Integrity And Corrosion Of Offshore Wind Structures

Integrity and Corrosion Of Offshore Wind Structures


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Day 1 - Tuesday 2 June 2015

Chairman’s Opening Remarks:
What have We Learnt About Applying Solutions To The Offshore Wind Environment?

Senior Representative, Institute Of Corrosion (ICorr)

Industry Experiences Of CP Systems

Case Study:
An Operator’s Experience Of The Performance Of Corrosion Protection Solution

• Identifying which system to use and their impact on the integrity of the structure
• How were the solutions installed on the structures?
• How did each system perform and how did they interact with each other?

Case Study:
EDF’s Experiences Of Corrosion Protection For Internal Monopiles At Teesside Wind Farm

• Issues that were faced in the internal monopiles at Teesside
• Results of CP gas sensors including corrosion rate data over time from the site
• Chemical reactions to the cathodic protection inside the monopile and its impact on the behaviour of the steel
• Future plans for long term corrosion monitoring experiments

Claire Canning, Offshore Wind Research Engineer, EDF Energy

Oil And Gas Case Study:
What Can Offshore Wind Learn From In-Field Experiences Of Different CP Solutions?

• An overview of the corrosion problem that was being addressed
• Which solution was applied and why?
• How has the problem advanced and how effective was the solution? What have been the practical lessons learnt?

- Networking Break And Morning Refreshments -

Which Electrical Protection Solutions Are The Best Performers?

Cathodic Protection: What Is Its Real Lifespan And What Are The Industry’s Experiences Of It?

• How quickly do sacrificial anodes decay in on an Offshore Wind installation? What causes the decay?
• Do we need to revisit our assumptions about the salinity of the water or water/column interaction?

Cathodic Protection Of XL Monopiles In Deep Water: What Are The Best Solutions?

• Can we solve the problem by upping the specification of the paint system or moving to aluminium spray?
• What are the economics involved in installing cathodic protection on the seabed?
• Which other solutions are in being considered to ensure the protection of XL monopiles?

Panel Discussion:
ICCP Systems: Weighing Up The Concerns And Benefits

• How are existing ICCP systems performing on wind farms?
• What has been the experience of installing ICCP systems? What has gone well and what were the difficulties?
• How does ICCP affect coatings? Is this dependent on how far the devices are turned up? What are the guidelines on this issue?
• Is there a relationship between corrosion protection of offshore wind structures and the corrosion of vessels entering a site that uses ICCP?

- Networking Lunch -

What Is The Future Direction Of Coatings Use In The Offshore Wind Industry?

Coatings: What Have We Learnt About Applying Them To Offshore Wind Farms?

• What have been the lessons learnt about the application of coatings to internal and external surfaces on monopiles and jackets?
• Are coatings really being damaged during installation or is this an empty concern?
• How long are different coatings lasting on offshore wind farms?
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The Viability Of Using Aluminium, Zinc And Copper Coatings For Offshore Wind

• How do the upfront costs compare to that of other coatings?
• What guarantees do we have that it will last for the lifetime of the structures?
• Do these coatings reduce cathodic disbondment?
• What is the expected reduction in maintenance liabilities over the life of a wind farm?
• Are these options only feasible for sites that have a particularly high corrosion risk?

- Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments -

Analysing The Best Options For Bringing Down LCE Over Life

Maximising Lifetime Asset Integrity Study Update

• What were the main root causes of integrity failure in different foundation types?
• Recommendations about secondary structures design and specifications
• What is the real extent of vessel damage to coatings?

Marc Costa Ros, Senior Manager, Offshore Wind, The Carbon Trust

Q&A Discussion:
Which Solutions Will Ensure The Lifetime Of Offshore Structures And Bring Down LCE?

• Which systems will survive the 20 – 25 year lifetime of the wind farm?
• What kind of impact each solution will have on the design of structures and how will it affect CAPEX and project timescales?
• Calculating the LCE of each system, looking at both CAPEX and OPEX over life

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