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Wind gains strength in water shortages

WORLDWIDE: One of wind energy's most overlooked benefits is that it requires virtually no water to produce electricity. In an increasingly water-constrained world, this quality will only grow in importance.

New and improved products and systems

GERMANY: The technology supporting and servicing the wind power industry continues to grow in its scope and sophistication as new challenges are faced and met. We highlight some of the innovative products featured at the Hamburg Windenergy fair.

GE reaches 1GW-mark in Brazil

BRAZIL: GE has installed 600MW in Brazil first half of 2014, taking its overall contribution to 1GW out of the country's 5GW.

Gamesa gets 54MW Philippines contract

PHILIPPINES: Gamesa has been handed a contract to manufacture and supply turbines to a 54MW project.

Question of the week: What are the next big emerging markets?

Last month, Senvion CEO Andreas Nauen said the "exotic" markets of America, India and Korea will drive growth in the offshore industry, but what will be the new emerging markets of the onshore industry?

Gamesa launches new 5MW variant

UK: Gamesa is launching a new 132-metre version of its 5MW offshore turbine at RenewableUK's Global Offhore 2014 conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

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