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Enercon's Fristch-Nehring steps down

GERMANY: Enercon's co-managing director Nicole Fritsch-Nehring will step down from her role at the end of the year.

Hamburg 2016: Caution needed over wind's 'vacuum-cleaner' mentality

EUROPE: Under pressure to cut prices for auctions and tenders, turbine makers are being tempted to supply cheap hardware with the aim of making up revenues on expensive back-up components of O&M.

Hamburg 2016: Energy transition is "no walk in the park"

GERMANY: Europe is no longer the number one in renewable energies said WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson in Hamburg, reflecting a soberly thoughtful atmosphere that pervaded the exhibition and conference.


In depth: Opening out storage for the whole network

WORLDWIDE: As predictions for storage aimed at renewable-energy integration grow to over 60 times the current market, investigations reveal that an efficient solution may be to make it available to all energies.

Court overturns Gamesa-Wobben patent ruling

SPAIN: Spanish turbine manufacturer Gamesa has won an appeal against the 2013 Barcelona commercial court verdict over alleged illicit use of storm control technology patented by Enercon founder Aloys Wobben.

Review of 2015, part two

WORLDWIDE: The most read and most important wind-energy stories from the magazine and website July to December 2015.

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