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Analysis: There could be life after death for forgotten patents

WORLDWIDE: For every newly designed Siemens 3.6MW or Vestas V112 3MW there are several turbines and components that stay on the drawing board. But, even if they fail to make it into physical reality, they continue to exist as valuable intellectual property.

An essential piece of the puzzle

WORLDWIDE: Wind turbine OEMs tend to take the credit for the steady technology advances that continue to boost production and cut costs of wind-generated electricity. But independent component manufacturers play a vitally important role in this process, too.

Court clears Siemens in Enercon dispute

UK: Enercon-owned Wobben Properties has lost its UK patent infringement case against Siemens over use of a storm control system on its offshore turbines.


Enercon opens two factories in Magdeburg

GERMANY: Enercon has opened two production facilties in Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, to supply blades and generators.

Turbines of the year -- Onshore turbines 3MW-plus

WORLDWIDE: Fast-growing market sector as manufacturers concentrate their efforts on low wind solutions

Turbines of the year -- Onshore turbines up to 2.9MW

WORLDWIDE: The greater portion of onshore turbines fall into this category, making it the most hotly contested sector of the market

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