Forum Day 2: Wednesday 14th June 2017


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Chair's Opening Remarks 

Mike O'Hare,  Senior Development Manager,  National Grid



Choosing The Correct Technology And Using Battery Metrics To Your Advantage

  • How storage could help with the limitations of grid connections, balance the economics and make output more predictable
  • What is the correct metrics with regards to volume, power and lifespan needed for scenarios?
  • Using the right type of batteries suitable for your project
  • How do flow batteries compare with other tech for wind applications?

Paul Gardner, Global Segment Leader, DNV.GL


Design And Operation Of A 2Mw Grid Connected Battery And Second Life EV Batteries On The Grid

  • The design process to connect to the grid
  • Efficiencies and economies of scale that can be gained: Pre-existing grid connections and joining O&M projects
  • Being smarter with deployment for efficiency and lower costs
  • Adding value from deployment stage to grow business models and reduce upfront cost

  • Comparisons between lithium and lead Chemistries & different size systems

  • Possible second life EV battery usage on the grid

Prof. David Stone, Electronic And Electrical Engineering, Sheffield University


Smart Control Of Energy For Battery Energy Storage Systems 

  • Providing a single interface between the site SCADA system and local energy assets including storage
  • Collecting and summarising data from the local energy assets
  • Automatic control of up to 50 local energy assets, with choice of control algorithms including frequency regulation, peak-shaving, ramping and voltage control
  • MESA compliant

Dr. David Blood,  EGT Market Manager EMEA,  Parker


Morning Refreshments And Networking Opportunity


Panel: How Far Can The Cost Of Batteries Fall And What Are The Driving Forces?

  • Why game playing in the capacity market could create unrealistic price expectations
  • How the cost of different lithium-ion chemistries must be taken into consideration
  • How to optimise the size of your battery for the best return
  • Will the losses experienced in energy transfer come down with the cost?
  • What are the cost drivers of bringing down cost and the battery providers on capacity and price fluctuations?

Chair:  Mike O'Hare,  Senior Development Manager,  National Grid

Panel Participants

Chris Wright, CTO, Moixa

Julia Badeda, Manager Of  Business Development Stationary Storage Systems, BatterieIngenieure GmbH


Funding And Operational Issues For Buyers Of Storage

Senior Representative, Pinsent Masons


Lunch And Networking Opportunities 



West Burton B 49MW EFR Battery Storage Project: Key Factors Of Success And Challenges

  • Project introduction and the business opportunity
  • Asset sizing and technology choice
  • Definition on the revenue stack and technical implication
  • Project challenges involved

Michele Schiavone, Head Of Offshore Wind And New Technologies, EDF Energy Renewables


Where Is The Balance In Network Connected Electricity Storage?

  • Is there a practical limit to adding storage to the network?
  • Storage technology: Is the location and application important to developers, users and the system operator?

Anthony Price, Director & Secretary, The Electricity Storage Network


Case Study: Backing Up Intermittent Generation To Deliver Flexible Grid Support

  • The scale of the challenge
  • How DSR, interconnectors, batteries and large scale storage work together to deliver the back-up that is required?
  • Five scales of storage and what this means for the electricity network
  • GW scale storage enabling GW scale renewables
  • Large scale storage and the electricity market

Mark Howitt, CTO, Storelectric 


Afternoon Refreshments And Networking Opportunities


How Domestic Energy Storage Will Become Mass Market, From MWh Deployed To GWh

  • Compelling customer propositions, solar 2.0 gaining traction as subsidies disappear
  • What does a mass market storage solution look like?
  • Aggregating storage systems for grid services

Chris Wright, CTO, Moixa


Integration Strategies For Wind And PV In Germany - Opportunities For Storage

  • Current framework and market development for small and large-scale storage in Germany
  • Energy storage units operating in the primary control power market and pilots to integrate wind energy
  • New business models in small-scale storage to create a large-scale interconnected energy network

Anne Brautigam, Senior Manager, Germany Trade & Invest


Renewable Integration: A Look At Network Level Integration Or Co-Location

  • How storage helps integrate wind and solar at the plant level and system level, and the similarities and differences between those applications
  • The case of behind the meter storage supporting self-consumption of on-site renewable generation
  • Case studies from AES’ experience deploying grid scale battery-based energy storage to support renewables

Colleen Lueken, Director Of Market Analytics, AES Energy Storage


Chair's Closing Remarks

Mike O'Hare,  Senior Development Manager,  National Grid


End Of Forum