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Court clears Siemens in Enercon dispute

UK: Enercon-owned Wobben Properties has lost its UK patent infringement case against Siemens over use of a storm control system on its offshore turbines.


French installations falling short of targets

FRANCE: In the first six months of the year, the country added 523.7MW of new wind capacity, bringing total installed capacity to 9713MW, according to figures recently released by the French Wind Energy Association, FEE.

Some things just don't change

If you found a time machine and sent our Top 10 turbine manufacturers feature back five years, it is doubtful anyone would believe they were looking into the future.

Turbines of the year -- Onshore turbines up to 2.9MW

WORLDWIDE: The greater portion of onshore turbines fall into this category, making it the most hotly contested sector of the market

Political indecision is one safe prediction

This time last year, I wondered whether 2014 would lift the industry out of the doldrums that 2013 inflicted upon it. On the surface, it would appear that it has. Installations are up, the job cuts and factory closures have stopped, Europe is holding firm and the emerging markets are ticking along nicely.

Windpower Monthly's round-up of 2014 (part 2)

WORLDWIDE: Part two of Windpower Monthly's round-up of some of 2014's most popular -- if not most important -- wind-energy stories from the magazine and website over the last year.

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