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Gamesa reveals high wind turbine

UK: Gamesa has announced plans to launch a new high wind version of its 2.5MW turbine for the UK market.

Belgium tests wind for grid balancing task

Belgium's transmission system operator Elia is carrying out a pilot project to see if wind project can provide secondary reserves in order to help balance the grid.

Hydro-Quebec attracts nearly 7GW of bids in 450MW request

CANADA: Developers bid extensively for part of 450MW contracts in government-owned utility's request for proposals (RFP).

Structural shift starts to show

If all news is cyclical, the last few weeks saw the cycle of annual reports on the state of the industry, past and predicted. As any financial report writer will say, one bad year makes the next look a lot better -- and last year was bad.

Analysis: German renewables law 'could have been worse'

GERMANY: Months of protests accompanied by a stream of suggestions for improvements from the German wind and renewables sector has resulted in a draft renewables law that could have been worse.

Analysis: Enercon produces solid performance in 2013

GERMANY: Enercon is back on track in the first quarter of this year, installing 720MW in the first three months compared with just 490MW in the equivalent period of 2013. Arguably solid, but not quite up to the first quarter of 2012 of 750MW.

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