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Windpower Intelligence is Windpower Monthly’s specialist research division. It provides detailed investment reports for the wind energy industry globally, along with the Windpower Intelligence Tracker, an alert service and database of more than 13,000 wind farm projects in development and online worldwide, and the WPO Intelligence Tracker, which focuses on offshore projects, companies, vessels and turbines.

Windpower Intelligence provides detailed investment reports for the wind energy industry globally.

Our data is collected on the ground through research teams based in each country. Windpower Intelligence reports are unique as they are built up project by project, region by region, developer by developer. They offer a more demand-led perspective than most wind forecasts, which tend to rely on sales estimates from turbine suppliers or policy targets. We believe the bottom-up approach can help future-proof your business plans.

Each report breaks future installations right down to individual project level. This enables you to drill from top level numbers to specific projects, where we provide details about size, completion date, developer and location. This granular detail means investment reports can be used as a lead generation tool for new sales.

In addition, the reports identify new opportunities through our analysis of future policy developments and latest regulations affecting the wind industry. All reports are based on the results of primary research field surveys of developers and investors to identify all of the key issues and drivers affecting the sector.

Windpower Intelligence also operates an initiative called the Windpower Intelligence Community. The Windpower Intelligence Community is an initiative which offers a sliding-scale of discounted rates for packages of reports. The Intelligence Community represents the most cost-effective way to buy reports from Windpower Intelligence.

How the research works:

  • In each region our research teams conduct an investigation to build a reliable picture of what’s likely to happen to the wind market over the next three to five years.
  • We record all future projects
  • We double-check with developers if their project is still going ahead
  • We interview policymakers, utilities and suppliers to identify future opportunities or potential barriers to wind development

From this research we build up for each state, region and country:

  • Robust bottom-up forecasts of new wind installations
  • Tables showing details of every future project
  • Impact assessments of local and national policy
  • Opportunities for investment in the wind industry

The benefits

The investment reports provide a tool-kit for doing business in your chosen market:

  • Bottom-up forecasts for reliable business planning
  • Sales leads in each region through detailed tables of all new projects
  • Identification of new opportunities through our policy impact assessments
  • Insights into long-term policy developments
  • Intelligence on competitors and customers in each region

Typical Contents:

  • National and regional wind demand data
  • Three or five year forecasts
  • Forecast of national and regional policies
  • National survey of wind industry
  • Company intelligence profiles

Formats and usage

Each report is supplied in both hard copy and digital format. There are no quibbles over sharing content with colleagues: all orders automatically receive a corporate licence enabling the report to be distributed across the company or organisation.

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