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Goldwind maintains hold on domestic market

CHINA: Goldwind's share of the Chinese market in 2014 has fallen slightly although it continues to hold the number one spot.

Goldwind net profit up 327%

CHINA: Goldwind has announced a preliminary net profit of CNY 1.83 billion ($297 million) in 2014, up 328% on 2013.

Goldwind launches new 2.5MW turbine for Americas

THE AMERICAS: Goldwind Americas has launched another 2.5MW turbine aimed at low wind sites in the Americas.

China Wind Power 2014: Curtailment issues 'hopefully resolved' by end 2015

The government is working to end grid connection problems for wind projects, said Zhu Ming, the new -- and second -- deputy director of the New and Renewable Energy department of China's National Energy Association.

Question of the Week: Can Chinese manufacturers break into Europe and the US?

Following Chinese manufacturer CSIC's announcement it is targeting the European market with an offshore turbine, Windpower Monthly asked how Chinese manufacturers can break into the European and American markets.

New South Wales takes legal action against Goldwind

AUSTRALIA: The New South Wales government has started legal action against Goldwind that could force it to move nine turbines on a wind project in the state.

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