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Opening out storage for the whole network

WORLDWIDE: As predictions for storage aimed at renewable-energy integration grow to over 60 times the current market, investigations reveal that an efficient solution may be to make it available to all energies.

Court overturns Gamesa-Wobben patent ruling

SPAIN: Spanish turbine manufacturer Gamesa has won an appeal against the 2013 Barcelona commercial court verdict over alleged illicit use of storm control technology patented by Enercon founder Aloys Wobben.

Review of 2015, part two

WORLDWIDE: The most read and most important wind-energy stories from the magazine and website July to December 2015.

Growth will come through productivity

In the last 30 years, the rate and cost of turbine installations have been key yardsticks for the wind industry. In that time, growth has been considerable and costs have fallen steadily. Based on these criteria it has been successful.

Developing lean and agile rotor blades

WORLDWIDE: The wind turbine rotors of the future will take advantage of new modelling tools that will allow individual blades independence of movement, greatly improving their performance and extending their working lives.

Analysis: Enercon plans 62GW by 2020

GERMANY: Enercon plans to have 62GW of onshore wind capacity installed around the world by 2020, compared with 37GW at the end of 2014.

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