Blade Inspection, Damage and Repair 


Post-Forum Workshop: Wednesday 12 October 2016

Blade Manufacturing & Composites

Registration 08:30 

Start 09:00

End 15:30 

This full-day workshop will cover the intricacies of the construction phase - from concept, through to research and development and volume release. This is the only industry workshop to focus specifically on the technical and commercial challenges of blade composites manufacturing for both the onshore and offshore markets.


  • What does it really mean to produce a quality blade?

  • Composite material vs. design: which comes first?

  • Addressing the need to operate reliably during their lifetime


  • Looking at composite strategies and production methods

  • Operational requirements and life-cycle expectations

  • Lessons learnt from the Aerospace industry


  • Structural health monitoring

  • How to ensure reliability and quality

  • Analysing the relationship between materials research and blade design tests

  • Meeting the certification criteria


  • Noticing and correcting little glitches that occure
  • Why well trained and skilled workers make all the difference 
  • Learning how to avoid those small errors by fine tuning the process  


  • Overcoming the industry’s headache on LEE through protection solutions

  • Counteracting icing challenges

  • Bridging the gap between design and real life operation  

  • Advances in blade technology to increase energy yield

Hosted by:

Jim Platts, Senior Teaching Associate, Cambridge University 

Javier San Miguel Armendariz, Strategy And Business Development Manager, CENER