Asset Life Optimisation Forum

The Business Case For Strategic Life Extension And Performance Upgrades For Wind Farms

27th-28th February 2018, ETC Venues, Victoria,  London


It could be said that life cycle and asset management is the most important topic for the wind industry of the future. 

Since wind farms are now widely accepted as a viable and secure asset class, a new wave of institutional investors are looking for opportunities in the sector. Now, more than ever, it is crucial for owners and operators to raise the value of their assets through strategic decisions and grab every extra kilowatt of energy possible from the wind to ensure higher ROI.

Optimising each aspect of the asset throughout its entire lifecycle is the most surefire way to create less downtime, more uptime, greater energy production and higher revenues and profits.

What will be covered?

Owner Operators, investors and OEMs will each learn how to understand and leviate the others perspective, in order to manage risk and increase ROI for themselves and their stakeholders.

The conference will address the theme of optimising assets at every stage throughout their lifetime. Our program has been researched and structured to help delegates better understand the business case for strategic life extension and performance upgrades for wind farms.

The agenda will include:

  • Asset Management Strategies For Investments In Technical Assets
  • Optimising The Decision Making Process For Lifetime With Recommended Standards And Certifications
  • Lowering Your Risk And Cost Profiles Using Advanced O&M Processes
  • OEM Relationships, The Changing Market And Extrinsic Industry Experience
  • Life Cycle Optimisation And Getting A Return On Your Investment
  • Determining Lifetime, Strategic Life Extension & Portfolio Management


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