Windpower Intelligence is Windpower Monthly’s specialist research division. It provides detailed investment reports for the wind energy industry globally, along with the Windpower Intelligence Tracker, an alert service and database of more than 13,000 wind farm projects in development and online worldwide, and the WPO Intelligence Tracker, which focuses on offshore projects, companies, vessels and turbines.

WPO Intelligence


WPOINTELLIGENCE provides developers, financiers and the offshore supply chain with market data and analysis on offshore wind farms.

  • Track developments as they happen across 600+ proposed offshore projects, 2,000+ companies, 100+ vessels, 70+ industry categories, 15+ project key stages, including finance, permitting, turbine purchase and construction.
  • Filter by country or region and receive hourly, daily or weekly email alerts.
  • Forecast market size, market shares and trends, and download instant reports in PDF or Excel formats.

Why Use WPOIntelligence

  • Generate sales leads and business opportunities.
  • Reduce information overload. Track only what you need. We make sure you don't miss anything.
  • Identify potential customers, suppliers, investors, partners and acquisition targets.
  • Benchmark your performance against your competitors.
  • Track customers, suppliers and partners. Who is doing what, who is seeking investment.
  • Minimal set up or training needed - our service is web-based and easy to use.
  • One global resource to power your intelligence needs worldwide.

Windpower Intelligence

Latest Turbine Deals On Windpower Intelligence

Last updated 19 September 2014

ProjectCountryMWDeveloperTurbineOnline yearDate reported
Talinay Poniente Chile 61MW Enel Green Power Vestas V90-2MW 2015 19/09/2014
Ingenio Mexico 49.5MW Acciona Acciona AW77-1.5MW 2015 12/09/2014
Jurbarkas Lithuania 24MW Eurakras Nordex N117/3000 2015 09/09/2014
Kujawsko-Pomorskie Poland 42MW ERG Renew Vestas V90 2MW 2015 05/09/2014
Bagarasi Turkey 48MW Erdem Holding Nordex N117/2400 2015 04/09/2014
Beethoven (B&H Community Wind) USA 41MW Baywa GE 1.85MW 2015 04/09/2014
Rzepin Poland 58MW EDF Energies Nouvelles Vestas V100 2MW 2015 02/09/2014
Ylivieska Pajukoski Finland 30MW Reconcept GmbH Vestas V126 3.3MW 2015 01/09/2014
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Data supplied by Windpower Intelligence

What Is Windpower Intelligence?

Windpower Intelligence Tracker is an unrivalled source of detailed business intelligence. It is built around a global database of more than 13,000 wind farms and 4,700 wind industry companies.

The Windpower Intelligence Project Tracker

  • Track new wind farm plans and projects
  • Be notified of contracts and deals
  • Monitor policies, incentives and subsidies
  • Watch company mergers, acquisitions and financing deals
  • Create personalized alerts and watchlists to notify you of any changes
  • Search by wind farm, company (supplier or developer), country or region, and industry category
  • Customise reports and data exports to plug straight into your business planning or workflow

Why Use Windpower Intelligence?

  • Incoming sales leads
  • Business lead prospecting
  • Monitor partners, competitors and deal targets
  • Customisable watchlist alerts sent by email
  • Stay on top of policy changes in your chosen countries or regions
  • Identify investment targets or potential investors

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Investment reports

Investment Report - Global markets for windpower to 2020Windpower Intelligence provides detailed investment reports for the wind energy industry globally.

Our data is collected on the ground through research teams based in each country. Windpower Intelligence reports are unique as they are built up project by project, region by region, developer by developer. They offer a more demand-led perspective than most wind forecasts, which tend to rely on sales estimates from turbine suppliers or policy targets. We believe the bottom-up approach can help future-proof your business plans.

Recent reports include:

  • Global Markets for Windpower to 2020
  • Global Markets for Offshore Windpower to 2020
  • Markets for Operations and Maintenance for Wind Turbines to 2020
  • Disruptive Technologies: Ten-Year Forecast for the Windpower Industry
  • Poland & Eastern Europe to 2015