Blade Inspection, Damage and Repair 


Bladena are experts in root cause analysis of blades and have specialized knowledge on structural blade failure and knows how to avoid failures on blades. We provide structural enhancement technologies, we provide for lighter and stronger blades with higher durability. Bladena's technologies are available as a toolbox that address the root causes of individual problem areas in the blade design and manufacturing. They are flexible in their design and each manufacturer may develop their preferred way of implementation to accommodate individual requirements.

Cornis is the leading technology provider for blade O&M management and inspection tools. We support OEMs, utilities, ISPs or UAB companies whenever they need a unique solution to follow wind turbine blades along their life cycle.
Our main technologies include but are not limited to:

  • Panoblade for external blade inspections
  • Intrablade for internal blade inspections 
  • Blade manager, our online web-based platform helps you assess your blades online, share results in a collaborative way and ultimately, take concrete O&M decisions

By the end of 2016, 2600 turbines were inspected using Cornis technologies. We are active in 20 countries worldwide.

Altitec is a respected global specialist in wind turbine rotor blade access, inspection and repair, an industry-certified training provider, and an exclusive distributor and service partner for market-leading vertical access systems. With a 20-year track record supporting firms in the energy, construction and emergency services sectors, we have developed into a one-stop shop, not only for high-quality, efficient maintenance services, conducted at height, but also for the technology and training that makes this essential work possible.

3M products are being used to build and maintain wind turbines around the world. From design and manufacturing through day-to-day operations - 3M offers a wide array of innovative technology solutions, designed to enhance reliability, increases performance, provide protection against harsh environment and improve blade aerodynamics

As part of Skagen Sandblæseri & Skibsservice, Skagen Blade Technology has more than 30 years’ experience in surface treatment of steel and fiber glass constructions. The company specialises in maintenance and repairs of wind turbines, bridges, tank installations and pipe lines. Skagen Blade Technology was founded in 2014 with the purpose of providing services to owners of wind turbines and has in the past two years performed rope access inspections and repairs of blades and towers in Europe and Asia. To accommodate the increasing demand for flexibility and low costs, Skagen Blade Technology has developed a mobile solution for repairing and painting blades full-scale close to the turbine or harbour site.

In 2015, Skagen Blade Technology and Blade Repair Solutions joined forces to develop and introduce a leading edge protection that offers a unique protection of blades. The BRS soft shell is custom-made to fit the specific blade type and is manufactured in one piece under climate controlled conditions, ensuring a stable process and high-quality product. The BRS soft shell was mounted successfully on an onshore test turbine in Sweden in September this year.

Renewable Advice specialise in wind turbine blades, with technical expertise from within the industry, knowledge of all blade technologies and a proven, experienced track record from blade manufacturing through to inspections and structural repairs in the field.

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