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Enercon installs North America's first E-92 turbines

CANADA: Enercon has started installing its E-92 turbines on a project in Canada, the first time this model has been used in North America.

Question of the Week: Will permanent magnet generators replace DFIG?

While some manufacturers are moving away from the traditional geared doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) machines, most turbines produced worldwide still follow this model.


Repowering project builds on first-time experience

One of the first to build a sizeable wind farm on his own land, Hermann Albers had gained valuable experience when it came to repowering his project. He talks about the benefits of the new project and the progress that has been made over the past 20 years.

Germany - Policy revision casts shadow over growth

GERMANY: As the German government prepares a major revision of the Renewable Energy Act, wind developers are hurrying to complete all permitted projects before the end of the year to capture the higher support payments currently provided.

Land of the rising sun sees glimpse of dawn for wind

JAPAN: No longer judged ineffective, policy support for offshore projects in Japan will see the country slowly embrace renewables.

Picture gallery: Windpower Monthly Turbine of the Year 2013 award winners

WORLDWIDE: Windpower Monthly presented the winners of the Windpower Monthly Turbine of the Year 2013 awards with their trophies at the EWEA2014 conference in Barcelona.

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