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News & in-depth analysis of GE Energy's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

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Towers reach for the sky

WORLDWIDE: The development of tall, cost-effective towers is widely recognised as the next revolution in the wind industry because of their potential in boosting yields and cutting energy costs. Eize de Vries reviews the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in tall tower design.

Wind drives new US generation in July

UNITED STATES: Figures from the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Ferc) show 100% of new electricity generation in July came from renewable sources, most of which was wind capacity.

Brazil Windpower 2014: Grid completion allows GE projects to come out of two year idle phase

BRAZIL: The wind energy landscape in Brazil is finally changing following the government's Proinfa regulations change in 2009.

GE bid approved by Alstom board

FRANCE: Alstom's board has voted unanimously to accept GE's offer to buy Alstom Energy for EUR 12.35 billion, with GE and Alstom retaining an equal share of the wind and hydro business.

Analysis: NPS looks to Asia for expansion

UNITED STATES: Northern Power Systems (NPS) is discussing strategic relationships for both its turbines with "several" potential Asian partners, said the firm's president and CEO, Troy Patton. Of the suitors, Japanese and South Korean tie-ups look especially promising, he said.

Siemens and MHI up Alstom bid

FRANCE: Siemens and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) have upped their bid to take over Alstom's power business as the companies try to take the initiative from GE.

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