Windpower Monthly: SEPTEMBER 2015

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Is insurance killing innovation?

Is insurance killing innovation?

WORLDWIDE: As developers look beyond their own balance sheets to fund larger wind projects, especially offshore, the role of the insurance underwriters grows in importance. But is satisfying the risk aversion of outside investors stifling innovation in the wind industry?

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An essential piece of the puzzle

WORLDWIDE: Wind turbine OEMs tend to take the credit for the steady technology advances that continue to boost production and cut costs of wind-generated electricity. But independent component manufacturers play a vitally important role in this process, too.

No need to panic, but more research is needed on climate change

WORLDWIDE: Record low winds earlier this year in key US wind states have raised concerns about the effects of climate change on existing and future global wind developments. The little research that has been done has found some wind variability both regionally and seasonally.

Minimising fire risk in wind turbines

WORLDWIDE: Turbine fires are expensive and attract negative publicity. Although relative rare, they do happen, but project owners and developers can put measures in place to ensure compliance with the latest standards and reduce risk to staff.

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Analysis: SunEdison heading for renewables 'supermajor' status

UNITED STATES: SunEdison has been on an acquisition spree and manages a huge pipeline through its yieldcos. But is it growing too fast to sustain future success?

Analysis: China adds to UHV network to transfer surplus wind energy

CHINA: China is pushing on with more ultra-high-voltage (UHV) transmission lines to solve its long-standing curtailment problems that keep wind power off the grid. Construction of two 800kV UHV direct current (DC) power transmission lines started in June.

Analysis: New life for forgotten patents

WORLDWIDE: For every newly designed Siemens 3.6MW or Vestas V112 3MW there are several turbines and components that stay on the drawing board.

Analysis: France looks at night rescues to lift fishing restrictions

FRANCE: Fishermen vehemently oppose an offshore wind farm being developed off Le Treport, which will limit commercial fishing in the waters.


Moving forward in US, back in Germany

As the COP21 UN climate summit in December gets ever closer, one more step has been taken towards a renewables-heavy future, with the announcement of President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan for the US.

On Reflection: We must not recreate the wrong market model

EUROPE: The EU's proposal for a new Electricity Market Design turns a blind eye to the elephant in our midst. Operating wholesale electricity markets that set payments based on the marginal cost of generation is an energy model that needs a rewrite.

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