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Siemens to launch low-wind turbine

GERMANY: Siemens is set to launch a new low-wind turbine based on its existing 3MW platform.

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Enercon delivers first E-115 turbines

NETHERLANDS: Enercon has exported the first E-115 3MW turbines to a project in the Netherlands.

Turbine makers aim to control shipping costs

WORLDWIDE: Overcapacity in the shipping sector amid reduced demand from recession-hit economies means ocean transport costs are at a level that is beneficial to turbine manufacturers and exporters. But with the freight sector recovering, can costs be kept stable?

German wind protests continue

GERMANY: As the German government comes close to completing its draft for a new Renewable Energy Act, intended to be implemented as soon as August, demonstrations in support of wind and renewables continue.


Enercon joins wind protest over 'onshore cap'

GERMANY: Enercon has announced it is putting investments of around EUR 110 million on hold this year in protest at the German government's plans for onshore wind subsidies.

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GE slumps to sixth in 2013 global market share

WORLDWIDE: Goldwind has overtaken GE, to become the world's second largest turbine manufacturer, according to figures from Make Consulting.

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