Optimising Wind Farms In Cold Climates

Optimising Wind Farms in Cold Climates


OWI-Lab testing facility

Are you ready to enter the extreme?

We will be hosting a site visit to give you the opportunity to experience first hand the impact of cold climate issues and how they are being overcome.

We have partnered up with OWI-Lab, one of Europe’s largest climatic test chambers and the first of its kind set up for the wind industry. The facility is specialised in climatic testing of wind components, systems and sub-systems against cold start, design verification testing, and icing.

The afternoon will begin at the stunning Havenhuis Building, Port of Antwerp, from where you can view the Vleemo wind park with Enercon turbines that use icing technology. A short journey will then take us to the OWI-Lab testing facility where you will enter the climatic chamber.


14:15 Meet up point at the Radisson Blu and travel to Havenhuis, Port of Antwerp
15:00 Welcome by OWI-Lab and setting the scene of the visit 
Presentation: Sirris/OWI-Lab activities in cold climate & icing 
Explanation of the topic of ‘climate chamber testing’: What? Why? How? Plus, some case stories related to cold climate & icing
16:00 Coffee Break and short journey to OWI-Lab testing facility
16:15 Climatic Chamber visit and demos*
18:30 End of visit and departure for Radisson Blu 
*Please note that during the chamber visit it will not be allowed to take pictures or videos.

FREE GIFT: Book one of the first ten tickets and receive limited edition Windpower Monthly branded whisky ice rocks, to help you keep your cool.

Date: 16 October 2017
Venue: OWI-Lab, Antwerp, Belgium
Website:  www.owi-lab.be
Price: €79 for conference delegates

Havenhuis Port of Antwerp

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Download the brochure!

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