelligence: How Siemens overtook Vestas to become offshore no.1

WORLDWIDE: It is no secret that Siemens has a convincing lead in the offshore market, largely thanks to its 3.6MW machine, but digging into data from WPO Intelligence reveals just how this happened.

Analysis: International talks aim to cut wind import tariffs

WORLDWIDE: New talks aimed at eliminating import tariffs on environmental products could be a first step towards opening borders to free trade in wind turbines and components.

Analysis: Texas considers passing on transmission costs

UNITED STATES: Texas regulators will study whether the state's wind power operators should bear some transmission costs currently paid mostly by consumers state-wide. The state's Public Utilities Commission (PUC) voted in July to assess the issue with a view to possible action.

Analysis: Radar clears for wind in Germany

GERMANY: Radar and wind turbines are not a happy combination of technologies. According to German wind energy association BWE, around 4GW of wind development is blocked across the country due to conflicts over the potential impact on radar, mainly operated by German air traffic control service DFS.

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More openness will reduce fire-fighting

A comment in a recent academic study was picked up by the mainstream press, generating lurid "hidden peril" headlines for stories that proclaimed wind turbines are ten times more likely to catch fire than the industry had estimated.

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Straight talking: Another country must take on climate leadership

WORLDWIDE: I was back at UN headquarters in New York in June for the first Sustainable Energy for All Forum (SE4ALL), part of UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon's initiative to achieve universal access to modern energy and double the efficiency and renewable-energy penetration in the global energy supply, all by 2030.

On Reflection: Designing within the environmental envelope

UNITED KINGDOM: The viability of the offshore wind sector and the meeting of 2020 renewables targets both depend on having a healthy pool of consented projects. But a poor understanding of the impact of offshore turbine design on wildlife makes consent a complex issue.

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