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Latest articles about Enercon

Enercon monitoring two storage pilots

GERMANY: Wind turbine manufacturer Enercon is looking to commercialise an integrated energy storage product, following two trials at projects in Germany and the Faroe Islands.

Flow battery shipped to Scottish island

UK: British energy storage firm Redt is shipping its flow battery system to the remote island of Gigha off Scotland's west coast, following successful testing on the mainland, in Cumbernauld.

The shape of things to come

WORLDWIDE: The turbines being installed today represent a massive technological advance in size, generating capacity and reliability over those from just ten years ago. So what will the next ten years bring?

Onshore wind looks to the grand scale

WORLDWIDE: Onshore wind is taking a leaf from the offshore book, planning projects that are measured in hundreds rather than tens of megawatts. China and the US are at the forefront of the shift to utility-scale developments, but are by no means alone.

Enercon adds low wind models to 2MW and 4MW range

GERMANY: German manufacturer Enercon announced details of the new 4.2MW low wind turbine with a record onshore blade length of 141 metres.

Analysis: As construction boom ends, manufacturers look elsewhere

CANADA: Turbine manufacturers lured to Canada by multi-gigawatt procurement programmes and local content requirements are recalibrating as the market feeding their manufacturing facilities starts to wane.

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