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Market Data: Turbine deals - October 2015

WORLDWIDE: Gobal turbine orders continued at a pace, outstripping other project activities with almost 2.2GW of new deals in the month.

China looks to Europe for global presence

CHINA: Chinese manufacturers have struggled to win business on the global stage, but that looks set to change as companies seek greater export business with the help of European expertise.

Onshore wind looks to the grand scale

WORLDWIDE: Onshore wind is taking a leaf from the offshore book, planning projects that are measured in hundreds rather than tens of megawatts. China and the US are at the forefront of the shift to utility-scale developments, but are by no means alone.

Gamesa to supply first Kuwaiti project

WORLDWIDE: Gamesa has won the contract to supply Kuwait's first wind project, alongside three more deals in Cyprus and Turkey with a combined capacity of 72.5MW.

Analysis: Indian turbine market shifts from turnkey model

INDIA: There are changes afoot in the Indian turbine sector as the country's industry shifts away from the turnkey model it has historically used.

Gallery: Tech launches and low-wind turbines at Husum Wind 2015

GERMANY: With four new low-wind turbines announced at the German Husum Wind 2015 event this week, you may be forgiven for forgetting that there was actually a lot more to see there.

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