Optimising Wind Farms In Cold Climates

Optimising Wind Farms in Cold Climates

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Wood Group is a leading renewable energy consultancy, providing engineering and technical advisory services in onshore and offshore wind, solar, wave and tidal, hybrid and hydro projects.
We have the capability to deliver at every phase of a project, from the early stages of site selection, feasibility and design right through to project management of the construction phase and operation and maintenance. Our team of over 300 multi-disciplinary energy consultants have extensive sustainable energy experience worldwide.
To date we have assessed over 160GW of renewable energy developments internationally and this figure is growing rapidly every month. Our clients include utilities, financiers, developers and many other public and private sector organisations.


Carrying more power to more people with lighter power lines. Helping manufacturers make more with less through leaner processes. Automating health care data so the right people get the right information to take action. These are some of the ways we’re working to support stronger communities and sustainable development across the globe. We see the world's challenges clearly, and unite the people that dare to solve them. We innovate with purpose and use science every day to create real impact in every life around the world. 


Wicetec is a wind turbine ice prevention system supplier. We provide the complete Ice Prevention System for our customers to increase availability throughout the lifetime of their turbines.

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