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Windpower Intelligence is Windpower Monthly’s specialist research division. It conducts large ongoing primary research programmes and publishes detailed market reports for the wind energy industry globally.  Windpower Intelligence also offers two database trackers collecting and disseminating real-time market updates for 21,000 utility-grade wind projects and 6,000 companies active in the sector.


Windpower Intelligence market report data is collected on the ground through local language research teams based in each country. Windpower Intelligence reports are unique as they are built up project by project, region by region, developer by developer.

They offer a more demand-led perspective than most wind forecasts, which tend to rely on sales estimates from turbine suppliers or policy targets. We believe the bottom-up approach can help future-proof your business plans.

Reports include:

Project Trackers

Windpower Intelligence Trackers are an unrivalled source of detailed business intelligence. They are built around a global database of more than 20,000 wind farms and 6,000 wind industry companies and they enable you to:

  • Track new wind farm plans and projects
  • Receive  notification of contracts and deals
  • Monitor policies, incentives and subsidies
  • Watch company mergers, acquisitions and financing deals
  • Create personalised alerts and watchlists to notify you of any changes
  • Search by wind farm, company (supplier or developer), country or region, and industry category

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Tel: +44 (0) 20 8267 8104

Latest Turbine Deals On Windpower Intelligence

Last updated 19 December 2016

ProjectCountryCapacityDeveloperTurbineOnline yearDate reported
Al Rajef Jordan 86MW Green Watts Renewable Energy Gamesa G114-2.1MW 2018 18/12/2016
Rocksprings US 150MW Akuo Energy GE 2.3-116, GE 1.72-103 2017 16/12/2016
Wind XI US 153MW MidAmerican Energy Vestas V110-2MW 2018 16/12/2016
Norther Belgium 370MW Eneco, DGE, Elicio MHI Vestas V164 8.4MW 2019 15/12/2016
Kurekdagi Turkey 36MW Bakir Enerji, Marmarares Elektrik N117/3600 2018 14/12/2016
Esenkoy Turkey 32.4MW Bakir Enerji, Marmarares Elektrik N117/3600 2018 14/12/2016
Gujarat (NTPC) India 50MW NTPC Inox Wind 2MW 2017 13/12/2016
Uljin South Korea 60.6MW SK D&D Siemens SWT-3.0-108 2018 12/12/2016
Sapphire Australia 270MW CWP Renewables Vestas V126-3.45MW 2018 12/12/2016
Gujarat (SJVN) India 50MW SJVN Inox Wind 2MW 2017 09/12/2016
Bruenning's Breeze US 228MW E.on Nordex AW125/3000 2017 08/12/2016
Jenasen Sweden 79MW Eolus Vind Vestas V126-3.45MW 2018 07/12/2016
Licun (Titan) China 80MW Titan Wind Energy Vestas V110-2MW 2017 07/12/2016
Cabo Leones I Chile 115MW EDF EN Chile, Ibereolica Gamesa G114-2.1MW 2017 02/12/2016
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