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Question of the Week: Can Chinese manufacturers break into Europe and the US?

Following Chinese manufacturer CSIC's announcement it is targeting the European market with an offshore turbine, Windpower Monthly asked how Chinese manufacturers can break into the European and American markets.

New South Wales takes legal action against Goldwind

AUSTRALIA: The New South Wales government has started legal action against Goldwind that could force it to move nine turbines on a wind project in the state.

Question of the Week: Will permanent magnet generators replace DFIG?

While some manufacturers are moving away from the traditional geared doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) machines, most turbines produced worldwide still follow this model.


Analysis: Goldwind develops micro-grid systems

CHINA: Goldwind has announced that the micro-grid system it has been developing for the past four years has begun to feed electricity into the local power grid, bringing the company extra income in addition to supplying energy for its own use. It is considering taking it on to the open market.

Gallery: In the sky, high-altitude wind projects

WORLDWIDE: Following Goldwind's announcement last month of its decision to install two high-altitude wind projects in Ecuador, Windpower Monthly takes a look at some of the world's current highest projects.

Goldwind powers desalination plant with onsite turbine

CHINA: China has brought online its first desalination plant to be powered by wind using an independent grid.

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